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Summer is almost here and I haven’t really even gotten around to doing all of my spring cleaning yet! Now that the One Room Challenge is over I can concentrate on doing some deep cleaning and purging for our yard sale in two weeks. The house seems disheveled in general from the craziness of the Basement teen Bonus Room Makeover, so this week I am concentrating on doing some basic cleaning and tidying up. I thought I would just share a quick post of the few products I can’t live without when it comes to daily cleaning and deep cleaning. I am also including some links to posts to check out with great cleaning tips. *This post contains affiliate links.




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When it comes to cleaning floors I really love my Swiffer. I think it is  so easy to use and the dry pads really pick up a lot of dirt off the floor.

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Due to arthritis pain it is sometimes hard for me to get down and sweep up piles of dirt, so I have been thinking of purchasing a Roomba to help keep the floors clean too. Do you have a Roomba? I would love to have some feedback about how well they work.




Shop-Vac 1.5gal 2.0 Peak HP Portable - Red

For really deep cleaning once or twice a month I use my small, light weight Shop Vac to go along baseboards, inside lower kitchen cabinets, under appliances, on the stairs, and to suck up any cobwebs in corners. Using the Shop Vac is one of my number one cleaning hacks! To know more about electric power washers/cleaners, continue reading.



It's so easy to make your own swiffer wet pads with 3 simple ingredients. Say no nasty chemicals found in the store bought version!

Happy Money Saver

For mopping I use the Gain scented Swiffer wet pads but I usually also spray down the floor with a mixture of vinegar and dawn. To save money I think I am going to try to start making my own wet pads.



1 cup Water 1/4 cup White Vinegar 2 to 3 drops Dawn Dish Soap Empty Spray Bottle

The Frugal Navy Wife

I have been using vinegar and Dawn as my primary non-toxic cleaner for everything from kitchen counters to toilets over the past few years. A little bit of vinegar and Dawn goes a long way. To be honest I have tried using generic Dawn or other brands of dish detergent mixed with the vinegar but for some reason it doesn’t seem to work as well.  It is also very effective for cleaning off stuck on food and grime from the tops of gas ranges and the grills.


This miracle shower and bathtub cleaner is made from two simple ingredients: white vinegar and Blue Dawn dishwashing liquid. It does a great job on bathroom faucets and soap scum on shower doors! #cleaning #cleaningtips #cleaninghacks #creativehomemaking

I was skeptical when I first tried the Dawn and vinegar mixture on the bathtub and tile, but it worked! I did find that  the Dawn left the tub a little slippery so I had to rinse it several times to get rid of any residue. There really wasn’t much scrubbing and the soap scum wiped right away after letting the mixture sit in the tub for a few minutes.  After using this DIY cleaner the tub will be so clean you will be able to relax in a nice bath with your favorite book, or if you prefer you can even install a waterproof tv in your bathroom these days. (For even less interruptions to your luxurious bath you can add a Ring app to your smart phone check who is at the door if the door bell rings. No need to rush out of the bath to see who is at the door anymore!)



I also use vinegar to clean the microwave and it is amazing! I add a little bit of essential orange oil and it works like magic. Check out my post, How To Clean and Microwave and Sink in Five Minutes to see how.



Meyers clean day...radish...smells like a garden, cleans like the dickens


In addition to Vinegar and Dawn I also LOVE all of the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products! My absolute favorite scent is Radish which was new this spring. I love using it for counter tops in the kitchen and to spray off the dining room and kitchen table. It leaves the most wonderfully fresh scent all through the house! There are so many other great scents to choose from, (I also love the lavender) and you can even sign up for monthly shipping and recieve a FREE GIFT!


mrs myers radish - Google Search



These Magic Eraser Hacks are great for projects around your home. Check out all the mind blowing ways you can use a Magic Eraser!

Organization Obsessed

Last but certainly not least is a Magic Eraser! I use Magic Erasers all the time, especially for cleaning off the doors of the kitchen cabinets and wiping down the inside of the fridge. The post above has lots of other cool tips for using Magic Erasers.


These are just a few of my favorite daily cleaning products and hacks, and now it’s time to get to work on cleaning the house! With my summer home tour coming up in just a couple of weeks, I really need to start packing away the spring decor and start adding a few summer touches, but I just really want to give the house a good cleaning before I do any decorating.

What are your favorite cleaning products or hacks? I love hearing from you, dear readers!

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