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Home Improvement Tips to Keep Ants Away

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There are few species of insects that are as resourceful and tenacious as ants. Ants are masters of utilizing teamwork to accomplish their goals. Some ants are actually harmless or even useful in the garden, such as those you find on peonies, but a massive problem with this is when their goals include invading your home in search of food. *This post may contain affiliate and/or sponsored links. 



There’s nothing like walking into your kitchen first thing in the morning, bleary eyed and ready for your morning cup of coffee only to find that your home has been invaded. Marching one-by-one in a seemingly endless stream, these tiny insects are one of life’s biggest pests and getting rid of them can be a huge pain. In fact, even many chemical ant killers often… [read more]

When an ant decides to invade your home and finds a way inside, it will leave a chemical trail that is only perceptible to other ants. This trail will lead those ants into your home, and before you know it, the single ant that found a way in has turned into thousands. You may end up having to call pest control, but first you can try some safe DIY home pest control treatments.




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There are plenty of all-natural DIY solutions to fight ants once you have them, but there are a few ways that you can protect your home from these intruders. Despite their persistence, you can follow a few home improvements tips that will deter these pesky insects from infiltrating your home in the first place. A few simple home improvement and maintenance tips can make the difference in a protected home for an ant invasion that is extremely difficult and costly to remove.


Home Improvement Tips to Keep Ants Away

  • Seal Up Any Holes

Caulk is an excellent weapon in the fight against ants. It can be used to shore up any gaps around areas like dryer vents, where ants might find a pathway into your home. A critical thing to remember when caulking, though, is that it is not a permanent solution. As with any material that is exposed to the elements it does wear out. This is why it is vital to regularly check all caulked portions of your exterior to ensure that no damage has occurred. A fresh coat of paint  can make the barrier even more effective.


How to Check and Seal Windows : How-To : DIY Network

DIY Network



  • Maintain the Landscaping

Having meticulously groomed landscaping doesn’t just increase curb appeal; it is also an effective way to stop ants from finding their way into your home. Trimming shrubbery so that the tall, gangly offshoots do not touch your home is a great way to cut off a bridge that the ants may use to find a point of entry. Even though home and garden clutter can be overwhelming it’s important to keep things tidy if you want to prevent pest issues.


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Other helpful things you can do to help prevent an ant infestation is to make sure that mulch is raked back, and debris and lawn clippings are removed from flower beds and other landscaped areas. Ants, and other pests, take up shelter in these areas and can quickly move from these spots into your home if they are not removed or maintained.



Smartly updated gardening tools make yard clean-up jobs easier, from foldable wheelbarrows that let you ground-load to a toughened-up tarp with handles.



  • Clean Out Your Drain Traps

The primary reason that ants enter the home is because of a food source. Even if you maintain rigid cleaning standards by sweeping, vacuuming, and wiping up crumbs, your drains can be a source of food for ants. If you do not have a garbage disposal in your kitchen, the P-trap in your drain can become a spot where food debris accumulates. This spot is easily accessible to ants. Cleaning out this trap or installing a garbage disposal are excellent home improvement projects for preventing ants.


How to Unclog a Drain Without Chemicals - Wrapped in Rust



Once an ant invasion starts, it isn’t easy to stop. This is why it is critical to have a good defense against ants in the first place. These tips should be effective in helping rid these pesky invaders, but if you need more tips, pest control specialists provide additional tricks that you can read more about. Utilizing these helpful home improvement tips to keep ants away will allow you to solve your ant problem before it begins.


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Best of luck in keeping your home and garden ant free!

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