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Sustainable Interior Design Trends to Watch Out For

Sustainable Interior Design Trends

Are you a follower of desing trends or do you do your own thing when it comes to decorating? How do you feel about incorporating sustainable decor and design into your home in 2020?The zeitgeist of the current millennium is undoubtedly that of sustainability, with eco-friendliness being a major priority in everything from the travel to the publishing sectors. NYU Stern’s Center for Sustainable Business has found that sustainable items garnered almost 30% more interest in 2018 than in 2013.*This post contains affiliate and/or sponsored links.

Let’s get geared up to prettify the indoor of your house for the super friend’s get-together. The attractive boho style decor will make you able to invite your guests. Grab out this beautiful boho-chic layout and surprise your pals with it tonight.

Bohemian Trend


Green interiors are one of the year’s hottest must-haves, with everything from reclaimed and recycled wood to climate-positive design aiming to reduce the human carbon footprint and lend an air of natural coziness to homes across the nation. This is just one of many trends taking hold both among professional designers and homeowners with a passion for aesthetics.


Bedroom with reclaimed wood accent wall.

Sanctuary Home Decor

Circular Economies


A circular economy is based on the idea of designing out waste and pollution, keeping products — materials, décor items or repurposed furnishings — in use for as long as possible.


This is the inspiration you need for your flea market finds! Thrift store decorating ideas - repurposed makeovers for furniture and other people's junk! #repurpose #diy #furniture #fleamarket

Just Bright Ideas

Flooring company Interface, a company located in Atlanta, Georgia, is just one example of how creative thinking can create the perfect marriage of sustainability and design. This company sells exclusively 100% carbon-neutral flooring, with a range of products that includes carpets made from discarded fishing nets (instead of nylon). These nets are currently a huge environmental problem, since they sink to the seabed, killing marine life and taking literally hundreds of years to decompose.


Off-Trend is the New Trend

Forbes predicts that one of the biggest trends homeowners are opting for, are off-trend styles. Interior designer Jennifer Fisher agrees that the ultimate beautiful space is one that suits a client’s needs while reflecting their values, history, and independent taste. Is classical blue in? Why not go the opposite way and opt for peaches, pinks and yellows?

Mix and Chic: Inside Christian Siriano's bright and colorful Connecticut home!

Mix and Chic

Are light Scandinavian wooden floors back in? Why not use reclaimed wood or bamboo to show your commitment to the green lifestyle? The social media boom has meant that homeowners are now far savvier when it comes to layouts, design features, and color choices. This confidence enables them to be far more assertive when it comes to stating their specific wishes.


Design for Life

What if you managed to create interiors that never got ‘old’ with the seasons or required significant refurbishment? The ‘design for life’ concept ties in with the passion for eco-friendly living. For some designers such as McLaren’s Frank Stephenson, who specializes in cars but loves all things to do with design, lasting beauty is achieved by obtaining inspiration from nature. Shapes such as those reminiscent (in a very subtle way) of flora and fauna naturally calm the mind and make for appealing, vibrant interiors.


Behr paint company have created a palette for 2020 set to chill you out and restore your equilibrium. Aptly named Restore. And you guessed it - it involves green and blue!

Lamour Artisans

Sustainable design, off-trend looks, and lasting design are just three trends that are the product of the renewed interest in sustainable living. Design for life is a global concept that allows homeowners to make small changes while keeping the main fabric and structure of their homes. From scratch-free surfaces to reclaimed, sturdy materials for carpets and flooring, it is indeed possible to be part of the vital circular economy that is the fruit of innovation and creativity.


If you're looking to be more eco-friendly or go completely green, here are 10 easy, super simple changes that require the most minimal amount of effort. Switches as simple as changing a lightbulb (seriously) or buying a dish towel don't call for much work on your part, but together they'll add up to a total eco-friendly home makeover.

Apartment Therapy


Sustainable Interior Design Trends

I hope this post has inspired you to consider incorporating sustainable materials if you are planning any home renovations in the near future. I also hope you won’t worry too much about trends, after all it is your home! Follow your heart and decorate with colors, styles, and treasured collectibles  that make you happy!

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