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    Beautiful And Classic Kitchen Floor Options

    hardwood floors tile floors brick floors laminate flooring

    It’s February friends, can you believe it? We made it through a cold and snowy January, and it’s one month closer to spring. Lately I have been sharing a lot of posts of ideas that are inspiring me as I am making my home improvement wish list for spring. One hopeful change is a new kitchen floor. While our tile floor is in good condition and matches well enough, it is not my dream floor for the kitchen. Today I am sharing a round up of some beautiful and classic kitchen floor options that I am considering. *This post contains affiliate links.

    Dreamy brick kitchen floors…

    Brick is certainly my first choice, but we are looking into a lot of different possibilities as well.  I absolutely adore so many colors, styles, and layouts of brick floors! I just can’t decide which one would be best for our kitchen. I am certainly not ready to settle for any other option until I do more research and possibly order some samples.

    Pale gray cabinets are a pretty contrast to this kitchens rustic brick floor. Tour the rest of this madeover home: LOVE the brick floor for a cottage! Reminds me of France :)

    Brick has been around for 1000’s of years. It will certainly last through the life of our home if it is installed and sealed properly. Isn’t it gorgeous? My vintage heart just loves the look of brick in a kitchen.


    While tile and stone add charm to a kitchen floor, it is hard to stand on for hours at a time?: PlumSiena: Segreto Secrets:


    My dear bloggy friend Angelina at Petit Haus has gorgeous brick floors! Be sure to visit her beautiful blog and explore her brand new, swoonworthy home!

    Tile Floors

    Tile is probably the most popular choice for kitchen floors. From old world travertine tile to planks designed to look like hardwood, tile is durable, and easy to clean. It is certainly one of the most beautiful and classic kitchen floor options available.

    Best Ideas French Country Style Home Designs 8



    farmhouse kitchen floor tiles painted tiles


    Patterned tile has made a come back in a big way! I did some research on this style and found that it was widely used during the 1920’s and 30’s.  Many creative diy’ers are even painting right over linoleum using chalk paint and a stencil to mimic this beautiful classic tile design.


    Inspired by French farmhouses, a St. Louis baker gave her character-starved kitchen a warm, welcoming makeover. Here are six ways to achieve this refined rustic look.

    Today there is even tile that looks just like bricks. Right now I am really leaning toward this choice simply because it is easier to install than real bricks and it is just a bit easier to take care of.


    Wood Flooring

    When we moved into our home the original plan was to remove the kitchen tile and restore the hardwood underneath. Unfortunately the hardwood has been covered over the years with several layers of linoleum, including dangerous asbestos. Due to the health consequences associated with disturbing asbestos tile, we decided to leave the original floor undisturbed. Nevertheless, I love the look of wood in the kitchen, and installing new hardwood is another possibility.

    Hardwood Floors in the Kitchen? 10 Examples Prove They're Worth It


    Wood has, for a long time, been at the top of the wish list for many people wanting to renovate their kitchen. The great thing about wood is that it’s very warm looking, and it’s pretty unique depending on the age of the wood, as well as the grain. 

    7-1/4" wide plank solid Vintage grade French Oak hardwood floor, custom Gray color, hand scraped, hand beveled (Tuscany Design), hand distressed, triple hard-waxed. This hardwood floor has been custom hand crafted to beautifully compliment home's décor. The entry inlay is custom produced from Smoked Black French Oak hardwood. Floor Producer: Signature Innovations, LLC. Floor Brand: Signature Hardwoods Floor Collection: Victorian Collection Price: starting at $20 per sq. foot (material only)



    There are many floor options on the market, but you if you can’t find exactly what you have in mind you can actually design your own wood flooring as long as you have a reputable supplier.  Chesapeake Plywood, LLC is a wood company that supplies various grains and styles.

    Antique white kitchen cabinets are used so that the kitchen would look bigger as well as neatly arranged. People with smaller kitchens are ready to buy them

    Hardwood flooring in the kitchen can be very durable and easy to clean as long as it is sealed properly. I love it in many different stain colors.

    shaker style white kitchen w/grey island, nickel cabinet pulls, built in hutch, light hardwood floor, clear pendants above island, and subway tile backsplash by earnestine


    Concrete Flooring

    Until recently I never really even considered concrete, but there are so many beautiful stamped and stained concrete floors all over Pinterest I couldn’t help but take notice. As far as durability goes, you really can’t beat it. I prefer a more comfy and cozy kitchen with a homespun feel, but if you are going for a modern look in the kitchen then concrete is a perfect choice. The great thing about concrete is that it’s very durable, and lends itself well to kitchens with big families. It can withstand tons of foot traffic…even soccer cleats and dirty puppy paws!


    10 Amazing Inspirations for Concrete Flooring

    The one big issue with concrete flooring is that it gets cold quite easily. There is always the option to add floor heating underneath, making early morning tea time in the kitchen more bearable.

    Stained and Stamped Concrete to look like wide plank wood flooring. LOVE THIS!


    Can you believe the picture above is concrete stamped to look like hard wood flooring? Amazing!

    Bamboo Flooring




    Bamboo is a great choice for the environmentally conscious and it is so beautiful too. If you like eco-friendly products, bamboo is a sustainable option for kitchen floors. In addition to this, it’s a very strong material. It is not the best choice for active families however.  Some bamboo flooring can dent pretty easily so it is best used for quiet households. If you decide to go with bamboo be sure to pick a reputable brand with the longest available warranty. The longer the warranty, the higher the quality of the bamboo. 


    Laminate Flooring

    Laminate flooring…don’t turn your nose up until you take a look at the latest designs!  Laminate floors have come a long way. I am really considering laminate simply because it is so easy to install and a cinch to clean. We installed inexpensive laminate wood flooring in our family room three years ago and it has help up very well.

    Inspired shaw laminate flooring in Kitchen Traditional with Hickory Laminate Flooring next to Dark Laminate Floor alongside Laminate Wood Flooring and Hickory Floors

    Laminate can look nearly identical to hardwood floors or even tile. It truly is one of the most popular floor options today because it’s very cost-effective. This type of flooring is incredibly durable, especially the top layer. (You can make your laminate flooring stronger by adding and under layment padding beneath it). It usually comes with at least a 25 year guarantee.



    Inspired shaw laminate flooring in Kitchen Traditional with Hickory Laminate Flooring next to Dark Laminate Floor alongside Laminate Wood Flooring and Hickory Floors

    Laminate flooring comes in many different options, so you can easily find a style suitable to your kitchen decor, from vintage style to contemporary. The only downside is that it is not as likely to increase the value of your home should you intend to sell it anytime in the near future. If however, you intended to stay in your home, there is no reason why you should not consider it, because it can be even more beautiful than the other options presented today. The laminate flooring below has the look of rustic reclaimed wood. So gorgeous!

    Stonegate Oak PERGO Portfolio Laminate Flooring | PERGOⓇ Flooring


    Well there you have some of the most beautiful and classic kitchen floor options if you are building a new home, remodeling or redecorating. Of course linoleum and carpet can also be used, but I have had both of these materials in my kitchens in the past and they just aren’t durable at all. After working on this post I am still leaning toward brick flooring for the kitchen. Which floor choice presented here today is your favorite? Do you have any recommendations or feedback? I would love to hear from you!


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