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    New Backyard Shade Garden in Progress



    Hello my garden-loving friends! Today I am sharing a post about the new backyard shade garden in progress at our new home. It’s origins are bittersweet, but very special nonetheless. Just last week my grandmother passed away, and the only thing I could do to deal with the grief this past weekend was a little garden therapy. I had just started a new shade garden at our new house, and I really wanted some giant hostas to be focal points and to build around.  None of the local garden centers had the kind I wanted however.

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    Garden Thyme, Spring

    The Earliest Spring! Flowers and Trees in Early Bloom

    Happy spring! Wait…it’s not spring? Well, happy ALMOST spring! It’s the end of February, but it looks more like mid-March around here. Last week we had some  high 70’s days and it just seemed to make all the eager early spring flowers spring forth! I was so in awe when I drove around town this weekend that I decided to share some photos of what’s in bloom here. Hopefully it will give you some early spring garden vibes to get you through until spring truly arrives! Read more

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    Fall Landscaping at the New House! Our New (Old House) Diary Weekend #3

    Fall Landscaping Azaleas and boxwoods

    Hello friends! We have officially owned the house for three weeks and we have made so much progress already! I decided to start a weekend diary to keep you up to speed as we go along (I will go back and add a post about last weekend’s progress in the next day or two.)

    While my husband and friends are doing some dirty work inside, I am staying outside doing what I can. This weekend I (with a little help from my husband and brother) completely re-did the foundation landscaping in front of the porch. If you are totally shocked and confused, you might want to check out THIS POST from last week where I broke the big news about buying a new 1926 home! Read more