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    Monday Funday Vintage Junkin’ Finds

    Hey friends! It’s “Monday Funday!” Or at least it is for me! Early this morning on the way home from taking my son to school I spotted a huge florescent pink yard sale sign. I hadn’t noticed the sign on Saturday when I was out junkin’, but I figured somehow I must have just missed it (or perhaps I was still half asleep and dreaming this morning!) because nobody has yard sales in our area on Mondays. Still I drove closer to read the sign with a little flicker of hope for a sale in my heart, and as it turned out the sale was for today and it was just a block over from our house! I rushed back home to get a few dollars from my junkin’ cash stash and headed back with a good feeling about the sale. My intuition was right! For under $10 I scored some really cool and interesting vintage junkin’ finds. Take a look! Read more

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    How To Protect Antiques And Vintage Treasures

    How To Protect Antiques and VIntage Treasures

    Hello friends! Let’s talk all about vintage junk and antiques! Wait…isn’t that what we always talk about? Actually today I am not showing any new finds or sharing a fun place to go junkin’ for the best antiques. Instead I want to discuss how to protect the precious antiques and vintage treasures we already hold so dear. *This post contains affiliate links.


    A collection of amazing vintage junkin finds at Vintage Market Days

     Vintage Market Days 

    Some of the vintage items we have may not be “worth” a lot of money, but there may be fun memories of junkin’ adventures associated with them. It may have taken years to hunt down that particular piece which was a labor of love to restore. Other finds may simply have sentimental value. No matter what the actual, monetary value may be, our vintage pieces are precious to us. Over the years I have learned many ways to clean, display, and store antiques based on trial and error, and I am happy to share my experiences with you so that you can protect your vintage treasures too.

    Read more

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    Une Petite French Tea Party (Pour Moi)

    A little French Tea Party Vintage French Country Tea party inspiration

    Welcome everyone to the Spring Tea Party Blog Hop! I am so excited to be hosting this fun hop and to join 23 of my blogging friends in sharing all kinds of beautiful ideas related to spring tea parties and Mother’s Day inspiration! You will the find links to all of the other beautiful blogs via the thumbnails at the end of my post.  Today I am sharing how I put together vignettes for “Une Petite French Tea Party (Pour Moi)”  (A little French Tea Party For Me) which was inspired by my new vintage dishes and some French style vintage finds. Of course the party isn’t really just “for me,” because I am so excited to share all my treasures and “tea time” with you!  Let’s get this spring tea party started! Read more

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    Junkin Finds: Antique English and French Advertising Ironstone

    Collecting Antique English advertising ironstone antique French Advertising ironstone



    Hello dear friends! It’s a new year full of junkin’ adventures ahead, and mine has started off lucky! This past weekend I found two pieces of antique English advertising ironstone at the antiques shop where I have a small booth. A new vendor was just moving in beside me and was setting up shop when I spotted two interesting pieces. I bought the pair for a reasonable price and came right home and started doing some research on them. I was so intrigued that I decided to write a post all about antique English and French advertising ironstone including some lovely photos of antique advertising ironstone collections and displays. Read more