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The Latest Trends in Home Design Across the United States

Latest Home Design Trends Across the US


 While trends in home design used to be all about aesthetics and style, the demands of homeowners now seem to be changing. Today, more and more people are looking for beautiful and functional homes that facilitate eco-friendly lifestyles, blend traditional and modern styles, and provide ample space for socializing.  This post contains affiliate and/or sponsored links.


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Sustainable design 

Green home design is becoming increasingly popular in the south and particularly Texas, as Austin custom home builders reveal. As people continue to prioritize sustainability in their lives, it’s no wonder homes with a minimal environmental footprint are in high demand. These homes typically use eco-friendly systems for heating and cooling, insulation, water, and structural design.


Tidal March bares traces of its master watercolor author between its even strokes of color and carefully planned composition. This rich and dreamy landscape’s deep earth tones add a natural feel to the home. Our art pieces are made to order and cannot be cancelled, returned or exchanged. #livingroomdesigns


In particular, geothermal systems are popular sustainable choices for both heating and cooling. They essentially work like air conditioning, but rather than ejecting the heat outside, it’s stored in the ground for future use in the winter months. Since the earth has insulating abilities, the heat remains at virtually the same temperature all year round. It’s a great way to cut your energy bills and lower your carbon footprint at the same time.  


Geothermal Kits, DIY Geothermal, Geothermal Systems - 123 Zero Energy


Industrial style

Industrial style is currently popular in a number of states across the US,especially New York. Exposed brick, a neutral color palette, utilitarian objects, and open floor plans are hallmarks of industrial design. It essentially combines modern sophistication with antique charm, and can be expressed in endless ways depending on individual tastes.


decoralinks | loft de estilo industrial



Farmhouse Industrial Style

One of the easiest ways homeowners are now creating this aesthetic is by juxtaposing vintage wooden furniture with modern metal accessories. Using weathered or rustic-looking wood over new and polished pieces is key for achieving the right look. As for metal, brushed- or oil-finished pieces create an antique feel while polished chrome provides homeowners with a trendy and current look. 


We used vintage accessories and textiles. We found a cool antique console that we placed behind the sofa to really set the tone. We added baskets for function and form



Exploring Urban Industrial Design and Decor

Exploring Urban Industrial Design


Apartment Therapy

Loft living has a style all of its own. It’s modern, luxurious, and has is perfect for those wanting to live in an open-plan space. There are a number of lofts for sale in cities but these are snapped up quickly, often by property developers who then rent them out for high prices.

Kitchens that open to the outdoors

Expanding the kitchen so it opens up onto the backyard, patio, or garden deck is a popular trend in warmer regions of the US — namely Florida, Louisiana, and Texas. Rather than just being a place to prepare and eat food, the kitchen is often now being treated as another room in the home that facilitates socializing.


kitchen opening up to back porch dining area with folding glass windows. great for everyday use. #harbor17

Southern Living Idea House

Kitchens that open to the outdoors can accommodate larger numbers of family and friends and function as an area for everyone to get together at the start and end of each day. Patios are therefore being transformed into functional yet stylish seating areas featuring outdoor dining chairs, arm chairs, rugs, and cushions. Collapsible doors and window walls are also being used to provide better access to the outdoors. 


An outdoor breakfast nook! A retractable window from the kitchen opens to create a pass-through and outdoor bar. And because the bar is underneath a covered area of deck, you can use it when it's raining—or snowing. #breakfastnook #homedesign #designinspiration #kitchenideas #realtordotcom


Real estate studies show that more than 6 million people in North America view an average of 19 homes each month while house hunting, trying to find the perfect home that fits their wants and needs. Design trends across the US are always changing to meet the wants and needs of homeowners. Sustainable design, industrial-style interiors, and kitchens that open to the outdoors are just some of the latest trends people want in their homes. Apartments and condos are also gaining popularity. Many modern apartment buildings are packed full of amazing features and amenities for their residents which you just couldn’t afford if you’re buying a house. Common facilities to find include swimming pools. Gyms, bars, cinema rooms, and playgrounds. If you move into a luxury apartment facility, then you could be looking at concierge services, pet groomers, salons.


Latest Home Design Trends Across the US

Which design trends do you think are here to stay and which are your favorites? I love hearing from you, dear readers!

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