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Home Ownership 101: Save Time, Money and Stress By Making Smart Home Improvement Purchases

Spring is here and many homeowners have big plans for making home improvements and investments to increase their home’s property value. Others may simply want to refresh their home’s interior with new decor, paint and accessories. It is easy to make our homes feel cozy and welcoming with family photos and other decorative accents which reflect personal tastes and style trends.  *This post contains affiliate and/or sponsored links.

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If you are looking to update more than just your home’s decor, here are few ideas for  possible investments that can save you time, money, and stress.

Conserve resources, save money.

When it comes to home improvements, I am always looking for ways to improve our home’s aesthetic, but I also want to make wise investments that are not only cheaper to purchase, but that will pay off over time. Depending on the project, it might be easier to apply for a loan if there is a large initial investment of capital. However, most of the time we just go the old fashioned route by saving up our extra income. We are in the process of replacing our hot water tank and we are considering switching to a tankless system due to the huge amount of money we will save in the long run.


Toilet Water Saved - American Standard Toilets


As we have been planning our new guest bathroom addition, I also became aware of water saving toilets. These are not much more expensive than traditional toilets, but can really make a difference in conserving energy costs. They are also an environmentally friendly option which is always a plus.


Another easy option for saving money is to simply switch to cost effective  LED lighting. Finally, you must go the extra mile to change the way you interact with the facilities. There is little point in having a modern device if you do not use it correctly. Moreover, turning appliances off at the wall socket is a far smarter idea than leaving TVs and other items on standby overnight


Decluttering and Cleaning

How To Declutter Your Entire House - Tory Stender


When it comes to keeping an orderly house, it is important to keep up with decluttering and purging junk on a regular basis. Investing in storage shelveing or attractive storage such as baskets or totes can also help keep things looking neat and tidy.  Don’t forget to declutter pet toys and animal care supplies that are no longer needed. By the way if you are looking to adopt a pet but you have allergies and want to maintain a clean home, consider a hypoallergenic dog or a even breed of cat that doesn’t have any fur.


DIY Outdoor Clean Up

Gardening and landscaping can be enjoyable and rewarding pastimes that also improve the curb appeal and property value of a home. But let’s face it, most of us don’t really enjoy the “dirty” outdoor property mainetnance jobs of scrubbing the deck, washing down the siding and other outdoor structures. Doing these jobs by hand can be tedious and time consuming, but absolutely must be done on yearly basis (at least). When you create a cleaning routine,  consider creating a simlar outdoor routine cleaning schedule. This will help you keep on top of big tasks before they get out of hand. 

Although you can always hire someone to come and do the work for you, investing in a pressure washer like the ones at  Wash Wisely can save you lots of money and time when you DIY on jobs like these. If you create an outdoor cleaning routine that is When you create a cleaning routine,  consider creating a similar outdoor routine cleaning schedule. This will help you keep on top of big tasks before they get out of hand. 


12 Uses For A Pressure Washer


Roof repairs are very important, but don’t let it stress you out! Many people have a penchant for worrying about their roofs. People widely regard them as being the cause of the most insidious of household maintenance issues. And if there’s even a scrap of stray moss on them, then it is cause for alarm! Of course, most roofs aren’t in bad condition. And even if they look a little worse for wear, most of the issues are purely superficial. Plus, if you’re one of the unlucky few whose roof is genuinely falling to bits, it is not as expensive to put right as you might imagine, as professionals such as Hometown Roofing ATX make clear. Often all you need to do is replace worn out bits of the structure, and it goes back to being good as new.


Save Money on Utility Bills

When lost heat and energy is at the top of your agenda, you need to consider replacement & vinyl windows  as well as energy efficient doors. Poorly installed frames can leave gaps, while inferior glass can also lower the efficiency rating. Modern front doors should provide protection and insulation, as well as a new aesthetic. Maintaining heat efficiency can extend to internal doors and individual rooms. Draft excluders are an ideal inclusion. One easy way to keep things cooler in the summer is keep curtains closed or install blinds. Blinds can help reflect the light away from your home, eliminating most of the heat. There are plenty of stylish and affordable blinds that will suit your home’s decor.


Barn Light

Installing a home hub with your smart appliances will allow you to remotely turn things on and off in your home, meaning when you return, your home will be as cool as possible. Thanks to smart technology, you’re now able to control the temperature of your home from your phone too!


What an amazing outdoor space. This boho patio is s true paradise! #bohoparadise #bohopatio #patiodecor #patio #summerpatio


Utilizing the backyard and outside spaces on a more regular basis can work wonders for energy-efficiency. An outdoor kitchen will prevent you from having to heat up the oven during the summer. Grilling outside can save a little bit of money, and  BBQs can provide fun entertainment for the family at the same time.

Home Security

As homeowners it is easy to get excited about all of the “fun” renovations and home improvement projects we make to our dwelling places, even if we have to put in a lot of time and elbow grease to make our dreams a reality. It only makes sense to protect our homes (and the people we love) by taking steps to increase our home’s security.


improve home security


A safe home is a happy home, and nobody should overlook the importance of bringing increased security to the property. Swann CCTV, alarms, and automated gates are all great additions that can be made at minimal expense. Furthermore, the installation is usually very easy, meaning you can reap the rewards within a matter of days. Aside from the monetary gains in property value, you’ll notice that you gain far greater peace of mind. 


Feeling overwhelmed by how to organize home projects into an actionable plan? This free home project plan printable will help you get your home organization and improvement projects planned and completed!




As you start making plans and a budget for all of the projects on your home maintenance and home improvement to-do lists, consider how making energy saving upgrades, doing outdoor jobs yourself and investing in home security can reward you over time by saving money, stress and time. And don’t worry if you can’t keep everything looking perfect all the time…no house is perfectly clean  (it’s just not possible unless you’re manufacturing semiconductors in an air-filtered clean room!) 

If you are on a tight budget, don’t forget there are always opportunities to make money, (such as having a big rummage sale!)  as well as ways to invest, save and, ultimately, bring yourself to the point  where you can make your home improvement dreams a reality.

I hope you have found this post helpful as you plan your home improvement projects. Thanks for visiting today!


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