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Why Birds are Eating Your Garden




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Gardening is a peaceful and relaxing pastime with many benefits. For some, it is a way to decompress and reconnect with nature. Others garden for the natural beauty that flowers and their aromas can bring to their life. Sometimes people garden to grow fruits and vegetables for their household that they can be sure are clean and organic. *This post contains affiliate and/or sponsored links.


Planting taller vegetables, like tomatoes, with lower-growing herbs and flowers will encourage pollinators and create a balanced container garden. The “thriller, filler, spiller” concept of container design — with a tall, spiky plant in back, a mounding plant in the center, and a trailing plant in the front — works great for edible containers as well. Thyme is a go-to trailer.


No matter what the reason, your garden requires a lot of hard work.  No one likes to wake up in the morning to find that birds have been munching on their fresh garden produce that have taken months to grow!


Birds Are Eating My Tomatoes: Learn How To Protect Tomato Plants From Birds - You spot a heart-sinking sight, a cluster of tomatoes that look like something has taken a bite out of each one. After some of your own covert ops, you discover the culprit is birds. “Help! Birds are eating my tomatoes!” Learn how to protect tomato plants from birds here.


Even if you love birds and have planted a garden to attract humingbirds and other beautiful birds, an invasion of various other bird species such as geese can be a very dreadful situation.



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An even bigger problem can be a sick bird in your garden. To solve this problem, you first need to understand why the birds are there and then how to prevent these birds from entering your garden in the first place.


  • Reasons Birds Eat Gardens

If your garden is of the vegetable variety, then the birds are there for one obvious reason. They want to enjoy all of the fresh vegetables just as much as you do. The lush vegetation is also a prime meal for geese who have a strong affinity for tender leafy greens and delicate flowers.


Top 10 Garden Plants For Chickens and Ducks - Tyrant Farms


Another reason you may find nuisance birds in your garden is the scarcity of food supply. Birds who are unable to find reliable sources of insects or other foods will enter the garden to seek nourishment. Although sometimes it may be less about hard to find foods and more about the easy access your garden provides.


  • Which Types of Birds to Watch Out for In Gardens

Not all birds are destructive to gardens. Some species of birds are even beneficial to have around. Garden destroying insects such as snails and slugs are often tasty prey for some types of birds. There are a few types of birds that cause real problems, though.


Snail Kite Eating Snail (Female) | Birds&More | Flickr


  • Geese in Your Garden

There are many reasons geese are troublesome for gardeners. First, they feast on both vegetables and flowers. Then they leave mountains of droppings behind every day. Worse still, they trample and destroy all of your most delicate plants without any hesitation.


Canada geese are almost exclusively plant eaters, and the bill is serrated for efficient grazing on short grasses.



  • Sick Birds in Your Garden

The presence of sick birds in your garden is also very problematic. Once a bird contracts a sickness, it is usually impossible to cure. This is a real problem with birds who are carriers of trichomonas gallinae, a parasite that spreads rapidly among birds. This parasite is easily transmitted to other birds. It is also important to remember that while bird nests are beautiful, you should never handle them without gloves and it is best to call in a pest removal company to remove nests from any structures on your home. If you really like decorating with bird nests, you can always make a realistic faux nest with inexpensive craft materials.


Foraging Happiness ~ DIY Bird Nest ~ LeCultivateur




  • Protecting Your Garden

The presence of these birds does not mean doom for your garden, however. There are many things you can do to protect your garden from these destructive birds. An effective way to keep birds from eating your garden is to give them something else to eat. Try setting up a bird feeder where the birds can snack instead of in your precious plants.


Birds Choice Large Cedar Fly-Through Bird Feeder, Quality Handcrafted Fly-Thru Bird Feeders



One other tactic is to use barriers that prevent waddling geese from entering and setting up nests in your garden in the first place. Another, more creative, solution is to put a strand of monofilament fishing line above your plants. For some reason, birds have a real aversion to this material, especially if it is of a thicker variety.


Strawberries, catbirds and fishing line


Birds are especially fond of berries! You can also use bird netting over your raised garden beds.


How to Make DIY Bird Netting to Protect Berry Bushes - Fabulessly Frugal




Flower pot birdbath: You don’t have to spend a lot to bring birds into the yard! Here’s how to make a simple birdbath from a terra-cotta pot.


Beautiful birds are a joy to find in any garden, but invasive or sick birds must be dealt with right away. Using any of these methods is a great way to stop geese and sick birds from setting up shop in your garden and destroying your hard work. Best of luck in keeping your garden a peaceful sanctuary!



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