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How to Mix Elegant and Rustic Decor

One of the first things people always ask when they see my decor is “How do you mix so many style and keep everything looking so coordinated?” I always tell them that I just follow my heart and surround myself with things I love. Often times I will decorate with a theme or style, such as vintage cottage garden or French Country style, but there is always a mix of elegant and rustic decor. If you are just getting started on decorating your first home or if you want to do an interior design refresh, it is helpful to have some sort of theme or design sytle. *This post contains affiliate and/or sponsored links.


Great tips on how to find your own decorating style. How to Decorate for the DIY'er series.


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For example, you could choose to use decor with an elegant vibe or decor that feels a little more rustic. If you are drawn to multiple decor styles, and you want to mix and match the pieces that you love, these are a few things you should keep in mind. You can also visit SPFC for other details.


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Make Sure Your Pieces Fall Within the Same Color Palette 

If you use an elegant cherrywood table and a rustic white bookshelf in the same room, it’s likely that those two pieces will clash. However, if you use an elegant piece of white furniture and some rustic white furnishings, everything will look more consistent. 

Modern Farmhouse Living Room - White Painted Beams - Home Decor - Interior Design - White couches living room

Farmhouse Living

Not everything in your room needs to match perfectly, but you should try to pick pieces that will complement each other. Having a general color palette in mind will allow you to create a cohesive design. If you want to go bold in your bedroom for example, you can choose interesting artwork, pillows or new bedding to give your room interest without clashing with the overall look.



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The Crowned Goat

Wall treatments such as shiplap, board and batten, bead board and tongue and groove can give any room a more rustic an elegant look.  In 2020 alone, the wall covering market was valued above 30 billion dollars, proof that this decorating trend is extremely popular. If you can’t afford real wood wall treatments, check out for faux options.


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For an extra stylish accent, consider rustic wall decals. There is art to fixing wall decals, so you will want to measure properly, use a level and have patience to achieve a professional look.


Consider Accent Pieces 

If you already have a lot of elegant furniture pieces but are drawn to rustic home decor, you do not need to replace all of the furniture that you already own. Instead, you can showcase your love of rustic design by adding a few accent pieces into your home. 


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Rugs throw pillows and throw blankets do not have to be expensive, and they’re an easy way to change the look and feel of a room. This is a wonderful way for you to get the kind of decor that you want without making a big investment. Doan’t forget that plants bring color and life to any space. Try pothos, english ivy or herbs in the kitchen or even bonsai Treesf or rooms with boho or minimalist schemes.


Savvy Southern Style : Spring Tour in the Sun Room

Savvy Southern Style

Look for Sources Of Inspiration 

If you cannot figure out how to pair different pieces together, you should specifically seek out sources of inspiration. See how other designers have combined rustic and more elegant styles. This should give you a better idea of what you can do in your own home. 


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Setting for Four

There are plenty of sources of inspiration out there, from blog posts, to decorating books, to magazines. You can even find beautiful decor ideas on social media. Do not be afraid to imitate at what other people have done with their homes, but don’t “copy” someone else’s style exactly. You can use their inspiration and come up with a decor solution that is uniquely your own. 



Don’t Use Too Many Stand-Out Pieces in The Same Room 

If you are struggling to combine the elements of rustic and elegant home decor, the problem may be with the pieces that you are choosing to use. Gallery walls are all the rage, but items must be selected carefully to keep a wall from looking cluttered. 


How To Create An Easy Gallery Wall! - Cotton Stem


If you are using more than one statement piece in the same room, it is only natural that those pieces would wind up competing. Try to limit yourself to using just one statement piece in a room. As the old saying goes, less is more. When you use fewer stand-out pieces, it will be easier for you to create a beautiful living space. 




Keep It Simple 

It’s easy to get carried away when you’re decorating. If you have a lot of ideas, you may be tempted to use every one of those ideas. However, if you use too many decor pieces in one room, the space could wind up looking overwhelming. 


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Try to limit yourself when you are decorating your space. If you try to use too much in one room, no one will be able to see signs or rustic or elegant design. They will only see clutter. You do not have to take a minimalist approach, but you should be wary of doing too much. If you want to make a statement while keeping things uncluttered, think about lighting. Murano Glass Chandeliers add a sense of class and beautiful decoration without being oppressive or overbearing.


Take Advantage of Thrift Stores 

Budget concerns are an issue for many people that are trying to decorate their homes. After all, the average person cannot afford to spend a lot of money decorating their home. The easiest way to get the look you want for less is to buy pieces at thrift stores.

Great to look through. Should try decor tab.


At these stores, you will find all kinds of elegant and rustic home decor pieces and artwork. More importantly, you’ll be able to get these pieces at a deeply discounted price. Buying used furniture and home decor is one of the best ways to stretch a limited budget. 


Take Your Time 

You do not have to completely transform a room overnight. It is okay to do things little by little. You can keep on adding new decor pieces or invest in new furniture as time goes on. You shouldn’t feel like you need to make your home look like it belongs in a magazine overnight. Give yourself enough time to create the look that you want. Sometime all you need is a  fresh lick of paint to get started!


Summer Decorating with Flowers and Vintage Finds

Try to think of your home as a work in progress. If it does not look the way you want it to look right now, keep a watchful eye out for pieces that are in line with your tastes. 




Mixing elegant and rustic decor might seem challenging, but it’s much easier than you think. Even if you’re not an interior design expert, you should be able to find an appealing way to decorate your home and make it feel more like your own. 

Best of luck on your decorating adventures!


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