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10 Ways to Boost Your Immune System at Home

immune system boosters healthy home environment

It is hard to believe that in the past few years we have lived through a world pandemic! As expected, everyone is now more concerned that ever about boosting their immune system. In order to live a healthy life, it is important that you follow a basic health routine of an adequate diet, regularly exercise, and getting enough sleep. Here are some addtional tips to boost your immune system and t0 help your body become more resistant at home. *This post contains affiliate and/or sponsored links.


Fill your kitchen with seasonal and organic food

Eating seasonal food is all about giving your body the nutrition it needs to sustain itself in the environment you live it. Imported food may not only have low vitamin and mineral content, but it might also not be suited to your nutritional needs. Instead, growing your own vegetables can be the perfect solution.


Wondering how to grow yor first veggie garden? Growing your own vegetables can be a daunting task for new beginners. Even if you're a total newbie to gardening, plant these 13 simple, easiest to grow vegetables! Raised beds, pots, containers, small spaces, backyards we have all the best ideas for seed starting!

A Country Girl’s Life

If you are worried about the presence of pesticides on your food, homegrown vegetables are the guarantee of eating healthy food with no chemical stain. More importantly, most households develop a sense of excitement and pride in growing their food in the garden, which makes them less likely to indulge in unhealthy comfort snacks. Don’t forget to add immune boosting supplements like echinacea and vitamin C to your daily regimen. You will also want to learn  how to make oatmeal  since it is one of the most delicious and nutritious foods you can eat to start your day off the right way!


Walk Your Way to Better Health

Exercise plays a key role in keeping the immune system functioning properly. Simply walking a couple of times a week can keep your body strong and in turn help fight off infections. Exercise is a very important part of our life. It not only helps us to stay healthy and fit, but also improves our mood and reduces stress. It is recommended that we should exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. If we have time, it is better to do more than 30 minutes of exercise so that we can get the most benefits from it.


Health & Walking Challenge to do with Friends | Total Health Reboot Many people today seem to be focused on the wrong aspect when it comes to healthy living. 90% of the American population live witha metabolism that will not burn fat; this is a sign of poor gut health. 79% of your immune system..



Take Cold Showers

Hot showers might feel good, but it doesn’t mean they are healthy. According to a study supervised by Dr. Buijze in the Netherlands, taking a hot shower in winter may not be beneficial for your health. People who finish their morning showers with a 30-, 60- or 90-second blast of cold water are 29% less likely to get sick.


7 Health Benefits of Cold Showers & Cold Exposure | FOOD MATTERS®



Does a cold shower actively fight off germs? Dr. Buijze makes a subtle distinction. Finishing your shower with a cold blast activates your immune system, which means that while you can still get sick, the experienced symptoms are less severe and disappear more quickly. In other words, the body is able to push through the sickness and renew its energy more effectively. While it doesn’t avoid illnesses altogether, it gives you a fighting chance against the nasty winter cold. In addition, if you have sensitive skin or hard water, check into a s Berkey water filter systems. 


Clear your indoor air

The indoor air is just as polluted as urban air. Unfortunately, indoor toxins are invisible to the naked eye. As a result, most homeowners assume their household is safe from risks. However, failure to purify your indoor air can increase your vulnerability to respiratory infections and inflammations. You breathe everyday particles coming from the chemicals contained in your wall paints, in the carpet glue, or even in your cleaning products, without mentioning cooking toxins and other invisible home pollutants. Consider adding air purifiers to your main living and sleep areas to improve indoor air quality.


Did you know that plants can clean your air? It's true! There are actually many indoor plants that clean the air and remove toxins. Here are 11 of the Best Air Purifying Plants that you can grow indoors--easily! #airpurifying

Whole New Mom

The introduction of houseplants can help to reduce the risk of harmful pollutants at home. The delicate pink or orange hues of the Barberton Daisy are not only a guaranteed mood boost, but they also cleanse the air from formaldehyde trichloroethylene and benzene, which are found in synthetic fibers. The easy-to-maintain Snake Plant is the perfect bedroom companion with its ability to release oxygen at night and filter harmful toxins.  


Refresh your home

Cleansing your indoor air is important. But what about renewing the air? German households have developed the habit of opening all the windows at least 30 minutes a day, regardless of the weather. While it might seem like a strange idea at first, it can dramatically improve your immune system.

If your home is overly humid, then you can do more than simply move that air around. You can make use of air dehumidifiers which can effectively suck the moisture out of the air. Air that is humid is harder to circulate, meaning that a dehumidifier can even make things like ventilation and ceiling fans work all the better. However, just as too much moisture can be a problem, a lack of moisture can be a problem too, which is why humidifiers are also helpful products in some instances.


Healthy indoor air quality is essential for healthy living. Learn how you can improve the air in your home with these easy to implement strategies. open windows, house plants that purify the air #healthyhome #airquality #toxinfree

Balanced Home Balanced LifeThere

Bringing fresh air into your home helps to get rid of harmful indoor pollutants. Additionally, it also gives your body a healthy oxygen boost, which can help to improve your concentration and your relaxation. In addition, if you’re looking to create a hypoallergenic space, you should definitely reduce clutter as best as possible.


Invisible pests can be dangerous

Home sweet home! Keeping your house warm in winter is a priority. However, what you may not know is that it makes it more appealing to unwanted guests. Household pests such as rats and mice look for shelter from the weather in the basement or the attic of a warm house. Rodent droppings are highly toxic and can spread harmful diseases in your home.


How To Use Peppermint Oil For Mice Control

Oh Simply

Additionally, rodents are likely to carry fleas that can spread diseases too. You need to keep your eyes open for signs of pests in the household. While droppings are a dead giveaway, mice are typically careful, keeping active only at night when they feel safe. Listen for suspicious noises under the roof or inside the walls. If you suspect an infestation, you should get in touch with professional exterminators as soon as possible.


Relax and declutter

If you are feeling overwhelmed and experiencing anxiety, then it is time for a brain dump! Can a messy household make you unhealthy? However, the presence of clutter inside your home can affect your stress levels. Indeed, cluttered rooms can lead to overwhelming feelings due to the anticipated pain of loss. Living in a cramped and messy space increases stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, your immune system reacts to stress, as it feels under attack. The more clutter there is around you, the more stressed you feel, and the more vulnerable your immune system becomes. To put it simply, you need to tidy your home and also get organized.

Decluttering for Stress and Anxiety - Five Spot Green Living

Five Spot Green Living

 We live in the era of decision fatigue. When people don’t have time to do anything, they always feel like they’re in rush. If you are going to be working from home, this is crucial. For tips on how to be more productive check out business guru David Allen’s solution to this problem is his famous “Getting Things Done” system – also abbreviated as GTD.





Don’t forget to slow down and take time to practice prayerful mindfulness. Even a few seconds of quick meditation through quiet prayer can help. This will help reduce stress, which in turn will help your immune system state stronger.


Sleep yourself strong and healthy

Sure, it might be tempting to binge your favorite Netflix show before going to bed. However, your body needs rest to stay healthy and it’s important to have a consistent sleep schedule


How to fix your sleep schedule. -- Sleep planning for a better nights sleep. #sleep #sleeping #sleeptips #sleephacks




Good quality sleep contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system. In other words, you may need to review your bed-time routine. Simple changes in your lifestyle, such as turning the screens off at least one hour before going to bed, can help your brain to get into a sleeping mode. Exercise can be great overall, but working out later on in the day may make it harder to get to sleep. Working out will often send your hormones on overdrive, putting you in a good mood and making you feel alert for the next few hours. If you workout a few hours before bedtime you will likely lay awake. 


Just like any other part of your body, the immune system must undergo a certain level of maintenance to properly function. Much of this maintenance occurs during sleep. A strong immune system is the key to fighting off illness! #sleeptips #health#healthyliving #science


Your bed must suit your needs and feel comfortable to you. It can cause all kinds of problems if it isn’t!  The National Sleep Foundation recommends that adults get at least seven hours of sleep each night. Having the right sleep setup, like, can help with this. If you feel like you need more or less than this, it’s worth exploring why that might be the case with a professional who specializes in sleep disorders.

Additionally, you need to create a comfortable and relaxing bedroom environment, by focusing not only on your mattress but also on the overall setting.As your bedroom is a place for sleeping, everything that doesn’t relate to your rest doesn’t belong inside – yes, that includes the neaky ipad you keep on your nightstand.




Remember to wash your hands

Does it need saying? Most germs are spread through your hands, whether you touch an infected surface or you handle raw meat to prepare dinner. Germs can find their way to your hands in many ways. Therefore, you need to wash your hands regularly throughout the day to avoid infections. Did you know that handwashing could prevent 20% of colds in winter? To make it more exciting and make sure you don’t forget, you could make your own soap at home. While it can be a time-demanding process, it’s a fun way of introducing your favorite scents. 


wash your hands magnolia signLiving Letter Home

Decorate with items that bring joy

Last but not least, your immune system reacts to your mental health. People who are more satisfied in life are less likely to catch a cold in winter. While it’s fair to say that happiness doesn’t cure you of all diseases, it can give your immune system a better defense against germs. As a result, creating a comforting and welcoming home that suits your personality and makes you smile will help fight depression . You’d be surprised to find out how much difference a few colorful touches can bring to your interior and your mood.


Although they might seem like an afterthought, throw pillows are an easy solution for trying out trends in pattern and color without the major commitment. #livingroom #livingroomdecor #lowcostmakeover #livingroommakeover #bhg


Colds and flus can’t be entirely avoided, but trying out these 10 simple tips to boost your immune system at can increase your chances of fighting off viruses and may help you recover from them quicker.


immune system boosters healthy home environment

Best of luck for a healthy and happy winter ahead!


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