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Reasons To Choose A Packaged HVAC System

Packaged HVAC System Why to choose a packaged HVAC system

Welcome back again to my Home Ownership 101 series. Today I am sharing a little more on the topic of HVAC and why it is beneficial to choose a packaged HVAC system if you are building or replacing your old system. If you are planning to repair an old house, you may want to replace the old and inefficient system with a modern unit. The packaged HVAC system is one of the options that you will find on the market. In a packaged unit, the heating and cooling systems sit together in a single cabinet.

Packaged units are much smaller than the split systems, and an excellent option for small spaces. Usually placed on the roof or along the foundation, you can have the packaged system installed without disrupting other activities around the house. Here are some of the other benefits of a packaged HVAC system.


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Better Quality Assurance

In a split system, the contractor’s skill will be put to the test, as the two units require a complex installation process. Some parts will be manufactured onsite, making it hard to coordinate the quality. Sometimes it may be hard to control the overall quality of the system because the condensing unit and evaporator coil came from different suppliers. On the other hand, you will receive a complete unit when you choose to choose the packaged system.

In a typical packaged system, all components have been factory-produced under tight quality guidelines and tested for performance.

Save on Space

When you have a small house, you will want to make good use of every inch of space. If your HVAC system takes up too much room, it becomes an annoying obstacle. Prepackaged systems are a great idea since everything goes in one place. You can have more room for new furniture as they free up the rest of the house for other uses.


Ideas to make more appealing entrance?



If the unit is placed in a visible area that detracts from your home’s curb appeal, consider purchasing or building a privacy screen and then landscape around the area.

Some things just should not be seen....and an air conditioner unit is one of them. Hide the ugly in your yard with a Wood Lattice Screen


The rooftop has been one of the commonly used installation points. It is the good option since you obviously won’t need this space use this space.

One of our rooftop installations. #HVAC



Save Costs

It takes several workers to install a split system, and this will raise your labor costs. Since it comes as a single unit, the prepackaged HVAC will be cheaper to install. It is also less expensive to maintain as all components accessible from one point. Many of these systems are manufactured for less than what it would have cost to produce two separate units.

If manufacturers pass on these benefits to the consumers, they will end up with a cheaper product on their shelves.


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Increased Efficiency

As one of the recent entrants into the HVAC industry, most prepackaged systems comply with modern energy efficiency requirements.  The season energy efficiency ratio, or SEER, is one of the measures used to check the energy-saving capability in HVAC systems. For instance, the older split systems have a SEER rating of about eight to 10.  Prepackaged systems, on the other hand, usually start from a SEER rating of around 13 to 16.

In some units, manufacturers usually take advantage of some of the built-in components to add extras like air purification.

Remember to Service Your Unit

A new HVAC system can make you feel as if you were living in your old house for the first time. However, it can easily break down from a poor maintenance routine. Rooftop units are much exposed to the elements and require servicing frequently. Remember to schedule a professional to service your packaged HVAC system.



I hope you have found this info on HVAC to be useful. If you aren’t looking to replace or install a new unit, it is still important to perform some regular DIY tasks to make sure your unit is working properly. We ended up having to replace our unit this summer with no warning which was not in our budget (right before vacation!) so I am going to be diligent about maintenance from now own. For more information check out my post, Five HVAC Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Yourself.


DIY HVAC maintenance and cleaning


Here’s to hoping your current HVAC continues to work properly and  you stay cool and comfortable for the rest of summer and warm and cozy as fall approaches!

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