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Three Ideas for Decorating with Succulents

Decorating with Succulents

Do you love the idea of growing house plants, but suffer from a “black thumb?” Do want to use plants to add color and style to your home?  Then try out some trendy succulents! Succulents are some of the easiest and most efficient plants you can use to add style and color to your home while working on improving your gardening or design skills. If you don’t want to fool with growing plants at all but you love the look of succulents, the good news is that there are some amazing faux succulents on the market today. Read on for three ideas for decorating with succulents, live or faux.  *This post contains collaborative links.


Succulents Ireland



Creative indoor plant and succulent ideas | Blooming succulent centerpiece #flores #diy





  • Potting Succulents Indoors Or Outdoors?


Finding cute pots and succulents to put in them is simple enough, but where should you place them? Which types of succulents will easily grow in pots indoors?  For starters, common succulents are going to be great for potting indoors, while hardy perennial succulents are better reserved for outdoors and the landscape. Common succulents come in various shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect size and style to fit the pot or container you have chosen. 

Today I'm sharing a Succulent Plant Guide to help you add beautiful texture and a fresh pop of green to your styled spaces.



Succulents can be planted in just about anything. Just remember that these hardy plants are members of the cacti family, so light soil and good drainage is essential for success.




Succulents and blooms


I love planting hen and chicks in vintage pots and planters outside. These will overwinter in our gardening zone and come in the same pot next year. Have fun with planting succulents in found objects or repurposed items.




Succulents to add to your home decor. Succulent Pot | Succulent Planter | Cacti | Boho Style


Succulent decor  is  so boho!




  • Create a DIY Succulent Wreath


Were you one of those mud-pie making, play-in-the-dirt kind of kids? W…


Succulent wreaths are all the rage! A beautiful live succulent wreath is perfect for late spring-summer or if you live in a warmer climate year round.


Today’s Creative Life






How to Make a Living Semper-Viva Succulent Wreath. This living succulent wreath is much easier to make than you think. It will take some time and finesse to put together, but as it fills in it will wow anyone who sees it. #gardentherapy #succulents #wreaths

Garden Therapy


Succulent wreaths aren’t just for spring and summer. If you can’t grow succulents outdoors in cooler weather due to your climate, then go faux and decorating with faux succulents in the fall and winter too!


CONFESSIONS OF A PLATE ADDICT: Easy Pumpkins and Succulents Fall Wreath

Pumpkins and Succulents Wreath

If you’re simply going for the decorative aspect that succulents bring, this low-maintenance option is a great choice. Purchase realistic faux succulents and use hot glue to attach them to a moss, grapevine, or straw wreath. 



Faux Moss Twigs & Succulent Wreath. I need this for my patio wall!

Faux Succulent Wreath


Simply and carefully cut and remove the succulent tops from the plant, then hot glue them to the wreath. Add extra flowers, faux moss, leaves, or even a sod base layer behind your plants for a realistic look.


This faux succulent wreath is the perfect wreath for your summer porch! Beautiful faux succulents on a moss base, welcome friends all spring/summer long!





  • Create a Succulent Centerpiece



DIY Succulent Centerpiece

DIY Succulent Centerpiece Flax and Twine

A succulent centerpiece is an easy and elegant way to incorporate succulents into your decor.  Use them as part of a simple runner on your dining room table or plant them in something rustic such as an old chick feeder or dough bowl.


A DIY Succulent Centerpiece



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Crate and Barrel

Succulents and candles in a modern planter creates a stylish focal point on a coffee table or mantel. 




13 ways to decorate with antique urns


Succulents in urns are stunning on a patio table!


How to Decorate with Succulents

If you have been thinking of trying to grow succulents or if you want to add style to your home using faux succulents, then what are you waiting for?


Decorating with Succulents


These three different ideas are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of all the creative ways to use succulents in your home and garden. Are you already growing and decorating with live or faux succulents? I love hearing from you, dear readers!

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