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Everything You Could Possibly Ask For: 8 Benefits of Living in a Planned Community


With retirement being less than 10 years away for me and my husband we have started our search for the perfect little beach cottage. We have also considered condos, but I would rather have a home with a little bit of a yard at least. On our last beach vacation we stumbled upon some adorable planned communities with homes in our price range. Of course we would have to seriously weigh the pros and cons before making any definitite decisions. Today I am sharing 8 benefits of living in a planned community.


Ross Chapin pocket neighborhood.....@Kacie Finkes this is what I was telling you about! Lets work on it. :)


Homebuyers start their search for a new home according to location, the desired dimensions, and the listing price. When reviewing homes, the buyer determines if they want a more private setting, or if they want to become a part of a community.


1. Cultivating Strong and Lasting Friendships

Cultivating strong and lasting friendships is a major benefit of living in a planned community. Buyers who choose to live in subdivisions meet new people and often their children play together. Families form strong bonds that are beneficial to their health. To read more advantages of living in a subdivision visit the Metro Places blog for more information now.


Tiny House Blog , Archive Pocket Neighborhoods - Book Review



2. Exclusive Amenities for Property Owners Only

Exclusive amenities are available to homeowners who live in a planned community. The amenities could include swimming pools, clubhouses, fitness centers, and restaurants. Property buyers review the amenities when searching for a home. They choose a home in a subdivision according to what amenities are most appealing to them.

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3. Heightened Security and Restricted Access

Heightened security and restricted access are great benefits of a planned community. Families feel safer inside a gated community and don’t have to worry about unauthorized access. No one gets into the community unless, they live there, or a property owner has informed the security guard that a visitor is allowed to enter.


4. Increased Market Value

Increased market value is possible if a property is inside a subdivision. All property owners must maintain their property and eliminate any aesthetically pleasing conditions. As the value of similar properties increases, the owner could acquire a higher price if they decide to sell in the future.


5. Dedicated Landscaping Services

Dedicated landscaping services are available in some planned communities. Some subdivisions provide access to landscapers at more affordable rates. When the new owners move into their home, they can set up a contract to keep their landscaping looking beautiful.


A wonderful pocket neighborhood of little homes. Pocket neighborhoods face a common green space instead of the street.



6. Better School Districts

Property buyers choose homes in planned communities to get their children into better school districts. Highly-coveted school districts are a top contender when buyers are reviewing homes. If a planned community allows the parent to get their children into the best schools, they are more likely to buy a home in a planned community.


This Is the Best School District in America


7. High-Caliber Entertainment and Dining Opportunities

High-caliber entertainment and dining opportunities are available to homeowners who live in subdivisions. Typically, the entertainment venues are located nearby the property and increase the property’s appeal. Buyers want access to better options, and a subdivision is centrally located in a popular area that places the owner in close proximity.

8. Everyone Follows Homeowners Association Rules

Homeowners associations require homeowners to comply with specific rules and guidelines. While this could prove too restrictive for some homeowners, it is also beneficial. The owners won’t have to worry about safety hazards or an increase in legal claims that affect their property values. All homeowners must do their part, and this means that if they have a private road, it is a shared effort.

Homebuyers who have considered a new home in a subdivision should review what they get with their purchase. As mentioned, subdivisions offer amenities that aren’t available to everyone. Heightened security is also available and keeps the property owners safer and prevent unauthorized access.

Have you ever considered a planned community or do you already live in a planned community? I love hearing from you dear readers! Thanks for visiting today!


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