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How To “Faux” Herbs Indoors

It’s early spring, and that means that gardening time is fast approaching! Already my oregano, thyme, and lemon balm are making appearances in the herb garden right outside my kitchen door. Herbs are one of my deep passions, and I use them in all their forms. Whether growing them, drying them for use in recipes or decor, or using them holistically in herbal medicines, diffusing oils, or organic beauty and homemade green cleaning products, herbs bring me so much joy! I have a green thumb, and the fragrance of fresh herbs is one of my favorite scents on earth. So why am I using faux herbs in my kitchen instead of growing my own?


Gorgeous Faux Herbs A.C. Moore

Wait…did you realize those weren’t real???? Shhh….don’t tell…

For years I grew many varieties of herbs both indoors and out, but over time I developed lots of crazy allergies to all kinds of things, including mold spores on foliage and in soil. I also found that all sorts of critters like fruit flies and fungus gnats seemed to always find their way into my beautiful potted rosemary and oregano on my kitchen counter. Combined with the allergies, it just wasn’t worth it to me to keep them indoors anymore.  A few years ago I made a trip to A.C. Moore to get some ideas for spring wreaths, and I was amazed when I happened upon these adorable little faux herbs in jars, terra cotta pots, and plants in burlap bags. I knew I could style them to fool the eye with the addition of some vintage gardening and farmhouse accessories.

Realistic herbs from A.C. Moore Farmhouse Kitchen



Faux sage potted plant Vintage Botanicals A.C. Moore

The herbs were part of A.C. Moore’s Vintage Botanicals collection. They are just so beautiful! Sadly, our local A.C. Moore is no longer in business.

Awesome realistic faux herbs wrapped in burlap How to faux herbs! A.C. Moore


They are so realistic and add the perfect touch of green to the kitchen for spring and summer.  And just look at these shamrocks!  So fun for March… my lucky find!

Find the best faux plants at A.C. Moore how to style faux herbs indoors

gorgeous faux herbs potted herbs french country farmhouse style A.C. Moore

A few of my herbs are “fauxing” nicely in a sunny spot by the kitchen window!

Adorable shabby farmhouse garden box from A.C. Moore garden style

I also found this adorable little shabby-rustic wooden box to group some of the plants together. I just loved A.C. Moore!




How to style small boxes and trays with faux herbs A.C. Moore How to decorate with faux herbs

I posted this photo on my Instagram account and many of my followers thought the plants were real. Sometimes I even want to snip off a bit of the oregano for my homemade spaghetti sauce!



Adorable farmhouse faux herbs vignettes products from A.C. Moore




How to decorate with faux herbs indoors A.C. Moore Vintage Botanicals




I decided to remove some of the sage from it’s pot and wrapped it up with twine to hang to “dry” on the pot rack over  my kitchen island.

garden style decorating cottage style faux herbs farmhouse kitchen vignette A.C. Moore faux plants

Style Tip: To make your herbs seem more realistic, group them in garden theme vignettes. The addition of garden accessories adds to the illusion that you are working with real herbs.


I enjoyed playing around today creating some of my own “garden thyme” vignettes using vintage green floral frogs and old scissors and twine, along with my beloved antique ironstone, green transferware dishes and fun green dish towels.  Grouped with the vintage garden accessories, these little herbs really do a great job of fooling the eye. You could even use these on a covered porch mixed among an assortment of old clay pots with beautiful mossy patina, vintage garden tools, galvanized watering cans, and pretty seed packets for a maintenance-free garden style display.


Set of 4 realistic potted faux herbs from A.C. Moore ideas for decorating with faux herbs!

Although I will still be planting more real herbs in the garden, drying them for recipes, and using little bouquets of fresh cut herbs and flowers throughout summer, I am definitely hooked on faux herbs for indoor decor use now.  I do miss having the fragrance of fresh herbs which is my favorite thing about them in general, but I am always diffusing organic essential oils of mint, rosemary, thyme and lavender anyway. So I am getting all the feels in a round about way! Best of all, no critters swarming around the house and no worries about maintenance and care.

How to beautify your home with faux herbs from A.C.Moore

If you are looking for a no fuss way to add the beauty of herbs to your decor, faux florals and plants have come a long way and they are perfect for adding little bright pops of stress-free happiness indoors. And don’t we all need a some pops of stress- free happiness from time to time?


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