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    Five Simple DIY Improvements For Gardens and Outdoor Entertaining Areas



    Spring is here and that means it’s time to dress up the exteriors of our homes with fresh flowers and a well-maintained landscape. While we often put a lot of time and effort into the interior design of our home, sometimes the garden and exteriors can tend to become a bit neglected, and this is especially true over the long winter months. Undertaking outdoor improvements can seem daunting and time-consuming task, however, this does not have to be the case. Read more

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    Early Spring Porch Refresh

    Early Spring Porch Refresh Spring Porch Decorating Ideas

    Hello friends, welcome to my porch!  Oh how I wish you could stop by for a chat today! Let’s forget all about “social distancing” and imagine you are joining me on my porch here in Kentucky for just a while. The spring weather is perfect for porch sitting and the views are spectacular. Colorful trees are budding out all up and down our quiet street. The daffodils are in bloom, tulips are poking through the ground and the birds are chirping away merrily. When relaxing on our porch it is easy to forget the difficulties of the world. *This post contains affilite links. Read more

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    Small Spring Pleasures: Simply Sweet Violets

    Simply sweet violets spring decorating with violets

    Spring has sprung in Kentucky and the ground is covered in sweet violets! These beautiful little flowers were beloved in days of old, but in modern times they are often overshadowed by their cousins, “Viola” and “Pansy.” In my opinion, all of these members of the violet family deserve adoration, but early spring is the sweet violet’s time to shine. Today I am sharing some “sweet violets to greet you” and to hopefully inspire you to take special notice of these beautiful free gifts from nature while they last. Read more

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    How Garden Sheds Can Keep Your Home Spic and Span

    Garden Shed ideas organize your garden tools


    Having a backyard is a blessing! Not everyone can afford to buy a property that has space for gardening and many other outdoor activities while in their vicinity. If you are one of the lucky ones you probably are happy to take care of it for your enjoyment or to add to the aesthetic appeal of your house (and to prevent it from becoming an eyesore for your neighbors!) If you don’t have a space for organizing your lawn and garden equipment and supplies however, your backyard might look cluttered and neglected.  If you want your property to look “spic and span,” read on to see how building a garden shed can be beneficial.

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    Porch And Patio Furniture Inspiration

    Porch and Patio Furniture Inspiration


    Summer is here, so that means sipping tea on the front porch, picnics and dining al fresco! I have been gathering some ideas for new outdoor furniture for our patio refresh, extra front porch seating and maybe a picnic table for the side yard. While browsing Pinterest I found some beautiful outdoor furniture inspiration to share with you. *This post contains affiliate links.

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