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Natural Interior Design: Bring The Outdoors In

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Summer is coming and I am so happy to be able to work in my garden and have fresh herbs and flower bouquets around the house again. Who’s with me? Actually, do we really need to wait until the weather warms up to bring the outdoors in? Of course not! Any time is a good time to add vintage garden style or natural touches to our homes.  I love looking in magazines and Pinterest at bright, beautiful sun rooms and garden rooms that capture this aesthetic. Today I am sharing some inspiring photos as well as tips for natural interior design, regardless of the type of home you may have. *This post contains affiliate links.


Do you dream of a space that lifts your spirits and rejuvenates you?  Then you'll enjoy this collection of pretty sunrooms!


Let the sunshine in!

Have you ever been into a home that looks dark and dingy, or one that is only lit by artificial lighting? Compare that with homes that are wide and expansive with large ceilings, and plenty of natural light. The open and bright homes just seem to evoke a positive vibe and feel. You can hire an electrician or DIY any room with a beautiful light fixture to brighten things up on gloomy days. 


How to decorate a room with a vaulted or cathedral style ceiling. Decor, artwork and more



Last week I was over on Brooke Gianetti's blog, Velvet and Linen , admiring the beautiful job she and her architect husband, Steve Giane...


But what if your home is shady, like mine? While you can’t change the shape and layout of your home, you probably have more capacity to let more natural light in than you might realize. If your blinds are permanently pulled a quarter of the way down, then pull them up— notice at how much more light there is! If privacy is an issue you can install privacy window film that actually has a faux leaded glass, vintage look. Even soft sheers will add a touch of privacy but will still let light in. 



I am all over cafe curtains in sheer linen! Everyone has an iron window but me. Dang it. @ladisicfinehomes @rusticwhite @benjaminmoore White Dove. @lmarchitect @studioentourage #whitekitchen #ironwindows #sherryhartdesigns


Mirrors also reflect light and can even mimic a window.



Bunny Williams Transom Indoor/Outdoor Mirror


Ballard Designs

Style tip: Use beautiful mirrors around the house to make a space seem larger and brighter.


French doors opening onto a courtyard Garden style bringing the outdoors in


If you have the option to do so, adding French doors (or at least a glass storm door) to the back of your home which can open up into the garden would be ideal.  In the summer, it’s great to be able to let the outdoors in and create versatile living spaces. While it’s nice to bring some of the outdoor nature-decor vibes in, no one wants to deal with 95 degree humid summer air (or mosquitos!) Be sure to contact your local  air conditioning installers  to ensure that your unit is working so  you can stay cool, even on the hottest July and August days.



26 Charming And Inspiring Vintage Sunroom Décor Ideas | DigsDigs More


Add plants and greenery.

Plants are a great addition to any home! There is a story about a woman in New York who got rid of her roommate and replaced her with hundreds of plants! The result? A natural oasis, right in the heart of densely populated New York! Even with small spaces, there is always the capacity to incorporate natural interior design.

Plants and flowers are great for improving your mood and the air quality in your home too. You don’t have to buy hundreds, though, and you can even keep your roommates! When I used to think of houseplants, I had visions of tropical plants and vines taking over a room, and that didn’t appeal to me and my shabby chic cottage style. Now I realize that there are many other types of plants that will look beautiful in romantic, French Country or farmhouse style homes and they can even capture a European essence.

Beautiful sun room. I would fill this space with plants, vases and maybe a rug


How to Decorate your Kitchen With Herbs: 40+ Ideas


Herbs are lovely additions indoor, whether fresh or faux. Olive trees, succulents and delicate vining plants are perfect for adding natural touches as well.



A Fiddle Leaf Fig tree grows about 6 feet tall indoors – sometimes even taller! If you have the patience and a green thumb, you can save some cash and buy it as a baby fiddle. Just keep in mind, they are sometimes a little testy, so finding the right sun might be a trick. But this is one I will always have around. I love their big green leaves, and I especially appreciate that no two are just alike. | Joanna Gaines | Magnolia Market | Plants | Plant Lady | Indoor Plants | Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree |


One of the trendiest plants to use in home decor these days is the fiddle leaf fig, popularized by Joanna Gaines and her signature Fixer Upper Style.



Beautiful Foyer Ideas Fiddle Leaf fig wooden bench magnolia homes Joanna Gaines


Instantly refresh your dining room or kitchen with the Double-Wall Vase from Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia. In a cool sea green, this glass vase features a double-wall detail for eye-catching style you'll love to display. Add your favorite decorative filler, like artificial fruit or floral stems, or use it to display your sea glass or seashell collection. Celebrate the everyday with Hearth & Hand — created exclusively for Target in collaborati...

Hearth And Hand With Magnolia 

Natural Materials

Of course, you can’t just rely on plants and natural light to bring the outdoors in. To really give your home that natural feel, you’ll need to include natural materials.  Consider buying from an online furniture store that specializes in wooden furniture, and you’ll have a home that effortlessly reflects  natural interior design. Wicker is also a great way to add vintage outdoor style to your indoor space.


 rustic jute rug wicker chair


Black and White Beach Cottage Living Room....



Don’t stop with the furniture! When it comes to buying throws and blankets and rugs, keep the colors and textures as natural as possible.   Jute rugs are perfect for this aesthetic. 



Jute rug

Large covered basket for storage serves double duty as a side table simply by topping with a serving tray.


A woven throw, wicker trunk and rattan window shades are beautiful natural elements.


Green plant throw pillow cover adding natural style garden style

Choose linen textiles to add even more natural touches. Don’t have a green thumb? You can still add some green to your room with this cute plant throw pillow cover.


Subtle Extras

Many people decorate with store bought accessories around their home, but why not incorporate some of nature’s free gifts from the great outdoors? Instead of searching home decor stores for accessories, use pine cones, seashells, moss balls, antlers and other natural elements in vignettes or in a bowl as a centerpiece.

Gorgeous stack of vintage ironstone platters and seashells

Treasures Of The Sea


Bring a rustic outdoors look in by using an urn meant for outdoor use


Dried roses and fresh flowers add natural, romantic French Country garden style.

I have a freshly post on my blog. A sentimental mantel styling involving a few pieces of vintage China that I inherited from my grandmother. #alaska #anchorage #cottagestyle #cottage #frenchcountrycottage #frenchcottagestyle #grandmaschina #instadaily #photostyling #photography #reinventedcollection #vintagelaceandroses #vintagelaceandroses #vintage #akstylist #reinventedco

Beautiful Summer Vignette via Reinvented Collection

Using these items will give your home a subtle natural edge and you can change them seasonally.



Artwork and Other Accessories

Once you have your natural touches in place, bring the outdoors in through art and other accessories. Hang a beautiful landscape or nautical painting above the mantel. Aside from providing crucial focal points for your rooms, they’ll help to connect your home to the wider world. A gallery of vintage floral prints and paintings can also be stunning. 



love to fill up a wall and room with great stuff....


Love vintage paintings hung in the kitchen



Vintage botanical and animal prints are lovely for bringing the outdoors in, and can also be easily changed with the seasons.

Round Framed Vintage Inspired Backyard Bird Prints, Set of 8

Antique Farmhouse


Framed Cottage Botanicals, Set of 4

Antique Farmhouse



Never Enough Thyme Wall Art

Antique Farmhouse

Don’t forgot all of the cute vintage garden themed items that you can use to bring the outdoors in too. Search yard sales, vintage markets and antiques shops for old buckets, flower frogs, vintage tools and seed packets to add garden style indoors.



As you can see, it is easy to bring the outdoors in even if you don’t have a large, open garden room or lots of light. A natural, outdoor aesthetic promotes positive feelings and a refreshing look even in the winter months. By following these suggestions for bringing the outdoors in you can easily achieve natural interior design. I am certainly ready to add some green to the decor! How about you?



natural interior design bring the outdoors in


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    I love natural light and how it can change the atmosphere of a room. Flowers are also a nice way to bring the outdoors in, my aunt used to have fresh flowers on her dining room table all the time. I’ve tried to start buying a bouquet each week when I’m out and about.

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    • Reply Amber Lyon Ferguson

      Thanks Cindy! Grrrrr, I have a mold allergy and even a little potting soil inside can aggravate me or I would have many plants inside. But I am still absolutely passionate about herbs and keep them right outside the kitchen. I have found some really amazing faux herbs though, and I diffuse my rosemary essential oils and cook with fresh herbs to get my fix! Thanks for visiting today!

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    Wow my eyes are popping out at all the eye candy here! And I can’t wait for spring either – we’ve had mild weather here in NorCal this week, so I took advantage of it to get our yard cleaned up in anticipation of herbs, veggies and flowers!

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      Herbs…be still my heart! I was just looking around the garden yesterday and making some mental notes of how I want to arrange my potted herb garden this year. I can’t wait! Thanks for visiting Michelle!

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    I definitely love bringing the outdoors in and the more sunshine the better! I’m so anxious for spring. It was unusually warm today and I worked out in the front beds. Just love getting my hands in that dirt! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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    Great post! Love the part about plants around the house. They really do make all of the difference. Next on my list? Try a fiddle leaf fig. Wonder if they are temperamental??
    Loved your tips here

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    The rooms that you have highlighted are just fantastic. We added Frech doors in our kitchen and we love to keep them open so that the indoor and outdoors are seamless.

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    What beautiful homes! I love the suggestion of adding mirrors and plants.

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