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Seven Benefits of Installing An Above Ground Pool

Beautiful and economical above ground pools


Nothing can beat the charm of owning a home with a swimming pool! During the heat of summer,who would not enjoy a home with a pool? Years ago at a previous home we had an above ground pool and we used it all the time. We have been considering installing an above ground pool at the yellow brick home, especially with all of the new designs and options for installing partially in ground. If the thought of a hefty investment and frequent maintenance is holding you back from having a swimming pool at your home, consider these seven benefits of installing an above ground pool. *This post contains affiliate links.


Vinyl pool for the back yard I can afford!! Islander Pools - Secard Pools


Today’s above ground pools can be designed to be just as stunning as in ground pools. Some models can be installed in the ground or partially above ground creating a more elegant and permanent look.


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While you have probably heard a lot about inground swimming pools, there are many advantages that come with the best above ground pools as well. They are an excellent option for homeowners who are looking for an affordable, simple and quick solution that will add some fun and value to their house.


Here are 7 key benefits of having an above ground pool in your backyard.

Easy to Install

Having a concrete in-ground swimming pool involves lengthy and costly construction, which is often not an economical solution for many homeowners. On the contrary, installing above-ground pools is a breeze. A modular swimming pool can be set by a professional installer in less than a day so that you can take a dip sooner, or you can even DIY.


How to install an above ground pool yourself #pool #abovegroundpool #backyardideas #backyard

The Vanderveen House

Unlike in-ground pools, above-ground swimming pools do not always require complex construction planning, digging, or landscaping. Thus, it takes very little time and effort to set up so you can splash around in no time. If you desire, it can be free-standing or fitted with a pool deck to allow it to blend with the backyard beautifully. However, the time of installation may vary depending on several factors such as the style of pool you choose, the condition of the backyard, preferred landscaping, etc.


Save Money with an Above Ground Pool

Above-ground swimming pools are inarguably one of the most pocket-friendly options as compared to the more expensive cement in-ground pool. They are a great choice for homeowners who are planning to install on a budget. If you choose top-notch brands, you can rest assured that they do not compromise on quality in the sake of affordability. When correctly installed and beautified with decking and landscaping, even an above ground pool may increase the value of your home.


The Ultimate Guide to Above Ground Pools



As a matter of fact, many of today’s modular swimming pools look just as classy and beautiful as their concrete counterparts, especially when surrounded by attractive fencing, a wraparound pool deck or even stone work. 

modern above ground pool decks ideas wooden deck round pool lawn stone slabs #deck #pool




B. Jane Gardens - Austin Landscape Design.....above ground pool, love it


The premium models are designed to last for several years, ensuring you a great value for money and happiness for your family.


In the end of summer, you’ll need to close your swimming pool up until the spring season. In this article, we will talk about why you should winterize pool and how to do it like a pro.



Numerous Styles and Layouts to Choose from

Just like in-ground varieties, you can now achieve any desired look and design of your dream above-ground swimming pool. They come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, construction materials and colors to choose from, giving you more flexibility to play with your space and budget. Ditch the stereotype, and choose from over 100+ styles and layouts in above ground pools.


Top 79 Diy Above Ground Pool Ideas On A Budget ...Read More...


Above-Ground Pools are Portable

Mobility is one of the biggest factors that allure people to invest in above ground pools.  So, if you plan to relocate or sell your home in the future, having an above-ground swimming pool is the ideal option.


While you shouldn't panic if the house doesn't sell the moment you list it, you should begin to worry if the months start flying by without any real offers.


In-ground pools are semi-permanent in nature and expensive to uninstall. It is nearly impossible to carry your pool with you. On the contrary, an above-ground pool can be easily dismantled into pieces and then reassembled once you reach your new home. This is because it does not necessarily require concrete construction and is portable in nature. Thus, wherever you go, your pool can go with you if it isn’t surrounded by expensive stone walls or elaborate decking.   


Optimal Space Allocation

If you have a space constraint, you are in good luck with above ground swimming pools. They are a great option when there is limited space, and ensure flexibility to the homeowners. The pools come in oval and round shapes and are smaller in size as compared to in-ground varieties. Therefore, they can easily fit into most backyards.



Additionally, they require less construction work and digging, which make them convenient to set up even in smaller areas.  


Ease of Maintenance             

Another major benefit of using above ground pool is ease of maintenance. They are smaller in size and have only one depth, making them easier to clean using a vacuum. Their simple filtration system is another factor that aids in quick and efficient cleaning. Unlike in-ground swimming pools, they require lesser chemicals too. This means you do not need to spend half of the day adjusting the water quality, and later cleaning it when you could be enjoying splashing around in the pool!


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All components of an above ground pool are easily accessible. So if there is ever any fault, the parts are right there for easy repair and inspection. Owing to the size of above-ground pools, you would need to heat only a smaller area, thus helping you cut down on your energy costs.  


More Safety

Installing any kind of swimming pool requires maintaining certain safety standards, such as 48-inch fencing to minimize the risk of potential accidents. If the safety of your kids and pets is a major concern for you, consider installing an above-ground swimming pools as they may be inherently safer. By default, most above ground pools have a high entry point of 52 to 54-inches, which reduces the chance of accidental falls.

Above ground pool #PoolLandscapingIdeas


Fitting the pool with a deck or adding a fence with a door will not only ensure superior safety but will also enhance its aesthetic appeal. If you have young children, a pool can be made safe with the addition of an iron pool fence.


I love the detail on the lower half of this gate - very attractive


An above ground pool is a fantastic place for fun, and don’t forget, swimming is fantastic exercise! For homeowners looking to have a swimming pool installed in their backyard, this can be a more budget-friendly option while ensuring excellent quality and longevity. Choose the best designs and layouts in above ground pools for your space, and enhance the beauty and value of your home.  

What are you thoughts on above ground pools? I love hearing your ideas dear readers!

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