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Home Ownership 101: Replacing Your Garage Door

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Hello readers and welcome back for another post in my Home Ownership 101 Series. Spring is here and that means it’s time to tackle some of those outdoor home and garden or curb appeal projects on your list. If you have a garage it is important that you pay attention to it as well, so that it stays clean, organized and well-maintained. Sometimes it’s also necessary to make repairs to your garage door, especially if you are looking to improve your home’s curb appeal or want to put your home on the market.*This post contains affiliate and/or sponsored links.


Springs are necessary for garage doors to improve their function. The large springs make it easy for you to close and open the door properly. These springs are responsible for counteracting the gravity force on the door and making them light. Two types of springs are available in the market: extension springs and torsion springs. [...] The post Common Problems with the Spring of Garage Doors appeared first on Handyman tips.


Torsion Springs have a Life Cycle

One possible potential issue you may encounter is a broken garage door torsion spring. Your garage door torsion springs come with a life cycle rating. This means that the manufacturers have calculated the number of times that the torsion springs would function effectively before they break.  Garage doors may come with a single torsion spring. However, many garage doors are fitted with a pair of torsion springs. These torsion springs may or may not come with the same dimensions, although many standard garage doors are fitted with torsion springs of similar dimensions. This is done so that both springs wear-out at more or less the same pace. So if you ever experience one torsion spring failure, the failure of the second torsion spring may not be too far behind. 


Change the Two Torsion Springs and Not One

If you want to save yourself stress, time and money, you should replace the pair of torsion springs even when only one torsion spring has failed. As mentioned before, the life cycle of your installed torsion springs are practically the same, so when one breaks, the other is likely to break soon.


In the event of a torsion spring break, you should save money in garage door torsion spring replacement costs by changing both torsion springs once and for all. It is possible that the two torsion springs in your garage door have different dimensions and hence different life cycles. Nevertheless, to avoid having to call on a garage door specialist (for a second time in quick succession) and spending considerable amounts of money, you should just replace the broken and unbroken torsion springs at once.

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Install Torsion Springs with Similar Dimensions

The life span of every torsion spring is based on a preconceived number of usage cycles. In other words, after operating your garage door a certain number of times, it is expected that the torsion springs would give way. This is an important note when you eventually have to change your torsion springs. You should go for torsion springs with similar length, wire size and inside diameter. 


Garage and Pergola



Peace of Mind

Your torsion springs will eventually breakdown with usage, but by installing torsion springs with similar dimensions, you can at least be rest assured that they would break down at about the same time. By replacing your worn-out torsion springs with identical torsion springs, you are in effect splitting the load and work of the springs by a couple of equal halves.


Spring Curb Appeal: DrivewaysBECKI OWENS


I hope you have found this post to be helpful if you have been having trouble with your garage door or if you need to make some repairs. Best of luck with your spring outdoor repairs and curb appeal projects!

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