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Exploring Urban Industrial Design

Exploring Urban Industrial Design and Decor

Hello dear readers! Today I am exploring Urban Industrial Design as part of my Interior Decor and Style series. Last year I took a trip to New York City, and as I was walking by some of the apartments, I wondered if I could ever be happy living right in the city. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE New York, and I actually would not mind living there at some point in my life, if only for a brief time. More specifically, I was wondering if I would be able to love my interior living space, and if I could blend my classic vintage cottage style with a more urban, industrial design vibe.*This post contains affiliate links and/or sponsored content.

Bay Window, New York City (photo via harriet)


While a multi-million dollar New York “Brownstone” home often retains ornate period  architecture (and would be dream to live in), a more realistic living space would be a small studio apartment. This would require creative use of space and a more minimalist design approach. I became intrigued with this daydreaming decor challenge of mine! As usual, I headed to Pinterest to gather some ideas. *This post contains affiliate links.


Home tour: mixing old and new in an urban setting | First Sense

Atlanta Homes Magazine

When most people think of urban style, minimalist contemporary style immediately pops into mind. While that is certainly a popular interpretation of urban industrial design, vintage boho chic, modern farmhouse, and even traditional style concepts can still work for urban living spaces. Leather, wood, and metals are often mixed to create interest. Stylish light fixtures can be an artistic focal point, or Auraglow mood lighting can simply create a relaxing vibe.


A young couple’s Williamsburg industrial apartment. Still cozy, though, still cozy. HomePolish The post Dreamy industrial Brooklyn home appeared first on Daily Dream Decor.

Often times city apartments and Brownstones will have coveted architectural elements like century old woodwork, exposed brick walls and hardwood floors, all which create a beautiful juxtaposition of textures. The design will often be a bit more minimalist to allow these features to shine, but then the artwork, furnishings and textiles are over the top on style. Custom area rugs like those from  Henzel Studio  may be used as art pieces, and can define spaces within open concept rooms.


I love the maps in the frames as artwork! Maybe Seneca lake and buffalo would be good for us!

Restoration Hardware

Mixing classic leather furniture pieces with industrial, contemporary, or even more traditional pieces keeps urban industrial design from becoming dated. Accent pieces can be updated, as trends come and go, but leather furnishings are timeless.  Urban Fusion is a great source of furniture for urban design, and it is also sustainable, which is a plus.


Thistlewood Farms

Even if you don’t live in the city you can still design urban and industrial rooms in your own home or apartment. Remove the kitschy collectibles from overcrowded shelves and tables and choose  vintage statement pieces such as large architectural salvage finds or even decorative garden accents. Using neutrals can be a great way to experiment with this look.  Having a neutral wall color as a backdrop is great for allowing the neutrals to pop.  With all that metal and iron, you might also go for warm and peaceful colors that soothe such as warm red, taupe or tan. 


Remember a Little Industrial Farmhouse

Thistlewood Farms




If you are looking for a place to explore industrial design, try renovating a basement for extra space. With exposed pipes and concrete flooring you can achieve the industrial look with little effort. Just make sure it is fully waterproof  before beginning any renovations.


Industrial basement


While you are at it, you can always convert any extra basement space into organized storage area with industrial shelving.  Storing your items upwards will also ensure that items stay dry in the event that the basement should leak. Hang your broom, mop, or your handheld vacuum in the storage area as well to keep them handy but out of sight.


CYRG Framed Man Cave LED Marquee Sign

Another type of fun industrial decorative accessory is a neon sign that you can personalize.  To make your own, use Radikal Neon’s online custom neon sign builder here.


Industrial Living Rooms-43-1 Kindesign

I love the use of vintage velvet side chairs, a classic leather ottoman and French country stools mixed right in with the other more contemporary furnishings and art in this space. The old, worn look of this flooring is appealing to me, but for those who prefer new flooring, DropXpress offers a laminate wood flooring that could be used to drop right on top of the existing floor to modernize the space a bit more.



Hard-edged urban style dissolves under the influence of curved silhouettes and delicate shades of rose


As I was working on this post, I discovered examples of industrial romantic design. I can certainly see how I could make this work with my own personal design style.


It seems like pastels are back in a big way for 2014. My personal take is 'pastels with a romantic touch'. I came across these inspiration...


While there are still some modern chic furnishings and accents, the romantic industrial style blends beautifully with vintage romantic, French cottage and even shabby chic looks.


beautiful use of mirrors on raw brick walls


Gallery walls aren’t just for pictures and frames. In industrial design you can combine unique sculptures or salvaged pieces into the design for fun.


Ev Dekorasyonunda Radiant Orkide RengiSource

If you are new to a blend of industrial-vintage with romantic country consider hiring an  interior designer to help you get started on transforming your current decor.




After working on this post I am convinced that not only could I create a living space I would love in the city, I believe it would be a blast to play around with urban industrial design! I especially love the romantic industrial looks, but the more masculine urban design also allows for mixing in lots of vintage collectibles and unique decorative accents that my husband and I would both enjoy. When it all comes down to it, my decorating motto would still ring true: “Decorate With The Things You Love!” After all it’s your home, whether in the heart of the city, by the seaside, in the mountains or a suburban neighborhood.

What do you think of these urban industrial style spaces? I love hearing your ideas and opinions!

Thanks for stopping by!


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