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Home Ownership 101: How to Unblock Your Outside Drain

Welcome back for another post in my home ownership 101 series! Over the years I have made keeping our home safe and dry and top priority.  I learned the hard way many years ago that keeping drains and gutters clear is an absolute necessity to avoid problems with moisture and leaks.  If you want your home to run efficiently 24/7, then you need to have a clear drainage system inside and out.

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Unfortunately, most people ignore the signs of a blocked drain, believing it might not a real problem to deal with or that it will just clear on its own. Unfortunately, you might not know it’s a problem until it’s too late, so that’s why prevention is key.

At our new home, we have a drain right in the middle of our carport. I didn’t realize how quickly it could back up until the first hard rain we had after we moved in. I found out fast that it is imperitive to keep the drain free of leaf litter, dirt and debris at all times.  


If you are new to home ownership, you might not have considered the importance of something boring like drains so first things first, make sure you know where yours is located on your property! Here are some other tips:


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  1. Assess the issues. Where is the drain blocked? If it’s at the bottom of your outdoor drainage pipe that comes down from your roof, then you might be able to stem the issue with the purchase of LeafFilter gutter guards. It won’t help the immediate blockage, but it’ll prevent any other gunk from flowing down the pipes. Assessing the outside drains will tell you whether or not you can unblock it on your own or you need a professional to do it. You have to be able to access the drainage system to be able to assess it correctly, so make sure that you remove the drain cover and grab your torch.
  2. Get the right tools. If you want to handle the drain blockage yourself, then you need to make sure that you have self protection with gloves, waterproof boots, long sleeves and mask, and even goggles. You then need to get a drain snake, drain rods and a pressure hose and these will be the long thin tools that you need to safely reach and unblock your outside drain. 

Run the hose to clean up. Giving the drain a final cleanse with the pressure washer can help. Repeat this as many times as it takes to make sure that the pipes are running clear and the water is running through with ease.  If this DIY doesn’t work, be sure to call in a profressional plumber, as clogged drains are not something to ignore.


Best of luck with keeping your home dry inside and out!

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