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The Best Decorating Ideas For A Kid Friendly Home

Kid-Friendly Decorating Ideas


As parents, we all know how important it is to rear our children in a home that helps them grow in a healthy way. So, apart from choosing the right food for them to eat and securing an environment that’s conducive to their physical and intellectual development, we also need to focus on decorating the home that will be be welcoming and kid-friendly.


This family home was decked out with decor, furniture and a considered color palette that worked with existing pieces. "Kid-friendly" was at the top of the priority list as observed by swing hanging from the ceiling. Tour the space with tips from our designer Megan!


Sure enough, a well-decorated home brings a lot of benefits to the table, especially when it comes to helping your kids develop their creative capacities. In a home environment that stimulates imagination, your kids will be able to adopt life skills they can use around the house or at school. Here are a few great ideas on how you can decorate for a kid-friendly home. *This post contains affiliate links.


The perfect combination of pretty and functional, these kid friendly living room ideas will make your family living area better for the whole family. via @leviandrachel

One Crazy House

Think about bean bag chairs

To your child’s mind, the living room can be a battlefield or a jungle. At any rate, you will have to make this special area work for your kids. In other words, you will have to design it in a way that fosters comfort. Bean bag chairs, for one, are great to provide extra coziness to your living room. They can also come in handy during your Saturday morning cartoon binges or family movie nights.


Minimal living room with bean bag seating



10 Great Ideas To Help You Add Special Touches To Your Family Room


We added some Big Joe Bean Bag chairs to our son’s teen basement music bonus room and he and his friends love them!



Look at vibrant colors

When it comes to painting your walls, a good rule of thumb here is to avoid neutral colors, especially if you have kids who are fond of exploring their creativity. Browns and gray tones may have a limiting effect on imagination, so you might as well choose a color that’s bright and that encourages them to be bold. If you have white walls, use lots of vivid accent colors through artwork and decorative accessories.


50 Stunning Family Friendly Living Room Ideas


Pastel pinks and blues will definitely work wonders when it comes to attaining a very engaging home environment. Another great option is

To make this easier for yourself, you can look into peel and stick wallpaper for kids room and nursery, taking a lot of the stress out of the task. It doesn’t have to be complicated to look great.




Don't hide away the signs of your kids, embrace them! Love these tips for creating a warm and cozy family friendly home.

Peanut Blossom


Turn the playroom into an art room

If there’s a designated area where your kids can tinker with toys, you might want to consider the possibility of turning it into a pint-size personal studio.


Use 'The New Playroom' to help inspire, design, plan and make your own inviting art space at home for your children! Get your copy now! Visit


When your child is used to making artwork at local pre-school programs focusing on art and creative thinking, you might as well provide the needed tools and workspace for your child to explore their creative side. You can add a small easel where your child can make beautiful paintings which you hang around the house later on for all the guests to see!


Build Your Own Stanton Wall System

Pottery Barn Kids


In my opinion, no kid-friendly home is complete without a music area! Don’t forget to encouragement musical activities too!

Design*Sponge sneak peek




Provide more light

Adequate lighting sets the tone for enthusiastic learning, while not having enough natural lighting is bound to bore kids and, worse, stymie their creative curiosity. That said, it’s important to make your home as bright as it can be. Large windows and sunroofs can greatly illuminate your home and give your kids the energy they need for playing and learning. 


great sunny room with so many nice elements : round tables, big sofa , soft storage and puffs



Upgrade the bedroom

Lastly, the bedroom serves as the exclusive domain of your child. You will want to give your child the feeling that he or she owns the room, so you might as well remodel it to suit your child’s interests. Coming up with a theme-based interior design plan is useful along these lines.

Orange Basketball Corduroy Anywhere Beanbag™ | Kids Bean Bag Chairs | Pottery Barn Kids

Pottery Barn Kids


Fall Home Tour- Come inside a Tiny Cape

Nesting with Grace


If you are considering a remodel or decorating refresh, make your home enjoyable for your kids too!  After all, happy kids are happy parents, right?


Kid-Friendly Decorating Ideas

Have you designed a cool kid-friendly area in your home for your kids or grand kids, nieces or nephews? I love hearing from you, dear readers!

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