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Creating A Clean, Cozy, and Relaxing Home For Fall

Creating a cozy fall home

As fall arrives we all want to make our homes feel more cozy and welcoming. While we might focus on interior design using magazines and Pinterest for inspiration it is important to remember that our own homes are much different  than ones we see in publications and online. Why? Well, we are going to actually live in these spaces! Our homes are places to relax, rest, and recuperate so it’s important to focus on more than just aesthetics when it comes to interior design and decor. Designing a home that is beautiful, clean, organized and comfortable goes a long way toward creating a tranquil haven, and there is no better time than fall to do just that.


A Stroll Thru Life: Fall Decor Inspiration to Copy



First Things First: Cleaning and Organizing

Studies have found that clutter and messes in your home can actually damage your overall wellbeing. No matter how many cute fall decorations are displayed on every shelf, nook and cranny, if the house is a mess nothing look or feels good. To create a cozy and welcoming fall home, begin with an autumn deep cleaning, similar to spring cleaning.



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Start by decluttering each room in the house. Having a fall rummage sale is a great place to start. Once you have decluttered, tackle each room one at a time giving them thorough cleanings from top to bottom. It might take a couple of weeks but it will be well worth it.


Step by step plan to help you deep clean your kitchen. Free printable included. // /// Excellent!


Dust shelves and other surfaces, as well as easy-to-forget spots such as the corners of your rooms, skirting boards, and blinds. 

You should also remember to deep clean your carpet. So much dirt and dust gets caught up in the fibres and this can’t always all be lifted with a simple run round of the vacuum or hoover. Use professional services like Crystal Carpet Care for the best results.


Spring cleaning time will be here soon, and one thing often done during this annual ritual is to clean some hard to reach areas, including baseboards. Here's a way to save your back and knees while you dust and clean your baseboards.


Invest In Storage

Ample storage space is key to keeping your home clean and comfortable. When everything is in it’s place, days seem to flow more smoothly, thereby reducing stress.  If you have children, good storage is an absolute necessity!


The perfect combination of pretty and functional, these kid friendly living room ideas will make your family living area better for the whole family. via @leviandrachel




Effective storage solutions ensure that items are accessible, but they are not causing messes and clutter in your living space.




One of my favorite storage solutions is using an old armoire or cabinet repurposed as a pantry, closet, or even a family room media cabinet. If you are short on closet space, these furniture pieces can go a long way toward organizing things and reducing messes.


With a little ingenuity, you can move your antique armoire into the 21st century without sacrificing any of the furniture's old-fashioned charm.


Not only are some of these pieces extremely functional, they are also beautiful.


labeled baskets, legos, paper, etc....rustic family room by Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs


Of course simple baskets, crates and bins on open shelving can also provide extra storage and organization.


Now for the fun part…adding the decorative accessories!

Once you have cleaned and organized your home, you have a fresh slate to begin adding cozy fall touches to your home. This doesn’t always have to be pumpkins or mums. Simply adding cozy blankets, pillows, and throws  can immediately create a welcoming and relaxing living space.


Corner stone fireplace in family room with leather sofas and plaid





Fall Family Room | Farmhouse Holiday Series



Wood slice living room centerpiece


Burning a cozy candle in a woodsy or fall scent can also evoke a sense of fall coziness and creating that welcoming feeling of home.


Fabulous Fall Decor Ideas



How to Use Houseplants in Fall Decor - Fall Home Tour - Fall Decorations - Indoor Plants - The Gifted Gabber



In addition to having a clean home, studies have shown that houseplants can  improve the atmosphere in your home. Even in the fall houseplants can make a home seem more lively and welcoming.


Fiddle leaf fig tree + modern farmhouse fall tour



How To Cozy Your Residence For The Cooler Fall months -


It’s easy to make any interior space feel cozy for fall with blankets and decor, but don’t neglect any home repairs that need to be done before winter to keep your home warm. Look into getting a furnace replacement, updating your insulation, and taking care of any gaps in your property where cold air can get in. 


Deck Building Tips for the Fall Season |


Last but not least, don’t neglect your outside living spaces in the fall.  Add several colorful pumpkins and mums to beautify outdoor entertaining areas and gardens. There can be plenty of mild weather in autumn with just the right touch of crispness that is perfect for relaxing or unwinding outdoors. Everyone knows about the benefits of reducing stress with hot tubs,so if you are able to add a hot tub to your porch or patio next to a firepit or outdoor fireplace, you will have the ultimate space for cozy outdoor entertaining or relaxing.


Fall Inspiratation


If you follow the tips shared here today, you will be able to create a clean, cozy, and welcoming home…just in time for fall.  If you’re not a big fan of the evenings getting darker quicker and you need some sunlight all through the colder months. You can let more natural light in during the daytime. For those dark mornings, use a natural light lamp, which mimics the brightness of the sun. 

I am so excited or the season! Are your ready for crisp autumn days and relaxing at in the fall? I love hearing from you dear readers!

Thanks for stopping by today!


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