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Home Ownership 101: Five Home Repairs To Make ASAP

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Welcome back to the Home Ownership 101 series! Today I am sharing a short post highlighting Five Home Repairs To Make ASAP. As winter approaches you might be ready to jump in and spend extra time and resources on your decor, or any other number of home improvement and DIY projects you have been dreaming of. Nevertheless there are some home repairs that simply can’t wait due to the damage to your home or health risks associated with them. 

Although you may not know exactly how much your repair is going to cost, it is important to find a reputable repairman for jobs that you cannot DIY. Research the average call-out cost for a repairman in your area. From there you will be able to set a price that you’re willing to pay. (Here is a guide to call-out repair costs, to give you a rough estimate.) Whether you’re looking for someone to repair a leak or you need fridge repair, sometimes it’s worth it to forgo DIY and call in a professional.

1. Repair A Leaking Roof ASAP!

  If you notice even the smallest spot of moisture or any dripping from your ceiling, this situation must be addressed right away! If you hear any drips but can’t find a source, that is also a cause for concern.


Leaky roofs ruin your bedroom decor and destroy the carpet in your living room, there is no end to the menace they create. If the leak is not fixed immediately, then it can cause permanent damage to the foundations of your walls and roof. To fix these issues, plumbing services can be taken from the plumbers in Calgary.

In the event of a leak, visit Concord Roofing to see how to make an insurance claim and call in a roofing professional right away.


DIY House Maintenance Tip: How to Inspect a Roof for Leaks | The Happy Housewife

The Happy Housewife

First you need to have your roof inspected to find the source of the problem. If there is structural damage to your roof, it could cause your roof’s beams and the beams in your attic to rot and grow mold or weaken structure. If not caught in time there could be significant damage and you may even have to end up replacing the whole roof. If your siding or windows are covered in grime,  there is a variety of cleaning hacks you can use to make things a bit easier.


You may not even realize that layers of dirt and debris are building up on your roof. If you do not give it attention regularly, this could easily cause damage to your house. Get up there and clean it off at least once a year and check your chimney chase covers. After the winter, and before any major storms hit, check your roof for any loose or damaged tiles.


2. Repair Plumbing Issues ASAP!

Broken pipes usually present themselves in the form of an area of discoloration on the ceiling or walls or as a bulge in the ceiling that keeps on getting bigger. If you notice any of these warning signs, do not hesitate to call in a plumber from Usa Plumbing. 

awesome 4 Reasons Homeowners Need to Contact Their Plumber for Regular Septic Cleaning


Although it could just be a minor problem at first, it will only get worse the longer it’s left.  Worst case scenario, it could cause a major flood that renders your drywall useless, ruins your carpets, causes toxic mold growth and makes your home uninhabitable. 

*Homeowner’s insurance policies do not typically cover disasters caused by plumbing! Please see my post below for more information.


What does a homeowner's insurance policy cover

Homeowner’s Insurance Policy Basics

3. Get Rid Of Mold And Mildew ASAP!

DO NOT IGNORE ANY MOLD OR MILDEW! Science has now discovered the correlation between many autoimmune diseases, chronic health issues and damp buildings with mold issues. I personally have dealt with disabling illnesses as a result to toxic mold exposure that was ignored, thinking it was just “normal mildew” or “musty basement smell.” Like plumbing issues, mold remediation is typically not covered under insurance. The longer you let the problem grow, the more expensive the repairs will be.

Don’t let this…

Preventing Mold Growth in Your Home Mold can grow anywhere from carpet to paper and in places you can’t see such as the back of drywall or around ceiling tiles. Mold is a problem that can be difficult and expensive to fix as well as produce allergens and irritants that can compromise the health of you and your family. The best thing is to prevent mold before it becomes a problem and the key to that is moisture control. Here are our tips to prevent mold growth in your home:


Turn into this…

Black Mold on Ceiling of Residence. SERVPRO offer mold remediation! Call us today if you notice mold in your home or business!

Toxic Black Mold

If you see any signs of mildew or mold, that means that the conditions are right for mold growth!  Mold can spread throughout a property in as little as 48 hours and produces allergens and skin and lung irritants. Spraying a little bleach and painting over the spots with Kilz may mask the mold, but it will not fix the source of the mold growth. Each day spent breathing invisible toxic mold is dangerous!


Check out this easy to understand infographic about mold exposure symptoms



4. Don’t Ignore The Smell Of Gas…Call The Gas Co. ASAP!

A gas leak is another type of plumbing issue that should never be ignored!  If you smell something similar to sulfur in your home, it is a pretty good indicator that you have a natural gas leak on your hands. That could just be a fire or explosion or waiting to happen any second! The fumes are also extremely hazardous to pets and humans and can cause illness or even death. 


This is an infographic about plumbing issues such as gas leaks and why you should not take it for granted. The usual plumbing issues are frozen pipeli


Call 911, and they’ll help you to get a gas technician over to check it out ASAP as well as ensuring that the perimeter around your home is safe.


5. Repair Any Electrical Issues and Old Wiring ASAP!

Info on electrical dangers to look out for in the home

Apartment Therapy

Electrical issues are harder to diagnose. Of course if you have a hot outlet or see sparks, call an electrician right away to make any necessary repairs. If you are repeatedly blowing fuses, this could also be indicative of a major problem. Any house built before 1970 is likely to have some type of electrical issues. Due to the risk of fire, have a certified home inspector or electrician check out your wiring to make sure that there are no issues. If any are found, do not wait to make repairs!

On a side note, if your issue is not an emergency, make sure you’re not calling someone out of hours as this will add a substantial amount to your bill. For a guide to out of hours repair services, you can visit this site here. 

Basic Home Owner skills preventing home emergencies water leaks fire hazards


I hope this post has been informative and will help you spot any potential problems and address them before things get out of hand. For more tips related to preventing household problems and home repairs, check out my post: How To Prevent Potential Household Problems.

Stay safe!


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