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How to Create Space in a Small Bathroom

If you have a small bathroom or if you are thinking of adding a new bathroom in a tight area, then finding ways to create extra space is probably a top priority. Here are some examples of small bathrooms with creative use of space.


No closet? No problem!

If you don’t have a closet or large vanity with storage in your bathroom, look for any unused space to add shelves or baskets for towels and toiletries.



Even if you have a small space for a bathroom, you can make a small clawfoot tub work with creative use of storage. Here, a free standing cabinet just fits in a tight spot. With it’s vintage cottage design it adds function and style.


Mount All Your Fittings Into The Walls

Another ingenious way to save space is to mount all your fittings into the walls. You can do this with shower knobs, showers, faucets and even toilet flushing mechanisms. Again, you’ll need the help of a specialty plumber , but the difference that it can make to your bathrooms can be astonishing. 


Mounting a sink or toilet can really maximize space but could be tricky, so call an experienced plumber  and save the hassle of a potentially stressful DIY.



Create More Height

When it comes to bathroom wall color, it is best to stick with one color instead of using half paneling such as bead board on the bottom and painting the top part of the wall a different color. Continuous color will create the illusion of height along with some other clever paint effects you can use to make a room seem larger.


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Small on Space, Big on Style




If you have a particularly small bathroom, a large mirror can create a create a sense of space and luxury.




Adding tiles to the walls, and floor can make a big style impact in a tiny bathroom.


If you don’t have space for a big bathroom in your home, do not worry. It turns out that there are many ways of transforming a small space into something enjoyable, uplifting and even stylish. We were able to give our super tiny powder room a brand new (vintage look) while maximizing space. For more ideas, check out the full post here: 1920’s Powder Room Revival. 


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