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Spring Wreath Tutorial: Bonnie Blue Roses and Thistle

Hello everyone! Today I am happy to be sharing a little spring wreath tutorial for my latest wreath design, “Bonnie Blue Roses and Thistle.”  In my post,  Floral Arranging: Finding Inspiration In The Little ThingsI discuss how I often use small treasures or one particular flower type to inspire a floral arrangement or wreath design.  A little bird and some bonnie (pretty) Scottish thistle and blue roses were the inspiration for this natural looking, Celtic-themed spring wreath.

Gorgeous spring wreath grapevine wreath with thistle and moss blue roses diy

How to make a gorgeous bonnie blue roses and thistle spring wreath with mossy nest, bird and birds eggs

Brocante shabby chic farmhouse birds vignette vintage birds flower frogs, bird eggs, vintage silverplate transferware, ironstone

A.C. Moore is such a fun craft store! I always find something beautiful there, like this awesome vintage bird picture. When I saw it I thought it would be fun to style in a spring birds vignette along with some of my other vintage bird treasures. I needed a little bird too, so I picked this one with the pretty purple, blue and brown feathers.


Faux thistle from A.C. Moore realistic faux thistle


I was just browsing around the store a little more when I saw this beautiful thistle which matched my little birdie. I instantly knew I had to use the thistle and bird in a spring wreath! My husband and I both have Scottish heritage so I love thistle and this wreath was really enjoyable to make.


I also spotted these gorgeous “drying” slightly crushed, light blue roses. They are so realistic and romantic!


Gorgeous faux blue and purple shabby chic roses how to make a beautiful spring wreath

This darker blue variety with purple tips tied all the colors together. Whenever I am choosing flowers for a wreath I like to group them in a bouquet in the store to see how they will look together. If the bouquet looks pleasing then I know I have all the right combination of materials for my wreath.



Amazing colors in this spring bouquet thistle, blue roses, pussy willow in ironstone


Sometimes I won’t get around to actually making the wreath for a week or two, so I make a bouquet at home until I find time to make the wreath. I figure I might as well enjoy  all the pretty flowers instead of leaving them sitting in a bag in the craft room. I also kept my little bird in the spring bird vignette until I made the wreath.


Vintage farmhouse bird vignette ironstone birds eggs

Having my “wreath bouquet” on display ensures that I won’t forget that I am planning to make a wreath! I always have so many ideas and projects going on that I might forget otherwise! I only had this bouquet out for a few days however since I was excited to get started on this spring wreath.


Gorgeous shabby chic spring bouquet in an old ironstone pitcher with blue roses, thistle, and pussy willow displayed in an antique white chippy chair


Here’s what I used to make my Bonnie Blue Roses and Thistle spring wreath:

How to make a spring wreath grapevine wreath

I chose a medium grapevine wreath.

Gorgeous spring wreath tutorial using blue silk roses dried roses

Style tip: For a natural looking design use uneven placement of like flowers around the wreath.

I began by simply sticking the blue roses directly into the bottom center of the wreath and spreading the stems apart to opposite sides. I specifically wanted an uneven number of lighter blue roses on each side. I let the roses “ramble wildly” for a romantic, natural look.

How to make a beautiful spring wreath with blue color theme

Repeat the process in a different area, slightly off center using a similar flower in a different shade.

Style tip: Use several of the same kinds of faux flowers in the same color family that only differ by shade.

I had been wanting to use pussy willow in a spring wreath so this grayish blue color was perfect. I just cut off the shoots to fill in here and there all around the wreath.


Use pussy willow branches in spring wreaths and flower arrangements how to make a spring wreath

Here I began placing my thistle in the bottom center to “grow” up and through the roses. I used three separate stems each of which had three thistle blooms.


How to make a beautiful spring wreath grapevine wreath with blue roses, moss , thistle and pussy willow spring wreath

At this point I begin to use floral wire to secure the stems in place. Some of the branches fit so tightly in the wreath that they did not need to be wired. For the looser ones I cut a small piece of wire and tied any stray stems directly to the grapevine in inconspicuous places. I specifically let some of the thinner rose stems stick out to make the wreath seem fuller and more natural.


The best tools for flower arranging and wreath making

The wire can be easily cut with scissors but the thicker floral stems may require a wire cutting tool.


Wreath making craft supplies moss garland for wreaths and flower arrangements

There were still some bare areas around the bottom of the wreath so decided to use this mossy rope garland to break up any negative space. I wanted the natural woodsy look of some of the grapevine to still show, so the thin moss was a perfect solution.


Spring wreath tutuorial how to make a spring wreath with roses, moss and thistle

After wrapping the moss around loosely it was time for the last and most fun part, placing the little bird and mossy nest! I used hot glue to secure them in place.


Gorgeous spring wreath grapevine wreath how to make a spring wreath with thistle and moss

For the last step I glued four little speckled bird eggs in the nest.

I love how this wreath came together with the addition of the moss garland, mossy nest, little bird and eggs. The Celtic combo of the moss and thistle really is perfect for magical spring! I always name my wreaths for my Etsy shop so I thought “Bonnie Blue Roses and Thistle” seemed perfect.


Gorgeous spring wreath grapevine wreath with thistle and moss

This spring wreath looks so pretty hanging near a sunny window! The little bird matches so perfectly and seems  happy to be nesting in the foliage.


Bonnie Spring Wreath Thistle Blue Roses Moss and Grapevine Wreath

I prefer natural looking wreaths with a touch of romance and whimsy. I really like to use a bit of moss anytime I make a spring wreath. This one surely turned out the way I had hoped!

Here are a few more photos of the wreath hanging outside in the natural light. Today was a rainy, spring day. Kind of perfect for photographing a mossy Celtic spring wreath!


Spring wreath tutorial celtic wreath thistle, moss, pussy willow and blue roses


Gorgeous faux blue roses in a spring wreath. Learn how to make this gorgeous wreath here.

Seriously. These blue roses.


How to make a stunning spring wreath using thistle and moss

 I hope you have been inspired by this little wreath tutorial! All of the supplies I used for Bonnie Blue can be purchased at A.C. Moore. If you don’t have an A.C. Moore near you, you might be able to find similar materials at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. I have also posted some affiliate Amazon links below for you convenience. 

Have a bonnie spring!


Thank you for stopping by! If you are looking for inspiration, just follow the yellow brick home!

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  • Reply Nancy roberts

    Your wreath is simply beautiful! I love that you’ve got a Scottish theme with the thistle. I want to make something similar now and hope I can find some gorgeous flowers like yours. Glad to have found your blog. Thank you for visiting mine and commenting earlier.


    April 7, 2017 at 5:33 am
    • Reply Amber Lyon Ferguson

      Thanks for visiting Nancy! I believe our paths crossed before through blog parties when I blogged as Junkaholics Unanimous a few years ago! Currently that is my IG name but I am switching this week when I do my official blog launch. I have always loved your blog as I am very passionate about dishes. Looking forward to seeing more!

      April 7, 2017 at 2:37 pm
  • Reply Kathy A

    Gorgeous! I HATE thistles in real life as their roots go to China but I softened a bit when I found out how gold finches love the seeds. They were Queen Victoria’s favorite flower; I think that’s why I’ve seen so many on old glassware!

    May 9, 2018 at 2:48 pm
    • Reply Amber Lyon Ferguson

      Thank you Kathy! This thistle wreath is one of my favorites. Thanks so much for visiting today, I hope you will come back again soon!

      May 9, 2018 at 4:57 pm
  • Reply Jan-Marie Franco

    I love this wreath, been looking for the flowers everywhere but no luck. Your work is amazing.

    January 23, 2020 at 9:59 am
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