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Beautiful Outdoor String Lights for Porch, Deck or Patio

Outdoor String Lights Solar String Lights Outdoor Lights

Whether you are entertaining indoors or outdoors, beautiful outdoor string lights add the perfect accent to any dinner party or casual gathering. String lights are all the rage and these days there are so many creative ways you can use them to brighten up your porch, deck or patio. Read on for some inspiration on how to decorate with beautiful outdoor string lights. *This post contains affiliate links.



Laine and Layne

String lights are very popular and can make any outdoor space seem special during the day and magical at night. Cafe style lights reminiscent of French cafes are definitely on trend. These types of lights feature 1920’s style Edison bulbs or round globe lights which really create vintage outdoor vibes on a porch, deck or patio.


Bless’er House


Inspired Reality 

Everyone knows that lighting can set the entire mood of any space indoors or out, by either making the environment cheerful and lively during the day or calm and relaxing at night.


Jenna Kate at Home shared a great post on how to hang string lights on a patio or deck.



If you don’t have a deck or porch you can use poles to install outdoor string lights around a designated area in the lawn area. Find an electrical supply location  to help you figure out what kind of supplies you will need to set up an outdoor electrical outlet or for professional installation of lighting.



Using flower pots to hold the posts for cafe string lights  is an ingenius idea! Check out the full post for how-to details at Fox Hollow Cottage.


outdoor string lights from shepherd hooks solar string lights outdoor lighting

True North Even Company

You can use shepherd hooks that are traditionally used to hold hanging baskets in the garden to string lights along a pathway. I love this idea and can’t wait to try it out in our backyard!




Another super cool idea is to string lights around a tree or to suspend lights between trees. Outdoor solar string lights are a great option for trees since you won’t be limited by where your electrical outlets are located.


Tiny fairy lights similar to Christmas tree lights look magical wrapped around tree trunks.




Tiny solar string lights can even be tucked into mason jars or lanterns which can either hang from hooks. They also look pretty simply lining a pathway or as a patio table centerpiece.


Outdoor String Lights Solar String Lights Outdoor Lights

What type of lighting do you use to brighten up your outdoor spaces? Are you a fan of beautiful outdoor string lights too? I love hearing from you, dear readers!

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