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Sanitize Your Home Using DIY Non-Toxic Cleaners

Sanitize Your Home Using DIY Non-Toxic Cleaners

How often do you deep clean your home? In addition to the daily and weekly routines chores of laundry, dishes, and cleaning the bathrooms, it is important to deep clean and sanitize your home on a regular basis. This includes wiping down faucets, cleaning toilets, changing bedding and disinfecting the floors. Deep cleaning not only makes things look and feel more organized, it is actually necessary to keep things sanitized to reduce the risk of illness, infections and even pesky bug issues, especially in the summer. The great news is that you don’t have to use toxic chemicals to sanitize your home! By using some simple DIY non-toxic cleaners and a few household cleaning tips, you can easily keep your home clean, safe and sanitized. *This post contains affiliate links.


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Even in the most pristine, clean-looking kitchen, germs, molds, and bacteria can be found lurking around. It is important to clean and disinfect the refrigerator, sink, all cabinet knobs and handles, garbage can and floor daily. But who wants to spray toxic chemicals around food and food prep areas?


Women's Voices for the Earth - Disinfectant wipes are showing up on back to school lists, but they may be doing more harm than good. HINT: superbugs & quats


There are many DIY cleaners that are non-toxic and extremely effective disinfectants. The great news is your probably have the ingredients to make them right in your cabinets! You can also use essential oils to clean and disinfect almost anything— no harmful chemicals needed!

Do It Yourself: Make Your Own Non-Toxic Household Cleaners #30DaysofGOOD - GOOD Projects - GOOD



Here are some other great DIY cleaners to try:


Inspiring Savings


Homemade Bacteria Buster


Clean your home and freshen it at the same time with this natural essential oil disinfectant cleaning spray. It's an all-natural, non-toxic powerful cleaner that disinfects, sanitizes, deodorizes, and even kills mold & mildew. And it does all of this with a great, fresh clean scent.One Essential Community Homemade Lysol




Sparkling White


Sanitize the bathroom regularly by spraying down the tub, sink, counters and toilets with an all-natural disinfectant. I love Thieves cleaner by Young Living. It has a combination of essential oils that kill germs and dangerous mold that may be lurking in the bathroom. It smells so good too!


thieves household cleaner, all natural, non toxic, chemical free. Safe to use on all surfaces, even windows and mirrors!

Happily Ever Riley Thieves Cleaner


You can also keep the toilet “self-cleaning” and sanitized by using simple, all-natural DIY toilet bombs or fizzies.


Okay these are the best for keeping your bathroom and toilet fresh!!

DIY Toilet Cleaning Fizzies


You might recall a post I wrote a few months ago about how to make your own fizzy toilet bombs. Those tabs are great for “freshening up” your toilet in between cleanings, but sometimes you need more f

DIY Fizzy Toilet Cleaner Tabs


In addition to the sink, toilet, and shower, shower curtains are often full of germs too. They stay damp which means they are prone to mildew, and we may neglect to clean them all together. Many shower curtains are made of PVC or vinyl, which can contain many hazardous chemicals. Replace yours with a safe shower curtain and make sure you let it dry thoroughly and clean it often.



I love all white bedding. Unfortunately my love of dogs has ensured I will never get to have it.


By now everyone is fully aware of the epidemic bedbugs in hotels across the world! Yuck! Nevertheless, our own mattresses and bedding can harbor dust mites, skin mites, molds, and debris. These mites and fungal spores can cause allergies and long term health issues, so it is important to clean your mattress and bedding regularly too.







In addition to washing sheets, blankets and bedspreads, you can clean your mattress with baking soda and Thieves cleaner or homemade lavender mattress spray. Of course you should also vacuum bedroom carpets or dust and mop wood floors a few times a week.


Keeping Bugs and Pests Out!

Prevention is the best cure when it comes to keeping bugs and critters out of the house. Never leave food and debris on the floor or out on counters, and be sure to take out the trash often.


This 3 ingredient, non-toxic Peppermint Ant Deterrent Spray will keep ants out of your home safely and with a pleasant smell. You will never have to buy store bought, chemical filled ant spray or ant killer again! Made with natural ingredients and essential oils. via @Mom4Real

via Mom 4 Real

Sweep and mop regularly using a bit of peppermint or tea tree essential oil (bugs  and mice hate it)! You can also put these essential oils on cotton balls in the corners of baseboards and on window sills to prevent small spiders, mice and other bugs from coming in. If you are doing any kind of home renovation such as opening up walls or extending any rooms in the house, this can sometimes give bugs an entry too so be sure to keep an eye out for any signs of pests before things get out of hand.


How to Use Diatomaceous Earth to Get Rid of Pests Naturally - Holistic Squid


I have found the absolute best way to get rid of ants and other unwanted bugs in and around the house is to simply sprinkle some all- natural diatomaceous earth. You can find this product at your local hardware store or online. It is very safe, although you shouldn’t breathe the dust during application as it can be abrasive to the lungs.

I hope you have found some of these home sanitizing and disinfecting tips and all-natural cleaners  interesting. and that you will give them a try if you haven’t already.  Are there any other DIY cleaners, home sanitizing hacks or tips that you have found useful? I love hearing your feedback!

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