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Summer Storm Safety Tips



Summer is here and we all love plenty of sunshine! But who else enjoys a good summer storm like I do? I love to sit on the front porch on a summer evening with the candles lit and just watch, listen, and smell the fresh rain as it waters the gardens and cools things down a bit. I also love how lush and green everything looks after a hard summer rain.


and love a sudden summer storm!


Although I love summer rain and I am not afraid of storms, there can still be some really heavy thunderstorms in the summer with the potential to cause loss and damage to a home. Today I am sharing some summer storm safety tips. *This post contains affiliate links.


Beauty in the rain

More than likely your lawn and garden should be safe during heavy summer storms. However if you have swapped grass for stones on your porch or have any polished surfaces on your sidewalk or patio, they could potentially be slippery during and after a storm.

Summer Storm Tip: If you have a glass patio table, breakable pots or fragile garden art you might consider moving those items to a safe location when a heavy  summer storm is in the forecast.


Rural field track [location and photographer unknown]


Prepare for a power outage!

It’s always good to take a few extra summer storm precautions to be on the safe side. An extra heavy storm might cause an outage leaving homes in the darkness.


I am doing this. How many of the many flashlights in this house work? Pinner writes "Idea for emergency candles! good shower gift too" Yeah, okay, phones work, but why use that battery up

DIY emergency candle kits

Be sure to have a few extra candles on hand in the event of an outage. These DIY emergency candle kits in  mason jars are a great idea. You can also make candles from crayons! Who knew?


Prepper Ideas - DIY Emergency Candles You Can Make in Minutes

DIY emergency candle kits

Summer Storm Tip: Keep emergency candles on hand. When using several candles during a summer storm try to keep the lit ones  high on counters or mantels so that they aren’t bumped into in the dark.


Yeti Cooler summer storm tips

YETI Tundra 65 Cooler White

Buying our Yeti Cooler was one of the best investments I have made! Food will stay cold up to a week without spoiling, so if the power goes out we can transfer our refrigerator perishables to the cooler.

Tip: Purchase a Yeti Cooler not only for picnics, cookouts, ballgames and vacations, but to have on hand in case of a power outage to store refrigerator contents. Although it may be a bit of an investment up front, you can potentially save hundreds of dollars in groceries that might otherwise spoil during a power outage.



Check For Roof Leaks!

Of course roof leaks are a major concern as well. Just a little bit of water can your ruin your ceiling, cause mold issues and lead to costly repairs.


DIY House Maintenance Tip: How to Inspect a Roof for Leaks | The Happy Housewife

The Happy Housewife

 It is important to inspect your roof periodically throughout the summer and to check to make sure gutters are cleared out. If you have a hail storm you will certainly want to call in a professional for an inspection. For more tips on roof care and maintenance, visit


Trim those trees!

Home Roof Damage by Falling Tree


Falling trees are another major concern during heavy summer storms. Our family lived through the ordeal of a 40 ft pine tree falling through the roof of an upstairs bedroom during a storm. We had put off trimming several trees and cutting down the one that was too close to the house. Luckily our family was downstairs on the other side of the house at the time the tree fell.


Storm preparation tip: Remove weak tree branches to ensure they do not fall on your home during a storm. #storm #prepare


Keeping trees trimmed and maintained is one of the easiest ways to prevents such a disaster. can help ensure that your trees are properly pruned, trimmed and maintained for beauty and safety.



Summer Storm Tip: Enjoy the rain!

There is really no need to fear summer storms! They can be beautiful and relaxing, and even a little fun to play in as long as there is no lightening!

20 Ways to Play in the Rain Kids Outside Activities via @rhythmsofplay

Rhythms of Play

Summer storms are also much needed after any extended period of hot weather or drought.  Nevertheless, it’s always good to be prepared “just in case” using the summer storm safety tips I shared here today. Knowing you are prepared will be one less thing to stress about as you embrace the carefree summer days ahead.

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