Patriotic Porch Decor

Beautiful Patriotic Porch Decorating Ideas

Happy Fourth Of July! It’s been a busy week around the yellow brick home as we have been tackling some landscaping and exterior projects. I just had time TODAY to finish getting my patriotic porch all fixed up for the holiday. Even though it’s late I would love to share some of my fun holiday touches with you before the family heads out to watch some fireworks. Here’s a quick tour of my patriotic porch decor!

Gorgeous Flea Market Style Patriotic Porch Decor

Welcome to a music teacher-junker-decorator’s home! I must admit that as I was working on my patriotic porch decor I automatically hummed just about every John Phillip Sousa march and patriotic folk song ever written! After teaching music for 20 years there is a constant song playing in my head for every occasion!

Beautiful red, white, and blue decorating ideas

I have just enough time to show you all the decor in more detail before fireworks begin.

Beautiful Patriotic Floral arrangement with American Flags

This iron planter sits on my antique Singer sewing machine table year round and it’s a lot of fun to change seasonally. I have used some faux red geraniums, white bacopa and small teal flowers along with boxwood and thyme for my basic summer display. This week I simply added the flag roses and small flags for the holiday. I found the roses at the dollar store back in May and I knew they would be perfect to use for all of the patriotic holidays!

Pretty Fourth Of July Flower Arrangement with American Flag Roses

Beautiful Porch Decorating with Americana

Years ago I found this antique hand-stitched “My Country ‘Tis Of Thee” remnant at an estate sale. This winter I rediscovered it when I was cleaning the basement and I decided it was time to have it framed. I just love that I was able to preserve a true piece of Americana! I haven’t found a permanent spot for it yet, but for July it’s on display in the living room. I brought the picture and easel out to the porch today to greet guests and family. The sun was shining so it was hard to get a good photo, but at least you can see our flag bunting in the reflection which is kind of cool!

Festive Fireworks in Longeberger basket Patriotic Decor

Summer Decorating with croquet balls Patriotic Decorating Ideas

Our little scottie statue welcomes guests at the front door. He is all decked out for the fourth! I made him a little bandanna from a dollar store flag. His doggie dish, “Man’s Best Friend” was my first piece of McCoy pottery which started my collection. I found it at Court Days Antiques Festival in Mount Sterling, KY about 7 years ago. It was a steal at $5 due to a small crack in the back. I have filled it with some colorful croquet balls which are nearly 100 years old. They belonged to my great grandmother. I love using them in summer displays!

Beautiful Patriotic Decorating Ideas for front porch

Yesterday when I was cleaning out the basement getting ready for our yard sale, I spotted this chair which I have been storing until I could find a replacement for a missing spindle. I decided on a whim just to whitewash it and move it to the porch. Even though it’s missing a spindle, Uncle Sam covers it up just fine! I used it as a base to display this vignette with some patriotic primitives and some junk I had around the house. It was another one of those spur of the moment vignettes that turned out to be a favorite of mine!

Gorgeous Farmhouse Cottage Style American Patriotic Decor with Primitives and thrifted junk finds

When I was cleaning the basement I also spotted the cracker jack tin and thought it would make a great addition to an “All-American” display.  The wooden blocks calendar is a $1 yard sale find that I just picked up recently and I thought it would be a cute way to announce the special date. I filled a pretty blue bottle with a few bottle rockets, a patriotic pin wheel and a rustic American flag. I finished the vignette with a little Coca-Cola bottle magnet for more American summer flair! When you need a little vintage summer accent there’s “Always Coca-Cola!”

Vintage Cracker Jack Tin and Coca Cola decor Patriotic Decorating Ideas Fourth of July Decorating Ideas
The TNT”ground bloom flowers” are actually some of the fireworks that I picked out for tonight, but I am mostly looking forward to my absolute favorite…snakes. Yes, snakes are my favorite! Exciting I know, but since I was little they have always fascinated me and it just wouldn’t be the Fourth of July without them!

How to add Patriotic touches to your front porch using flea market finds

With the exception of the flowers and the metal and wood Hobby Lobby piece sitting behind the chair, everything here is thrifted junk. I really threw all of this together today and I love how it turned out. I will definitely be keeping most of my red, white, and blue patriotic porch decor for a couple more weeks since it’s so summery.

Patriotic Fourth Of July Decor Using Junk Finds Thrifted Washington DC vintage tray

Speaking of thrifted junk, this 1950’s souvenir tray was one of those finds that I almost talked myself out of because I didn’t “need” it. But, for .50 I just couldn’t resist it’s kitchsy charm. It sure makes a fun addition to my patriotic porch decor and I certainly am glad I didn’t pass it up! It looks pretty just stuck down in my flowers next to the the spiral boxwood topiary in a shabby blue urn.

Amazing Fourth Of July Porch Amerciana American Decor Patriotic Decorating Ideas

Display fireworks in a vintage Amercian Longeberger Basket

Well my friends, it’s almost dusk and I just managed to finish the post in time to share with you. I hope you enjoyed my patriotic porch decor!  Even though the Fourth of July will soon be over you can always pin away ideas for next year or even Labor Day! Now we are off to enjoy the festive fireworks and spend time with family and friends while celebrating our freedoms. I wish you and yours have a wonderful Fourth of July!

“From every mountain side, let freedom ring!”


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