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5 Signs Your Trees are Suffering from Nutrient Deficiency




5 Signs Your Trees are Suffering from Nutrient Deficiency



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If you own a home, you probably have one or more trees and shrubs on your property. Although it is easy to forget about taking care of them besides the occasional watering, your trees and shrubs need more than regular irrigation to maintain good health. Trees and shrubs can develop disease and signs of nutrient deficiency. If not caught early enough, it can lead to more serious problems. *This post may contain affiliate/sponsored links.


Plant with diseased leaves, Treat Nutrient deficiencies in plants, Handyman magazine,

So, what exactly should you look for when checking your shrubs and trees? It is best to check all of your trees and shrubs in the spring when leaves and needles start to bloom and come out. Some nutrient deficiencies will be observable from the condition of the leaves or through a soil test.


Aquarium plants nutrient deficiency



Types of Deficiencies

Shrubs and plants can develop problems due to a lack of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, or manganese. Symptoms will depend on the type of deficiency and the leaves or needles will show variances in the color, stunted growth, or die off prematurely. index.cfm?fuseaction=learningcenter.fertilization



To get help with identifying whether your trees and shrubs are suffering from deficiencies, you can hire a tree service or click here to find an Arborist Near Me.


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For example, iron and manganese deficiencies will often result in yellowing leaves and stunted growth. You may also see greener colors in the leaves along the veins. Putting down fertilizer or mulch around the trees can help restore the proper nutrient balance. An arborist can provide you with a list of recommendations and treatments.


Forsythia Leaf Problems: What To Do For A Forsythia With Yellow Leaves

Yellowing Forsythia Leaves


Soil Tests

Getting the soil’s PH levels tested can identify which nutrients are missing. If the soil is too acidic or alkaline for a particular tree or shrub, a soil test can also help identify this issue. Often, certain types of fertilizer and treatments can help restore soil’s PH levels to accommodate most trees and shrubs. However, in some instances, particular climates and local soil conditions are not the best matches.


Test Soil pH Without a Kit




You can take a soil sample to your local extension office, which can usually be located on a county’s website or through an online search. An arborist or tree service can also take a soil sample and test it for you. Even if you’ve been applying fertilizer to your lawn or soil, it is possible to have soil that is too acidic or alkaline. You may need to change the type of fertilizer you’re using, adjust your watering, or both.


What Is Soil PH, And Why Does It Matter? - Life Is Just Ducky




Older versus Younger Plants

Nutrient deficiencies can impact both established and younger trees and shrubs. However, the proper mix of nutrients in the soil is more critical when shrubs and trees are younger. When trees and shrubs are newly planted, they need the proper mix of nutrients to support rapid growth. Before you decide to plant a new tree or shrub on your property, consult with a landscaping or tree service to ensure the soil can support its growth.


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Taking care of your trees and shrubs means more than running the drip zones on your irrigation system or watering them once in awhile. Checking for signs of deficiency and disease can prevent the need for complete removal. Restoring the proper balance of nutrients can help ensure your trees and shrubs will sustain good growth and be around for you to enjoy. If you have followed all the proper steps for treating a diseased tree without success or need help with planting or pruning trees, contact tree doctor (certified arborist).



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Best of luck with growing and mainting healthy trees and shrubms in your garden!

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