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How To Improve The Indoor Air Quality of Your Home (Six Major Ways to Boost Clean Air In The Home)

Indoor air pollution indoor air quality

Have you ever stopped to consider the indoor air quality of your home? With the current world pandemic, more people than ever are looking to keep their homes clean and safe.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American spends 90 percent of their time indoors. This puts them at great risk of the negative effects of indoor air pollution, which affects an estimated 4.3 million annually. Like sustainable interior design, combating indoor air pollution does as much for the environment at large as for your health. *This post contains affiliate and/or sponsored links.


Indoor Air Pollution: Where it's coming from and how to fix it


Here are six major ways you can boost clean air in the home.

Six Major Ways To Boost Clean Air In The Home


Clean On A Regular Routine

One of the biggest contributors to indoor air pollution is the dust, dirt and other pollutants already living in the house. To get rid them, regular and thorough cleaning is imperative. Mold is a nasty culprit that is able to trigger allergies and deeper health issues.


Off Gassing & Mattresses: What You Need to Know | The Family That Heals Together

The Family That Heals Together

Newly built furniture also contains tiny particles called Volatile Organic Compounds.  The “new” smell is actually caused by toxic chemicals that are “off gassing.” These can cause respiratory problems, and many of them are also carcinogenic.

To remove them, any newly bought furniture  items must be aired out before bringing them into the home. 


Maintain Good Ventilation and Filtration

Pay special attention to your home’s air ventilation and filtration. Proper ventilation ensures whatever pollutants get into your airflow finds its way out as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, proper filtration ensures that the least amount of pollutants enters the home. These two work hand in hand in your main preventive measure against indoor air pollution. This means you may need to clean the filters more or call in the air conditioning repair guy to ensure everything is running smoothly, but it will be worth it when you have lots of fresh clean air.


Beyond by AERUS | Improve your ventilation, improve your indoor air quality.

Beyond By Aerus

Even in the winter, opening windows is one of your best moves against indoor air pollution. In most situations where you can’t or prefer not to, a central air conditioning system serves as an invaluable aeration system. Depending on the severity of indoor air pollution, you may need to change filters frequently.




According to Filter King, choose filter delivery services that offer premium products and low maintenance to get the most out of your filtration system. In addition, certain filters such as the 19.88×21.5×1, can even remove pollen, dust mites, mold, and bacteria, which is important when you want to keep your home clean and safe against viruses.


Segregate Shoes and Outdoor Gear

Another large contributor of contaminants are shoes.  All manner of dirt and debris can stick to the soles and be tracked all around the house. That’s why removing shoes before walking indoors is a well-advised practice.



Ballard Boot Tray

Ballard Designs

Having dedicated indoor footwear, as well as giving shoes frequent rub-downs and washes, are good ways to remedy this. 


Cultivate House Plants

Another piece of common knowledge is that plant life takes in the surrounding air and exudes breathable oxygen. A NASA experiment conducted in 1989 discovered that plants are great for filtering toxic and even carcinogenic compounds out of the household air.


Get reliief from allergies by introducing these housplants into your home. These indoor plants help to purify the air allowing you to breath better and improve your health! #allergyrelief #airpurifyingplants

Houseplants for Allergies~Jessica Lehman Design

As yet, scientists are conflicted on how potent plants are. However, they agree that plants can influence indoor air cleanliness, no matter how big or small the room may be. 



Air-purifying houseplants naturally improve the quality of air in your home! Aloe vera Keep dry, low light, indirect sun





Maintain Pet Hygiene

The concept of dirt and pollutants adhering to things applies to pets, too, especially the particularly furry ones. Their skin cells, called dander, can scatter in the air and induce asthma as well as trigger it. Like shoes, pets also call for frequent brushings and baths. Be sure to keep the spots they linger in well-vacuumed as well.


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Natural Pet Cleaning Solutions~Waggy Tales Dog Blog

Like shoes, pets also call for frequent brushings and baths. Be sure to keep the spots they linger in well-vacuumed as well.


Get Rid Of Pollutant Chemicals 

Finally, make sure that any chemicals you use at home are non-toxic, non-pollutant, and can be easily ventilated out. 

With chemical pollutants, cleaning products and smoky cooking oils are perhaps the most glaring culprits. Even with proper ventilation, burnt oil smoke residue can stick to surfaces and linger for hours indoors.


Are your cleaning products harming your health? Time to eliminate the toxic cleaners in your home. This guide will help you identify the toxic cleaning products in your home so you can toss them out. You'll also discover natural cleaning products and natural cleaning recipes. Just in time for spring cleaning! #SpringCleaning #NaturalCleaning CleaningTips

Happy Home Happy Heart


One of the best strategies for improving indoor air quality is to avoid using toxic substances altogether.

Ditch the store bought cleaners full of chemicals and clean your bathroom with these non-toxic, natural options. You can make your own homemade cleaners to use at home with ingredients you already have at home!

DIY Non-Toxic Homemade Cleaners~So Easy Being Green


As for cleaning chemicals, it can be difficult to do a thorough cleaning without their help. Luckily, there are recipes for cleaning substances that don’t involve synthetic chemicals. They’re also greener, which gives more incentive to go through the trouble of crafting them. Explore homemade cleaning recipes to find out what mixtures will work best for your home and cleaning situation. 



Loving the Light!

Paris Apartment

Of course, one of the easiest ways to improve indoor air quality is to simply open the windows and let the fresh air in!


Indoor air pollution indoor air quality


I hope you have found these six major ways to boost clean air in the home to be interesting and useful, especially given the current pandemic. Anything we can do to keep our homes clean and safe, along with boosting immunity should be a top priority for us all. Improving indoor air quality and reducing indoor pollution is a great place to start.

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