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Spring Gardening Dreams

Hello Spring! Today it was 80 degrees here in Eastern Kentucky and just a brief stroll around the yard had me dreaming spring gardening dreams! I am now ready to start making plans for some changes in the landscape that will take place later this spring and early summer. My thyme, oregano and mint is already growing rapidly and filling the March air with a delightful herbal fragrance. Even some of my succulents have survived one of the mildest winters we have had on record. There are a few daffodils left, and dainty grape hyacinths are popping up beside them too. Everything is greening up and gardening time will be here before we know it! I have some ideas for what I would like to change in the landscape this year but I thought it might be nice to take a look at some older pictures for inspiration.

summer gardening cottage gardens

Here is a picture from two years ago when we first moved in. The corner Annabelle Hydrangea was flourishing from late spring through July, but unfortunately aphids and fungus got the best of it. We treated it with a product recommended by our local extension office and it seemed to work for a while, but by fall of this past year it became evident that we would need to remove it this spring. I am not sure what will go in it’s place but we definitely want to keep the hollies and various liriope grasses. We also noticed that the landscape timbers the previous owners had used were beginning to rot and they will need to be replaced as well. With that in mind, the whole corner garden area by the front porch may change. Change is good!



When we bought our home we did not inherit many mature plants other than a few azaleas, hollies and grasses. We weren’t sure what we wanted as far as the landscaping was concerned, so for the past two years I have filled the space around the side and back yard with lots of potted herbs and flowers. I used shabby-chic and flea market style garden accessories to fill in sparse areas and add cottage charm. The large lilac also was affected by a fungus and we had to cut it down last fall, so that is a space that will need to be addressed. It is possible that most of this area will become a deck and court yard at some point in the future, so for now potted gardens work perfectly. They beautify the space without having a big investment in plants that will eventually need to be transplanted. I also have some health issues that prevent me from strenuous gardening, so potted gardens are a great way for me to continue spending time among the flowers.


spring gardening herb gardens potted herbsNow that I have been growing herbs in containers and pots for the past few years it has become my favorite way to herb garden. I love creating different combos of companion plants and experimenting with their contrasting foliage and scents. Here I used chives, basil, lemon thyme, and curry. I am getting excited just typing this post! Herb gardening is one of my great passions!


gardening french garden shabby chic herbs


organic herb gardening herbs curry potted herbs

The herb curry is not the same as the Indian spice, but it has a fabulous maple-curry spice smell and silver gray foliage. It is beautiful in mixed herb plantings but I have also combined it with annual plants such as licorice and dusty miller for stunning tone on tone design. I love to use whimsical little garden markers like this rusty “organic” stake. I do try to grow as many organic herbs as possible! Each year I add new varieties but curry is a tried and true favorite.



succulents succulent gardening fairy garden fairy gardens fairy gardening

In addition to herbs I have really enjoyed succulent gardening over the past few years. They are so interesting and easy to maintain. Last year I created a fairy succulent garden in an antique cast iron cauldron and I certainly plan to do it again this year.




french garden style cottage garden style gardening petunias spring gardening

For Mother’s Day my family always takes me to my favorite nursery to pick out a petunia basket or two. I use them to fill space in my herb gardens along with some shabby-french garden accessories. Oh how I love planting flowers!


flea market style flea market gardens gardening herb gardening

I grow almost as much junk as plants in my garden!


oregano herbs spring gardening potted herbs cottage gardensHere is a picture of my oregano from last year. I checked on this same pot today and it is already filling out. It is on it’s third year and I haven’t even changed the soil, but it will certainly need fresh soil soon. I did add some fertilizer periodically throughout the summer, so it just goes to show how well herbs will grow in pots with the right conditions. It won’t be much longer until real gardening begins in our area but until then I can start junkin’ for some more unique garden accessories, pots and vintage tools.

beautiful french cottage garden vignettes pots patina

I enjoyed sharing this little garden tour with you today! It has given me some things to dream about and plan out over the next few weeks. Even though spring is here I know that we will probably still have some colder weather, but I am definitely in a gardening mood now. Until I can really get outside and get going I can dream spring gardening dreams by creating little indoor garden vignettes with faux flowers, vintage garden tools and pretty pots.  Of course it will also be time to make sure all the petrol-powered grass trimmers, lawn mower and weed eaters are in working order. Cooler days of spring will be spent sipping tea and perusing some of my favorite magazines for garden inspiration. How about you? Are you ready for garden “thyme” too?


Thank you for stopping by! If you are looking for inspiration, just follow the yellow brick home!

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