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Five Exterior Home Improvement Ideas for Spring

boost your home's curb appeal

Guess what friends? It really is almost spring! Yesterday as I was walking in the back door, I noticed my chives are already coming up in the garden and the birds were singing…sure signs that spring is on it’s way! This reminded me that it is time to start thinking about exterior home improvement updates and landscaping changes. This will be our seventh spring here at the yellow brick home and so far we have done very little to the exterior of our home other than a bit of landscaping and cleaning things up around the property. Our home is handsome on it’s own, but it could definitely benefit from some cosmetic changes to really make it stand out and give it some curb appeal. With that in mind I started thinking about all the areas that need to be addressed when sprucing up a home’s exterior. Here are five exterior home improvement ideas for spring. *This post contains affiliate links.

Beautiful home and garden.


1. Update Your Siding (Repaint Or Pressure Wash)

If you have home with siding or brick that has been painted years ago, chances are it will need to be repainted at some time. Over the years paint can crack or chip, get dirty, and just look as if it’s seen better days. When this is the case, it’s much nicer to be able to give the entire surface a repaint to freshen it up.  You might even consider giving your home a complete face lift by painting it a new color.

Fixer Upper French Country Renovation- paint, doors and a beautiful porch!


 RPS Metal Roofing & Siding, Inc,


Things We Love: Painted Wood Houses


If you really want to make your home stand out, you can try a German smear technique instead of painting the brick. It can really create old work cottage charm!

Prior to the renovation, the home exterior was plain brown brick. The distinctive whitewashing effect was achieved through a technique known as German mortar smear.



If your exterior isn’t painted it can still use a good washing every couple of years. Pressure washing the exterior can make a home look like new.

2. Keep Your Roof In Top Shape

Once you’ve tackled the siding exterior of your home and it is looking nice, you may find that your roof looks old and can be a bit of an eyesore. In fact, it might be time to replace your roof altogether. If cosmetic changes and minor repairs are all that is needed, you might be able to DIY, or you can find a roofing contractor such as  RPS Metal Roofing & Siding, Inc,  to help. Cleaning off the roof may be all it takes to make a drastic improvement, but a roofing contractor can also advise if you need any replacement tiles or shingles. If you must replace your roof, consider a new color or material that will completely transform the look of your home.

New Roof



3. Dress Up The Doors & Windows

Doors and windows can really impact a home’s exterior. Sometimes they will just need a good cleaning which  can make a world of difference. You may also want to think about dressing up the windows with new shutters, or even painting the ones you have. 

If you wanted to invest further in the doors and windows of your property, you could add Swinging Garage Doors to help protect your vehicles and garage contents. Swinging garage doors are safe, sturdy, easy to have installed and can add tremendous value to your home too.


Shutters: Evening Dove (2128-30);



A new color for the front door can also can be a really effective way to update your home’s exterior.






For a dramatic entrance, paint your front door in high-gloss black and add some bright-white porcelain-tile house numbers, (about $75; Rejuvenation).



4. Improve Your Driveway

Most homeowners neglect the driveway, but it  can be a real showstopper! These days there are so many stunning approaches to driveway makeovers.  Consider having the entire surface redone by pouring a new coat of concrete if yours is in disrepair. If you concrete is solid but worn looking, it can even be stained and stamped in beautiful colors and designs.

Stained concrete driveway by All American Decorative Concrete - Dallas When we win the lottery :-)




Stain concrete (or colored concrete) can improve the look of your old gray patio. In fact, concrete stains can improve the look of all concrete items, including driveways and concrete buildings.

Whether you go over the top by adding brick or stone to create cottage charm, or even if you just want to dress it up by lining it with with lights, the driveway can be a real asset when it comes to exterior home improvement.

5. Add Some Cute Landscaping Touches

Never underestimate the power of great landscaping! Search online for  front yard inspiration of homes that are similar in style to yours and in your zone and climate. Landscaping also includes hardscaping with stones and concrete, so be sure to include those terms in your searches. 

If you are lucky enough to have trees lining your streets, this can create instant curb appeal but there can be a lot of work in maintaining them, especially when you don’t have the slightest bit of knowledge in what you’re doing. Instead, if you call a contractor like B&T’s Tree Service they can maintain the trees but also ensure that they are in good health, making for a spruced up and well-maintained exterior.


Get amazing curb appeal with 30 great ideas from Vintage American Home. Lanterns and posts are just one idea.


Window boxes and potted plants can really boost curb appeal!



Junipers, Roses, Liriope, Caladiums, Boxwoods



Even some colorful potted plants in urns can boost curb appeal and make your home stand out. I love the urns with yellow flowers  at this lovely cottage!

Adorable house by Anthony Wilder Design/Build



You can always create a welcoming front porch when you fill it full of flowers! This is quintessential cottage curb appeal!



Adding potted plants is no problem! Cleaning the windows can be done! We already had to replace our roof due to a hail storm a few years ago, so we are in good shape there. It seems that the driveway is probably our biggest project when it comes to improving curb appeal, but we are not quite ready to tackle that just yet. Mainly, we just aren’t sure what we want to do with it. For this summer we are concentrating on making more improvements to the landscaping and repainting our front porch. But warmer weather can’t be all work and no play! I really just want to be able to get back outside to spend time messing about with my herb gardening. How are you planning to spend spring and summer outdoors? Will you be making home improvements or taking it easy? Chances are I’ll be doing both, and blogging about it along the way!


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