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Cleaning, Organizing, and Life Hacks

    Cleaning, Organizing, and Life Hacks

    How to Create a Good First Impression of Your Home

    Perhaps you are having friends over for the first time, selling your home, or hosting an event in your house. Whatever the reason creating a good first impression of your home can be very important, not to mention stressful. If you want people to come away from your home feeling comfortable and inspired, here are  some simple tips to follow. 



    The outside

    It goes without saying that the very first thing any guest will see is the outside of your home. Take a look at your home from the street and ask yourself, does it have curb appeal? If the answer is no or you are unsure then consider some of the following;


    • Tidy up pathways and driveways – ensure any weeds, loose rockery, or rubbish is removed.
    • Cut the front lawn, if you have one and prune any hedges.
    • Paint your front door.
    • Add a hanging basket, door number, or working doorbell. 
    • Wash your car, yes really!


    The Entrance

    Next up is stepping into your house. This is the first time they will see (and smell) the inside of your house so it is equally as important as the outside of your house. To give your entrance the wow factor then here are some pointers;


    • Ensure it smells nice, invest in a diffuser or candle to give off a pleasant aroma of your choosing. 
    • Keep it clutter-free, use coat hooks, shoe racks and storage cabinet for your home to ensure everything is tidy and out of the way in your entrance area. 
    • Use a doormat


    Tips for the interior:

    • Light up your house with good lighting. A well lit room an make all the difference. Good lighting can make a room feel bright and airy and even bigger than it actually is. Placing lights so that they an reflect off a mirror is a great tip to brighten up a room. 

    The Flowering Farmhouse

    • Give the house a thorough clean. It goes without saying that a dirty or messy house will not give off a good first impression. Doing some simple chores such running the vacuum around and a bit of dusting before your visitors arrive can make all of the difference.
    • Splurge of some fresh flowers or plants. Fresh flowers or green indoor plants give the feeling of life. Think about it, we know that in order for plants to grow they need the right conditions so it stands to reason any plants that have stood the test of time in your home must have been living in the right conditions. It can only speak highly of their environment and the owners. 

    The best indoor plants for farmhouse, French country and cottage style homes Farmhouse house plants French Country House plants

    Beautiful Indoor Plants for Farmhouse, French Country and Cottage Style Homes

    • Get rid of the clutter. Clutter looks messy and disorganized so if you can have a declutter. If you don’t have time for that then simply hide the clutter out of sight. In storage units, drawers, cupboards, wherever you need to, just keep it out of sight.


    By following these simple tips, you will not only make a good first impression on those who visit both outside and inside your home, but you will also create a space you enjoying living in. 

    Cleaning, Organizing, and Life Hacks

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