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Hello Hellebores! Early Spring Flowers

Hellebores Hellebore idea planting Hellebores in containers

Happy Sunday and welcome back for another post for Vintage Cottage Weekend! Now that spring has arrived I am spending much more time in the garden. This year I am concentrating on container gardening, using flowers and arrangements that evoke true vintage-cottage” garden vibes.



Today I am sharing a pretty pot of hellebores I picked up at Lowes this week. I decided to plant the helleobores in a terracotta pot rather than in the ground. It’s a little late, but I am hoping by keeping them in the shade I can enjoy their blooms for a few more weeks. The hellebores at Lowes were all looking rough, but I found one with some fresh buds and simply cut off all the old, ratty-looking leaves from around the bottom. It’s looking pretty good!


These beautiful cool weather, winter-mid spring blooming hellebores  (perennials) have just been gaining popularity in the past few years.  Are you familiar with them?  There are so many beautiful colors, but this ivory and pink-tinged  “Lenten Rose” variety is one of my favorites. 


Harmonious Hellebore Collection


Harmonious Hellebores ~ Brecks


Illustration Helleborus niger0.jpg

Commonly known as hellebores, the Eurasian genus Helleborus consists of approximately 20 species of herbaceous or evergreen perennial flowering plants in the family Ranunculaceae, within which it gave its name to the tribe of Helleboreae. Despite names such as “winter rose”, “Christmas rose” and “Lenten rose”, hellebores are not closely related to the rose family, ( Many hellebore species are poisonous. (Wikipedia)



Hellebores Late Winter Plant

Hellebores are wonderful for beating the winter gardeing doldrums!


Lisa Cox Designs

They continue to bloom profusely in early spring alongside daffodils and tulips in the landscape.


Hellebores are semi-evergreen in a shady landscape border. I really don’t have a good spot for them in my flower bed so I decided to try growing one plant in a pot where I can baby it during the hot months. 



I found many beautiful inspiration photos of hellebores in pots and mixed spring containers on Instagram and Pinterest.



Debra Silver






These white hellebores look so pretty in a little basket among a display of potted spring plants.


A hellebore in a planter with ivy, pansies and daffodils

Gardener’s World

Next year I am going to try a mixed container of hellebores,  daffodils and pansies.


Garden Design

These chartruese hellebores are so interesting! I love them beside colorful tulips.








I have placed my little pot of hellebores just outside our side door in the cottage garden with my other potted spring flowers.


By the way, aren’t these “Van Gogh” tulips stunning in the April sunshine?



Hellebores in Pots

I really love the look of hellebores in pots. I plant to buy several next winter (If I can find them) and place them in various pots and beautiful urns along with my tulips and pansies in urns.



Polka Dots Pretty



Helleborus Penny’s Pink




Isn’t this such a beautiful container of spring garden goodness?


Southern Living



Mod Vintage Life



Gardener’s Path


Feast and Flowers



The Inspired Garden


hellebores in the front porch garden

Recently my friend Stacy Ling shared Five Reasons You Should Plant Lenten Rose. The post is full of great information about hellebores with beautiful photos of Stacy’s new garden.



Sugar and Charm

Helleobores are have such an old world beautiful that makes them wonderful choices as cut flowers for arrangements.


From Britain with Love



Speaking of Victorian cottage-garden vibes, don’t miss Debra’s beautiful “Nature’s Wild Victorian Wreath” post. How lovely!


Hellebores Hellebore idea planting Hellebores in containers


Have you been growing hellebores in your garden or even as an indoor plant? I love hearing from you, dear friends! Thanks for visiting today!


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  • Reply debra@commonground

    These are such a gorgeous plant and flower. I can’t believe I’ve not seen them before. Your garden is amazing, Amber. You have so many wonderful varieties and beautiful tulips. I just have to get some bulbs planted this fall. I always love seeing how you mix plantings and containers!

    April 24, 2022 at 4:18 pm
  • Reply Marie

    I love hellebores! I only learned about them about a year ago. They grow great under our trees. Thanks for sharing!

    May 6, 2022 at 1:33 am
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