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    Home Decor Hacks Anyone Can Use

    Everyone wants their home to look nice, which sometimes means changing things around the house. The thought of that could be anxiety-inducing, however. You mightn’t know where to start or what to change. Then there’s how much it could end up costing you.

    Nobody wants to put up with that. Thankfully, a few home decor hacks can make it much simpler and quite affordable. Three particular options can be quick and easy to do, especially once you know what you’re doing.

    While you could need to put a little bit of effort in, it’ll pay off dividends in making your home look and feel more comfortable.

    Home Decor Hacks Anyone Can Use: 3 Quick-And-Easy Options

    1. A New Rug

    If you have wood, stone, or tile flooring, you’d be surprised by how much of a difference a nice rug will make on the room. Picking up the right option is essential to this. There are more than a few options to choose from, such as Amber Lewis rugs.


    Choose pillows and other decorative accessories to coordinate with the rug for a cohesive look.


    Birch lane area rug



    2. Chalkboard Drawing Board

    Did you know that you could turn an entire wall into a chalkboard? Doing so doesn’t need to take as much effort as you’d think, as all it needs is a special chalkboard coating. While this will be more expensive than typical paints, it’s still a quick and easy home decor hack to make a room look nicer.

    Less than Perfect Life of Bliss

    With this, you can draw on the wall whenever you want. You’ll change its appearance with ease without needing to worry about any more costs. If you want, you could even go with a whiteboard option instead.

    3. Painting A Feature Wall

    A feature wall ties a room together while drawing more attention to itself and making everything look a little nicer. It also helps to add a sense of more space when you’re in the room. You don’t need to put too much effort into this, and it can be much simpler than you’d think.

    11 Magnolia Lane

    Simply painting it a contrasting color from the rest of the room could be all you need. When you’re doing so, it’s best to follow a few rules of thumb. The most notable of these is to make sure the color you choose is darker than the other walls. Doing so creates more depth and makes the room seem larger.

    You could even add a few highlights or patterns to make it look nicer.

    Home Decor Hacks Anyone Can Use: Wrapping Up

    There are more than a few home decor hacks you can use to make your home look and feel more comfortable. Figuring out where to start can be difficult, but each of the above can be welcome changes to your house.

    Before you know it, your home could feel completely different. Since the above shouldn’t take much effort to do, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from taking advantage of them.

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    Improving Your Home Doesn’t Have To Cost You A Small Fortune

    A lot of people think that improving your home means that you need to spend a small fortune, but this is not the case. In fact, there are a lot of people who manage to make their home a showcase without spending thousands using DIY techniques. If you are looking for some awesome ideas that can help you improve your home without draining your bank then check out the tips below. *This post contains affiliate links.


    Check Your Windows

     If your windows are not energy efficient, then you’ll lose a lot of heat through them which will be costing you a small fortune on your energy bill. Or, it might be the case that they are not working as effectively as they once did if the sealant is broken or needs repairing. It might be more cost effective to consider replacing them with a company such as Renewal by Andersen window replacement service. They will be able to provide you with the window replacement that you need, without costing you a small fortune for doing so.


    Windows are also a huge part of the security of your home as they keep people out. If they are not sealed or locking correctly, then this is a safety concern. Make sure that you’re checking this every so often to keep your home as safe as possible. 




    Is The Roof Practical?

    Think about the condition of the roof. Is it  ready to stand up to the worst of the weather conditions? In some cases such as a hail storm or a rough winter of ice storms, it’s possible for a hole to develop in your roof without realizing it. It’s important to have your roof checked every spring and fall to inspect for signs of damage.



    You could also think about some extra additions to your roof that will help improve it dramatically. For instance, you might want to think about adding a shutter guard to your property. A shutter guard will mean that you don’t have to worry about dirt and other items damaging the gutter systems of your home. They also give your property a clean and smooth aesthetic. 


    Pexels CCO License


    Look At Your Appliances


    Your appliances need to be as energy efficient as possible if you want them to avoid costing you a small fortune. It’s true that they might cost you a little more in the short-term as they are better for your home, but they will more than pay for themselves in the money they save you on the electricity bill. Using energy efficient appliances does your bit for the earth, improves your home by making it more green friendly, and overall makes your life easier. Broken appliances and frayed wires are dangerous, so if you ever see anything like this in your home, it’s time to get it replaced.


    How’s The Bathroom Looking?


    The right bathroom can add upwards of 20% to the final value of your property on the market. That’s why it’s important to focus on this area and it doesn’t take a lot to bring it up to standards. For instance, you can add some new features such as a fresh set of tiles. This will help ensure that your bathroom feels more modern. 


    Change The Design On A Budget

    Finally, there are lots of ways that you can change the overall design of your home on a tight budget. For instance, you might want to think about repainting the walls. Repainting the walls is never going to cost a fortune and it will completely alter the aesthetic of your home. It can make it feel brand new once more which is fantastic. Of course, you can have the same impact by adding different elements to your home. For instance, you might want to think about adding some wall decals to your property. Wall decals are cheap and cheerful. As well as this, they can be removed when and if you need to. 


    Simply repainting or refinishing the cupboards and doors of your home in key areas such as the kitchen. Can you believe our cabinets were dark, 1980’s wood prior to repainting them? They turned out great! Again, this is a great way to completely alter the aesthetic of an area in your home without going over budget.

    I hope this post helps you understand some of the key steps that you can take to improve your home without spending an absolute massive fortune. Remember, you do need to keep a focus on your cost. You should never spend more money on your home than you are likely to get back when you sell it on the market. 

    Allergy Friendly Organic Foods and Recipes, Cleaning, Organizing, and Life Hacks

    Four Tips for Teaching Your Child to Cook

    Knowing how to cook is one of the most valuable skills you can have in life. Every adult should be able to prepare delicious, nutritious meals for themselves and others. If you don’t know your way around the kitchen, you are more likely to eat unhealthily and be at greater risk of heart disease, obesity, and other medical issues. It also enables you to save money on your eating habits and enjoy a greater quality of life.


    That’s why it’s so important to get your kids into cooking from an early age. This way, you will instill healthy habits into them that they will carry on into adulthood. When they leave home and go to college or start work, they will know how to be self-sufficient rather than relying on you to cook their meals for them. Or worse, only eating junk food.


    So to help your child discover a passion for food, here are four tips for teaching your little one to cook.

    Explain food hygiene and safety

    Learning to cook starts with the basics. Although it can be simple and fun, if you get certain things wrong you can easily injure yourself or get sick. Teach your child how to be careful when using kitchen equipment. For example, drill into them that they need to wait until food is cooked before tasting, and wash their hands before and after handling food. You won’t be giving a young child a sharp knife, but as they get older you can entrust more responsibility to them. Make sure you demonstrate how to hold a cutting implement properly and explain the importance of keeping blades sharp and well looked after.

    Familiarize them with the equipment

    Even though you are familiar with spatulas, cheese graters, and electric whisks, your child might be a little overwhelmed by all the exciting gadgets in your kitchen. Take some time to explain what each item is and how it is used. Give them a demonstration before letting them try it out for themselves and teach them how to be safe while they are at it. This will help to ease them into their newfound culinary abilities and give them an appreciation for the kitchen.

    Start with easy recipes

    There’s probably no point getting your child to make a full roast dinner on their first attempt. You need to start slow, with easy recipes with few steps and only basic cooking techniques. Baking sweet treats like biscuits and brownies is a good place to start, as they are simple and delicious enough to keep an impatient child interested. There are a few basic cooking essentials everyone should know, such as how to make over hard eggs or boil water for pasta.

    Make it fun

    Some children get bored easily, so you don’t want cooking to seem like a chore. Make it a fun activity by letting your child get stuck into everything. Teach them to prepare their favorite foods and don’t let them get disheartened if they make mistakes. It’s all part of the learning process.


    Free Photo of Kids Playing With Kitchen Plastic Toy Stock Photo

    Does your child love cooking, or you have special memories of cooking with your children? I love hearing from you!

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