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It’s Moving Day! Easy Ways To Make It A Success

Tips for moving How to make moving day a success

All the paperwork signed, everything is packed…it’s moving day! The frantic actions of moving trigger thoughts of the Home Alone movie scene when the family wakes up late and pandemonium ensues! You may not be this disorganized, but even still, you never know when you’re going to be confronted with a challenging situation. Having moved several times, I have learned a thing or two about the importance of an organized moving day.



It’s always a good idea to hire a professional Moving Company.  to cut down on physical and emotional stress. Still   moving day can still be so overwhelming that you may find yourself standing around because you just don’t know where to begin. By planning ahead you can really cut down on the amount of chaos and wasted time and lower the possibility of accidents. Here are some easy ways to make your moving day a success! *This post contains affiliate links and/or sponsored content.


 Make a packing list

Moving can be overwhelming, so it’s essential to list everything you need to pack before you start. This will help you stay organized and ensure that you don’t forget anything important. Include items like clothes, toiletries, bedding, kitchenware, and any other essentials.


Arrange for storage

If you’re not moving into your new home right away, you may need to arrange for storage. This is especially important if you’re traveling a long distance or if you have large items that won’t fit in your car.  There are many storage options available, so choose one that’s right for you. Make sure to research the different options and find a storage facility that’s close to your new home.


Don’t skip breakfast!

Nutritious breakfast moving day tips


It can be tempting to get up, grab a cup of coffee and start loading boxes on moving day. You are excited about your move, and you may only have a day or two off work to do it. In this rush you may not even stop to eat breakfast. You might be nervous and not have much of an appetite, but it is absolutely essential that you and your family members start the day off with the fuel you need to keep going. Moving is emotional and physically draining and can really wear you down, so make sure to give your body the nutrition it needs.


Pack lunch and snack foods ahead of time.

Healthy Veggie Wraps Nutritious Lunch Moving Day Tips


Make up some breakfast, lunch, and snacks that are readily available for you to just grab and go. It is important on such a big day to eat properly so you are giving yourself enough energy to get everything done.  Depending on the location and time schedule of your move, you might not have the opportunity to stop and eat a big meal. Children will especially enjoy having something to snack on.



The best cooler on the market! Yeti cooler Yeti Hopper great for those with food allergies who need to pack their own meals.

Yeti Cooler

If you have a Yeti Cooler, you can even pack veggie or meat sandwiches or even chicken salads in containers several days before and they will stay cold and be safe to eat. My family has multi-food allergies, so finding a place to eat while on a road trip can be nearly impossible. Our Yeti has been an amazing investment! Now we just load it up with food prepared ahead of time. Power-packed wraps are super easy and filling! Just grab your Yeti and you’re off!



Assign tasks to family members.

Moving Day Tips Assigning Tasks


Whether you are a single person, a couple, or a family of twelve, there are certain moving day jobs that anyone can do, even if you have hired a moving company. Some of these jobs will actually come in the day or two before the move. If ever there was a time when you must showcase your family cohesion skills, the day you pick up your life and move is definitely it. Give your family goals to achieve so no one is left out and spare hands aren’t idling by (texting) as everyone else does the heavy lifting.



Moving Day Tips small wooden box for valuables



Adults can be sure that all family heirlooms and important personal papers and documents are securely packaged, clearly labeled, “IMPORTANT’ and packed in a special place. After moving several times, I have found that it is better to keep all paperwork such as birth certificates, tax forms, current bills, etc. in a box or container in whatever vehicle you will be driving if you have hired movers. No matter how professional a moving company is, if your child’s baby book is lost, there is no replacing it. Be proactive and keep those irreplaceable or financial items with you at all times until you are in your new home.



Make sure that any boxes that contain items such as these are moved into the house first and put in a designated place where they will not be lost. Jewelry, valuables, savings bonds, etc. should be securely locked up as well. Another important tip: When you’re packing away your items, don’t put them in trash bags or anything that resembles something you’d usually throw out. Don’t even get tempted when it comes to your clothing and opt to put these in a suitcase or box. By putting stuff into trash bags, you’ll forget what bin bags are full of your belongings and what is rubbish to throw out.



Moving Day Tips Teenager Jobs

Teenagers can be a big help! Not only can they help pack and unpack but they can also make sure things go smoothly on moving day. While you are getting things started with the movers or loading up the trucks, have them walk around the property to check in all the landscaping and along property lines for any gardening tools, pots, children’s toys or sporting equipment that may have been overlooked.




Tips for moving day


Moving with children can be challenging. They’re leaving their neighborhood friends and possibly even their school and family if you’re moving far. Giving them small tasks or little goals to reach may redirect their sadness into something positive to focus on. For example, assign little jobs such as putting their toys into boxes, putting the family shoes into separate boxes and maybe even wrapping up forks and spoons. Kids still need to play however. This is especially important if you plan to put their toys in a storage moving container . Let them choose a couple to keep with them so that they don’t feel insecure.


Moving can be tough on kids so keep them active and make them feel as if they’re a welcome part of the team and their help is appreciated.  Additionally you might want to encourage them to discuss their worries. If you notice that your children are a little apprehensive or withdrawn over the whole idea of moving, ask them to talk to you about their specific worries.


Cleaning Thoroughly

Leaving the house in a clean and tidy state is proper moving etiquette. Being so busy during the moving period is another reason why it may be a good choice to get help from a professional cleaning service


Tips for the cross-country haul:

Chances are if you are moving to a new area, or are relocating to a new rental, you probably have been there a few times already. But if you are traveling far, particularly cross country, it is a good idea to study your route and be prepared for alternate routes. Sure, most everyone now has GPS or Siri on their phones, but sometimes, they just don’t account for a large pine tree that has fallen in the middle of the road! Technology can also be fickle, so it’s a better idea to familiarize yourself with various ways to get to your new home. Be sure to have a real map, or several, so you don’t find yourself 3 hours away in the opposite direction of where you are headed. Been there. Done that.


Moving Day Tips Know Your Route



Moving Day Tips Have A Schedule


Also, if you’re going to be moving far, you need to make sure to hire a professional moving company   that knows a thing or to about packaging. They’ll bring with them their own packing equipment if they see you don’t have the sufficient protection for your possessions available. Try to book residential movers as early on as possible and make sure you’ve got the best company for what you require.


 If you are really concerned about collectibles and breakables, be sure you have packed them yourself instead of relying on the moving company. I highly recommend Duck Brand bubble wrap. Don’t make the mistake of thinking newspapers will protect your treasures. Been there…done that!

Moving tips Use Bubble Wrap

They’ll also make sure how they load the truck doesn’t put any of your items in the way of harm. Strapping down the heavier items such as cabinets and drawers will keep them from falling and crushing your other things too. A good moving company will keep all this in mind.


Get some good rest the night before.

Moving Day Tips Getting Rest


Chances are you will be full of excitement and maybe a little nervous the night before a move. Hopefully if you have been preparing for weeks, everything will be set and ready to go. It is very important that you get a good night’s sleep so that you will be on your best game the next morning. Moving day is an exciting and busy day and you will need the stamina to keep going.  Be sure to take care of yourself and go to bed at a decent hour the night before, no matter what little tasks remain. 

*Just a note: Leaving the house in a clean and tidy state is proper moving etiquette. Being so busy during the moving period is another reason why it may be a good choice to get help from a professional cleaning service

5 Tips To make moving less stresful

I hope these tips will help you as you prepare for your moving day. If you are looking for other tips to make moving day less stressful, don’t miss my post Smooth Moves: How To Make Moving Less Stressful.

I wish you the best of luck on your new adventure to home!


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