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How Your Bedroom Design Can Affect Your Overall Health


While we often think of style and comfort when desigining the perfect bedroom, it is also important to consider how bedroom design can affect your overall health. Sleeping in a cluttered and uninspired bedroom can actually cause you stress. Sleep patterns affect our productivity, and so does sleeping environment. Remember that your sleep health is highly dependent on the kind of environment you sleep in. More important than the interior design of the bedroom is that it should be healthy. The good news is that there are various source of inspiration for your bedroom design that can help create a bedroom that is beautiful and healthy at the same time. *This post contains affiliate/and or sponsored links.


Create a calm and natural bedroom using biophilic design strategies to sleep better at night naturally. Click through to get 8 tips for a natural bedroom design for better will also improve the indoor air quality and help lower your stress. Make your bedroom a bedroom sanctuary.#bedroomoasis #bedroomdesign #healthyhome #ecofriendlyliving

Balanced Home Balanced Life

Bedroom design is essential for our overall health. For instance, you can’t ensure a healthy lifestyle without adequate sleep. Similarly, you can’t sleep well unless you’re okay with your bedroom design.



Here are some design ideas that impact your overall health:



  • A Good Mattress Helps You Sleep Better



You need to start with your bed and the mattress choice.  For instance, if you are a restless sleeper or you snore, you need to opt for a suitable mattress from a wide variety of beds available. You can check them out on, where you’ll find a mattress for every kind of need. From migraines to leg syndromes, you name the problem, and there’s a mattress for that.


Tips for choosing the perfect mattress - how to buy a mattress - mattress shopping tips - what to look for in a mattress

Chandliers and Champagne




  • Right Choice of Colors Can Release Your Stress


Colors have been associated with our mental health since the beginning of the times. Calming rooms can relieve stress, boost moods  or simply be comforting. 


Need a relaxing paint color for your bedroom? Check out these 6 beautiful paint colors perfect for a creating a calming bedroom atmosphere #paintcolors #bedrooms #home #diy


Before you grab a paint brush, get to know the colors and their subsequent impact. For example, yellow is thought to promote cheerfulness, blue is to calm yourself, green represents balance and harmony, and red discharges energy. Neutral colors or soft blues are probably the best choice bedrooms since they are the least distractng.


Bedroom is the place where we can be our own selves without any inhibitions any more. Decorate it well with bedroom furniture ideas. #bedroom colour ideas #bedroomdesign #bedroomFurniture





  • Make Use of Artificial Light to Boost Mood

Have you ever considered the impact of artificial lighting on your mental health? Good lighting can brighten up your mood. Our melatonin levels fall during early morning hours and rise as darkness falls. While our body carries out this natural process too much artificial light can disrupt our body’s internal clock. For more information on factors that affect mental health click here.


The farmhouse style is such a cozy, and homey trend style, like this lovely amazingly decorated bedroom with grey, white, and beige shades. Such a spacious bedroom, full of charm, and majestic. A very wide space at foot of the bed, to place a small living room, and a drawer cabinet. Our amazing chandelier is the main character in this look, it provides the marvelous touch, to make this bedroom look exactly what everybody deserves, and dreams about!


While the natural light during the day can make you feel relaxed, ensure that your bedroom’s lighting arrangements are adjustable so you can tone down the light in the evenings. For more help on with finding ways to deal with anxietclick here.





  • Reduce the Number of Electronics

Make sure your internet device or Wi-Fi is located outside the bedroom. It’s wise to declare your bedroom as a no Wi-Fi zone. Getting rid of unnecessary electronic items is more beneficial for the bedroom because they lead to stimulation and stress. For instance, if you’re lying on your bed and about to sleep, you’ll be disturbed from text messages, calls, emails etc. It won’t allow your mind and body to rest, which is perhaps the goal of a bedroom.


Want to be healthier, sleep better, and improve your family relationships? Try instituting a no-phones-in-the-bedroom rule. Find out how much better off you and your family will be when you stop sleeping with your phone.


You need an uninterrupted sleep. Otherwise, no matter how many cups of coffee you take, you’ll feel restless throughout the day. To ensure that, you can soundproof your bedroom, insulate the floor, get curtains with adequate blinds. It’s best to relegate televisions, computers and other tech equipment to other areas of the home.



  • Declutter Your Bedroom and Your Mind


If your bedroom is messy, you’re probably messing up your sleep as well. Therefore, choose a bedroom with appropriate storage space and work out a way to declutter every week or at least every month. The neater and tidier your bedroom is, the more clear-headed you will feel. 


Transform Your Bedroom Into A Haven ~ 28 Day Declutter Challenge ~ Life Beyond the Kitchen

Life Beyond The Kitchen

Decluttering is not only restricted to the physical space of your bedroom, but it also triggers a sense of confidence and competence. It encourages you to get organized and makes you feel energized, which is essential for your overall health.




  • Consider Indoor Plants 

Remember the greener your bedroom is, the calmer you are. And what better way to green zone your bedroom other than plants? 


Added some greenery to our bedroom thanks to the @1800flowers Plant Shop. My favorite addition? This Majesty Palm! Check out the selection of plants on the Plant Shop! #sponsored #mademesmile #apartmenttherapy #homedecor #bedroomdecor #bedroomgoals #bohodecor #bohemiandecor #sodomino #houseplants



There are plants that help purify the air, which is great for those with asthma or allergies.


Best bedroom plants to help you breathe better while you sleep at night!






Dreamy Bedroom Inspiration Shabby Chic and Cottage Style Bedrooms
Making your bedroom healthy is not only about how well you sleep, but it’s also to make you feel at ease and elevate your overall health.  However, this doesn’t mean that you need a sterile sleeping environment without any beauty or style. Check out my Dreamy Bedroom Inspiration post for some gorgeous bedroom inspiration to help you get started on the bedroom design of your dreams.


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