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The Best Window Cleaning Tips

Hey friends! If you are following along here regularly then you know that my husband and I are in the middle of a big kitchen renovation. Everything is mess and I noticed the other day that our windows look absolutely terrible! I plan on giving them good deep cleaning as soon as all the major dust-making part of the renovation is over. I have never been able to get my windows as clean as I would like, so I have been looking for the best window cleaning tips to make the job easier and to get our windows sparkling clean. Here are some of the tips I have found.*This  post contains collaborative links.




Before cleaning windows it is helpful to use a vacuum or a brush to dust the window frames. This will keep the dirt from forming a muddy mess when the window cleaner touches the surface. One of my own tried and true tips is to begin by vacuuming the entire window inside and out with my portable Shop Vac. There are a few other types of window vacuums that you can check out at the Clean Home Guide. In addition, there are several window cleaning tips that you can apply to make your windows sparkle the next time you clean them. 



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If you have window screens that look grimy, consider removing them, wash them with a soft brush and sudsy water, then drying them before placing them back. To efficiently dust your window blinds and shades, use a microfiber duster to wipe both sides. Alternatively, wipe with a damp cloth first, then use a dry one afterward.



Consider cleaning your curtains during window cleaning. If you use drapes, the easiest way to do this is to place them in a dryer in an ‘air-only’ setting for about 15 minutes. Once done, hang them back immediately to keep them from getting wrinkled.




  • Clean Windows On A Cloudy, Dry Day


I have always waited until sunshiny days to clean my windows, but upon research I came across some tips suggesting to clean them on cloudy days instead. Clean your windows on a day when the sun is out and blazing may cause the cleaner to keep drying up before you can wipe the windows because the window surface is hot. This will leave streaks on the surface that are not easy to remove. These streaks will make it even harder to clean the windows. 


Do you struggle with having streaky windows after cleaning at home? Here are some practical and most effective tips for no streak window cleaning.



To avoid this, clean your windows when the weather is cloudy or at a time when the sun is not shining directly on your windows. If you have to do it on a sunny day, start by cleaning windows that are on the shady side of your home. 



  • Saturate Tough Stains With Water


If your windows have tough stains or dirt, such as bird droppings, consider saturating the stains with water and vinegar mix and leave it to sit for a few minutes. This softens the stain and you can easily remove it by using a soft sponge to rub it off. Avoid the use of harsh scrubbing materials, such as steel wool or rough abrasive cleaning cloths, as they will scratch your window glass. 




  •  Be Generous With Your Window Cleaner 


When cleaning your windows, ensure that you spray enough window cleaner on the window surface. You want the cleaner to suspend and even dissolve any dirt present on your windows so you can wipe it away. Using small quantities will only result in streaks on the glass surface, especially if there’s extra dirt present. 


How to Clean Windows, Step by Step with Photos | Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy


Consider using an invisible glass cleaner. This is most preferable because the fine mist you spray will remain on the surface until it gets wiped. This means you’ll experience less mess and fewer drips. If you prefer not to use chemicals there are many effective DIY cleaners that you can make with all- natural ingredients.




Just two simple ingredients is all that you need for natural and inexpensive window cleaner.

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  • Dry Window Glass With Microfiber Cloth


Once you’ve cleaned your window panes, use a microfiber cloth to dry them off. A well-known frugal household tip is to use newspapers but these can sometimes leave scratches on the glass surface. Microfiber cloths come with a honeycomb texture, making it easy for them to nab dirt, water spots, and smudges without scratching the glass. 



Sophisti-Clean Stainless Steel Microfiber Cloths 10pk, Soft Absorbent Non-Abrasive Cleaning Cloths, Lint Free – Streak Free, Easily Clean Without Chemicals

These features not only make them highly absorbent, but they’ll leave your window glasses streak-free and shiny. Some microfiber cloths will even work without the use of extra cleaning supplies. If you don’t have a microfiber cloth, you can use heavy duty paper towels. Wiping your windows with thin paper towes will often leave  lint on the glass surface. An additional tip is to wipe one side vertically and the other horizontally. This way, you’ll see any streaks that are left with ease from both inside or outside.


Our home is pretty dang clean most of the time because I like a clean home but I am hiring a home cleaning service to come in and clean all of our windowns inside and out and my bathtub to get a deep cleaning. We have replaced all toilet seats in all 3 bathrooms and will be replacing the faucets tonight. It's looking damn good around here and ready for professional photos and to be put on the market!! SO EXCITING!



Window cleaning is an activity that most people undertake once or even twice each month. While you can clean all your windows on a single day, you can make the work more bearable by dividing the work to clean one room at a time. This fall I plan to start sticking with a routine schedule for all of my chores, so hopefully I will keep up with the windows to prevent them getting so grimey. I will share a post of my windows before and after picture and let you know which DIY cleaner I end up using for the best results.





Do you have any tried and true tips for window cleaning? I love hearing from you, dear readers! Thanks for visiting today!



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