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Home Ownership 101: Go Green And Save Money With These Five Simple Home Upgrades

Sustainable living eco-friendly home updgrades fives simple green home upgrades

The Sustainable Home: The Essential Guide to Eco Building, Renovation and Decoration: Cathy Strongman: 9781858944302: Books

Having a home that is environmentally friendly while staying efficient is a goal all homeowners should work toward. We all know that we should be doing more for the environment. At our current rate, we need 1.7 planet earth’s to sustain us. That means that we are consuming too much and wasting too much.  Even taking small steps toward creating a sustainable home and making green upgrades can have a big impact on reducing your carbon footprint. Some changes can even help to protect your overall health and save money at the same time, and who doesn’t want to save some money while enjoying a healthier, happier home?  Go green and save money with these five simple home upgrades . *This post contains affiliate and/or sponsored links.

Go Green: Easy ways to cut your carbon footprint


1. Insulate Properly

It’s always a good idea to bring out a professional to perform an energy audit before you do any improvements to your home. You can find out exactly where your home is leaking energy and at the same time and get suggestions for saving money on energy bills. Inadequate insulation could be one of the reasons you are spending too much on your household bills.

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There are now sustainable and eco-friendly insulation choices for your home made from hemp, wool or glass.


The environmentally friendly, glasswool insulation from Knauf Insulation is a high density acoustic insulation product.



Don’t forget that these hemp and wool are earth-friendly fabrics area also great choices for clothing and decorative textiles.


2. HVAC Air Purificaton

Be sure to keep the filters cleaned and changed regularly in your HVAC system for the air purification in your home. HVAC units that are used for heating and cooling are the best option for keeping the air recycled in your home, so it is very important to use a clean filter.


Best Way to Change Furnace Filters A reader wonders how often to change furnace filters to keep the air clean in her home. Learn the frequency with which homeowners should replace a furnace filter. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine.


3. Consider Window Tinting Film

Do you have a room in your home where the sun light beams in through the window making the space to hot to enjoy in the summer? Check out vinyl graphics for windows. Window tinting film reduces energy costs, cuts down on glare, and protects furniture and collectibles from harmful Ultra-Violet Light.  Installing the films can also reduce the solar heat in your home, keeping the HVAC from working overtime. You could also hire a window and door company to come and replace your existing glass and to make sure that the frames are energy efficient. 


How to Choose a Home Window Tint Solution | LLumar Window Films -


If your home is drafty, then thicker windows will trap heat more effectively and this will reduce the need for you to generate as much energy to keep your home warm. One of the problems with heating a home is when heat escapes. Very often it will leave through areas such as the roof, or through the windows or doors.  Heat rises in a house, of course, so you should also insulate your attic well. If you think heat is escaping through your worn-out or damaged roof, then you should contact a roof repair contractor. Professionals could fix up your property’s roof, and this would improve the insulation of your house.



Environmentally Friendly Flooring

Vinyl is a popular flooring choice in the home but it also contains harmful phthalates which can leave with you with major health issues. Swapping vinyl out for cork, bamboo and recycled wood flooring can protect your health while being eco-friendly and more sustainable at the same time.


French Grey Recycled Oak Timber Flooring



Love the dark bamboo floors and pewter walls. More



4. Save Water

To make your home earth-friendly, aim to save as much water as possible. Sprinklers left on in the garden, long baths instead of showers – you name it, gallons of water can be easily wasted in no time.  Swapping your fast-flow shower head to a slow-flow version can help you to save up to 20,000 gallons of water a year. You can then save money while reducing your carbon footprint.

Evolve shower heads slow water flow to a trickle once the water reaches the toasty temp of 95 degrees, eliminating excessive waste.


When it comes to sustainability, water is a top priority. Many off the grid, homes have well water but some people may order water from elsewhere. A water collection system is useful too, allowing you to collect rainwater and use it for various purposes.


You have clean water coming in, but what about the not-so-clean water going out? If you’re not connected to the main sewage system, you’re going to need another way to drain and dispose of wastewater. This might involve septic tank installation and a full septic system. Another way of dealing with waste is to set up a composting waste disposal system, which can provide an eco-friendly way to deal with waste. You need to make sure you’re following any regulations on how to deal with waste and keeping things sanitary.


5. Use LED Lightbulbs

Don’t forget to switch old light bulbs out for LED bulbs! Obviously, there are many ways to make your house more energy-efficient, such as energy-saving light fixtures, but insulation is one of the best long-term solutions. If you find that your energy bills are still high, you might look into info on how to switch electric companies.



More Ways to Go Green 

Today I have only shared five of many ways to make simple eco-friendlychanges to your home that will save money, but there are  many ways that you can become more self-sufficient when it comes to managing your environmental impact. Creating your own sources of electricity is one such way. Having a small windmill, or fitting solar panels can help you to harness your own power that you can use in your home. You will become less reliant of energy supplied through the national power grid and your home will be more sustainable at the same time. You can even leverage your fireplace or wood-burning stove to heat your home and cut down your electricity bills. Creating an outside air intake that fuels your firebox can make a considerable difference to your indoor temperature. 


As if I couldn't love my mantel anymore.....this sign by my sweet friend Jess @houseon77th is perfection my friends. Not only does it hold so much meaning for our family but it's gorgeous. I think it's safe to say this mantel in our home is complete!! It's so good to be home.....




Another option would be to get solar panels for your property.
With so many benefits to installing solar panels, it’s easy to see why solar panels are so popular.

Creating an energy-efficient household is a great way to save money and help the environment, but you’ll still be relying on the power grid for electricity. Getting your own solar panels would change that. You can reduce your use of fossil fuels with the nstallation of
solar panels on your roof, which can help to decrease your carbon footprint.  You might want to research how solar panels work beforehand.


What is it really like to live off the grid with solar electricity? We've been doing it for a year, and in this post I share how solar electricity is working for our family, on our off-grid homestead. | Homestead Honey


Creating an energy-efficient household is a great way to save money and help the environment, but you’ll still be relying on the power grid for electricity. Getting your own solar panels would change that. You can reduce your use of fossil fuels with the nstallation of solar panels on your roof, which can help to decrease your carbon footprint.  You might want to research how solar panels work beforehand.




15 DIY Solar Panel Tutorials That Will Save You More Than a Few Bucks



Introducing alternative methods to produce power and heat at home doesn’t force you to compromise your decor. While there is some obvious outlay in terms of getting them installed, there will be long term savings against your energy bill over time. You may even be eligible for a grant towards the cost of installation. 



Grow Your Own Food!

Sustainable gardening practices, from mulching to companion planting to permaculture practices, make a gardener's life easier. Click for some simple tips for making it happen in your own home garden. #organicgardening #organicgardeningtips

Crazy Organic Mama

One of the mose enjoyable ways to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle is by growing a vegetable garden. Perhaps you could even plant a couple of fruit trees, too. Being self-sufficient in this way would save you some money on groceries. You might find that it improves the appearance of your outdoor area, as well. Growing a range of bright and vibrant fruit and vegetables in your garden could create an aesthetically-impressive area for you and your family to enjoy. So, it would save you money on your food shop, but it would also be a visual improvement. It’s a worthwhile addition to any garden.


Healthy Earth, Healthy You!

Of course sustainable living has positive effects and when it comes to emotional well-being, you will also feel better just knowing you are doing your part to reduct your carbon footprint. It is important to keep the earth healthy if we expect to live a healthy life while we are on this planet. If you aren’t convinced that recycling is beneficial, take a look at the infographic below. Remember that recycling smarter, not harder, will be most beneficial.


Infographic Design By EducationConnection


Don’t forget that if you do have to use plastic bottles, they can always be upcycled  into something useful.


Sustainable living eco-friendly home updgrades fives simple green home upgrades


How are you working to make your home more sustainable? I love hearing from you, dear readers!

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