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    Mini-Mudroom Makeover Part 2: Woodwork and Floor

    Hello friends! How is your summer going so far? I just returned from vacation which is always a bit of a bummer, but it was so awesome to be surprised by our “almost” finished mini-mudroom entry when we came home! As soon as we walked in the door the whole family was oohing-and ah-ing over the drastic changes that my brother had made to the space over the week we were gone. Here is how the mudroom entry looked when we left last Saturday morning: Read more

    Home Improvement and DIY

    Home Ownership 101: Creating Useable Space in the Basement

    Hello friends and welcome back for another post in my Home Ownership 101 Series. Today I am sharing some ideas for creating usable space in the basement. Our basement waspartially useable, until the ice storms and extra snow and rain this past winter resulted in a leak. We have had to rip up all the laminate flooring in the teen bonus room and since then the basement has been nothing but a big mess. After the leak, we really started thinking of ways to improve the basement to make sure it stays safe and dry. Here are some plans and ideas we have for creating more useable space in the basement. Read more

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    5 Sustainable Flooring Ideas for a Stylish Updgrade this Summer

    If you’re looking to revamp one room in your home why not add some stylish new flooring? There are also plenty of eco-friendly options available if you’d like to minimize the environmental impact. You could opt for a stylish jute rug, or recycled carpet for an eye-catching feature. There are also several practical alternatives that will still have an elegant finish. The key is to look for something long-lasting that has a timeless style. Here are five sustainable flooring ideas for a fantastic upgrade this summer.


    Keep cool with recycled tiles

    One of the best eco-friendly flooring options, especially during the summer, is tiling. This is because tiles are usually made from a mix of recycled materials such as glass or porcelain. They will also help keep your floor cool in the warmer months. You have various options with tiled flooring. You could opt for a stunning mosaic feature, or fill the entire flooring with uniform, or patterned tiles. Recycled or reclaimed brick is also on trend, but brick floors are timeless as well. 
    brick floors brick floor inspiration brick kitchen floors brick pavers

    Recycled or reclaimed brick is also on trend, but brick floors are timeless as well. 


    Sustainable carpets

    You could choose sustainable carpet for your new flooring. This is made from natural fibers and sustainable resources. Nowadays, carpets are much easier to maintain and many are stain-proof and water-resistant. If you do have an accident or spillage, you can alway enlist the help of Carpet Cleaning services and they’ll have your flooring looking good as new. Carpet also provides excellent insulation.


    Opt for stylish rug

    If you’re looking for cost-effective decorating ideas rather than replacing the entire flooring then you could go for a stylish rug. For an eco-friendly choice, check out artisanal markets and designers that use sustainable materials. Popular materials for rugs include jute, hemp, banana silk, and ethically-sourced wool. You could also go down the second-hand route and see if you can find any fabulous vintage pieces. You might just discover hidden treasures.

    Birch lane area rug


    Alternatives to wood

    There are several alternatives to standard hardwood flooring that are more sustainable. You could opt for cork or bamboo, for instance. Cork is actually a bark so the tree doesn’t need to be cut down in order to harvest it. Bamboo, on the other hand, is technically a grass. There are several benefits of bamboo flooring. It’s very durable but won’t have the same detail as wood. Here are a few more pros and cons of bamboo flooring. You could even look into sourcing reclaimed wood for flooring and other decorative pieces. This may be a little more pricey but will make a stunning feature.


    Natural linoleumThere are several benefits of natural linoleum flooring.  It’s made using linseed oil, cork powder, and other organic renewable materials.  Not only is it an environmentally-friendly choice, it’s incredibly durable and low-maintenance. You can also get linoleum in a wide variety of colors and styles. Linoleum will work with modern decor but seen as it’s been popular since the Victorian era it will also go nicely with antique pieces and more rustic designs. You can choose the right type of flooring to match the style of the rest of your interior.


    The Best Flooring Choices for your home hardwood floors, tile floors, brick floors

    For more flooring inspiration, check out The Best Flooring Choices for Your Home.


    Which type of flooring do you have in your home? Are you looking for an eco-friendly upgrade? Let me know in the comments! Thansk for visiting!