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How to Save Money on Summer Electricity Bills

reduce summer electricity bills

Summer is here and that means higher energy costs as we all crank up the AC to stay cool. During the summer utility bills always seem to be higher, so I have been researching ways to reduce our summer electricy bills. Here are three easy ways I have found save money on electricity bills during the summer. *This post may contain affiliate and/or sponsored links.


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1. Shop Around For the Best Electricity Retailer

Back to Basics

Before discussing ways to save money on electric bills this summer, it can be helpful to understand how the electricty market works so that we can make an informed decisions on choosing the best electric company or retailer. Firstly, when electricity is generated at the power plants, the electricity retailers would undergo bidding in order to obtain and sell the electricity generated. When their bid is successful, the power would then be transferred from the power plant to the company to supply to the consumers. 


In order to prevent the overcharging of electricity consumption, the Energy Market Authority (EMA) sets a tariff that undergoes revision every quarterly and takes into account two sections which are the fuel and nonfuel cost. The fuel cost refers to the cost of the natural gas in the previous quarter while the nonfuel section refers to the cost incurred to keep the infrastructure in place such as the electricity meters which are found in every house.


To provide consumers with more choice and liberty, EMA sets to open up the electricity market to allow each household to choose and engage with other electrical retailers which they prefer. There are many electricity retail companies to choose from such as Diamond Electric or iSwitch, where every company provides different rates and offers for you to choose the one best suited to your home usage. Make sure to check out the different packages to ensure that you can get the best and most cost-efficient rates available. If you do not wish to go through the trouble of selecting and filtering through the different packages, you can always rely on the SP Group to provide the same services as before. Learn more about sp group electricity tariff here.


2. Make Sure Your Windows Are  Energy Effecient

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One of the easiest approaches to cut down on unnecessary energy loss in the home is to install energy effecient windows. Old windows may be charming to look at, but you will lose lots of cool air in the summer and warm air in the window through old, drafty windows, resulting in higher electricity bills. If you can’t afford new windows, you can still reduce energy bills by caulking around the edges or using energy efficient window treatements such as drapes or blinds that filter UV light.


Your windows might be your favorite part of your home. But, when you realize just how much heat is escaping through them during the winter, you may want to sit down. Never fear! You can greatly increase the efficiency of a window system by adjusting the design of the curtains, aka using a pelmet box.



3. Install a Programmable Thermostat

You can also reduce your electricity bills simply by installing a programmable thermostat. By being able to program your temperature preferences while away from the property, you can reduce energy consumption and energy costs, especially if you have proper insulation in the home. 


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Don’t let summer heat drain all your energy, and don’t let summer electricity bills drain your bank account. Follow these three easy tips for reducing electricty bills so that you can spend a little money on summer activities you actually enjoy!


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Have a great summer!


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