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How to Use Spring Cleaning as a DIY Opportunity

spring cleaning


There’s nothing like a good spring cleaning to help you feel organized, and if you’re stuck at home, there’s never been a more opportune time. Getting your home clean, decluttered, and in order can uplift your space, making you feel more comfortable, calm and satisfied. *This post contains affiliate links.

Paisley and Sparrow

But spring cleaning should be more than just getting rid of junk. It’s time to really deep clean hard to reach areas in a home,  Consider cleaning out the fridge and stove, and don’t forget the importance of on emptying your drain properly  on a regular basis.



Clear up (and identify) Cool New Spaces

Spring is the perfect opportunity for trying some DIY ideas at home. By the time you’re done, your home decor will look new and refreshing. If you have been living in a home for a long period of time, you have probably gathered a lot of junk that takes up space. It may be stuffed into a small storage room, or sit under a desk in your office or bedroom. Some of it is probably taking up precious shelf space.


Craft Room Makeover Before and After

Craving Some Creativity

Clear out these spaces and you will find ample opportunities for DIY interiors. A storage room can be so much more – it can be the perfect space to bring out your creativity. If you have neutral walls throughout your home, why not try out a different color scheme in your DIY space? If excess storage is preventing you from turning an unused room into usable space, there is always the option of self storage rentals.


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Simply Laura Leigh

By clearing out junk, you will also find more space for trinkets you actually want. Sentimentality isn’t a bad thing, but it should not prevent you from giving your shelves and counters a fresh aesthetic. It is also better for your health, as reducing clutter will help reduce indoor allergens. You can also keep dust at bay with an indoor air quality device.  In addition, purging junk will allow you to look for any bug problems you may have missed such as ants or roaches. If you come across bed bugs you need to get in touch with a company that deals with bed bug removal as soon as possible.



When you’re clearing out your junk, do not simply throw it all away. It is crucial that you stay away from hoarding, and so you should try not to let excessive caution to prevent you from throwing useless stuff out. However, there will be plenty of items that you can use for upcycling.


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The Cottage Market

Upcycling is one of the best forms of DIY. It refers to taking something you no longer need and turning it into a piece of decor or even something useful. An old ladder can become a perfect planter for your garden. Disused containers can become rustic vases. Let your imagination run wild. You have nothing to lose, considering you would otherwise throw this stuff away.


Clothing Adjustments

Your wardrobe should be an important part of your spring cleaning. There are probably items of clothing you haven’t worn in months or years that you no longer need to hang onto. Some of them can be donated, but others you might use as an opportunity to create your own aesthetic.


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DIY Passion

Patch up ripped jeans with interesting materials to give them new life. You can even sew multiple pieces of clothes together if you are able to envision fashion particularly well. I have seen items like that being sold for hundreds of dollars by major fashion labels – there’s no reason you need a big name to do it. The best thing about fashion is that it can express your creativity. Take that to the next level by actually using your creativity in the design process when you have nothing to lose.




Spring cleaning is the perfect time for some impromptu DIY work. You will end up with a tidy house, and possibly some fresh decor and fashion. If you are feeling overwhelmed or have physical limitations that make cleaning difficult, , consider hiring a cleaning service to do the work for you.

Have you been able to get any major spring cleaning accomplished recently? I love hearing from you, dear readers! 

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