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    How To Save Money On A Home Renovation

    Renovating your home is a good way to keep it looking beautiful and increase the property value, but it can also be expensive. After you have spent months or even years dreaming of what you would like to achieve by making wish lists, pouring over books, magazines, blogs and creating Pinterest boards, the time finally comes to make you home dreams a reality. You are so excited to get started, you even have a little extra money in the bank.


    How to prep your home before a renovation. Simple checklist that walks through key considerations for home improvement project success.


    If you are working with a contractor you might end up surprised by a lot of extra fees that weren’t in your budget. With that in mind, here are some ways to be sure you have negotiated effectively so that you can save money on your next home renovation.


    Prepare A Budget At Least 3-12 months in advance.

    Create a detailed budget months in advance. Use a computer template or printable so you can keep track of exactly how much you will be spending.


    Printable Kitchen Remodel Checklist. Don't forget to budget for every detail of your kitchen renovation. This free printable checklist will help!

    Thirty Handmade Days

    Prices of lumber and building materials fluctuate so be sure to be aware of what current pricing is before starting the reno.

    Home Improvement Budget Template For Numbers


    Home renovation projects can be expensive, so it is important to budget beforehand. The last thing you want to happen is to run out of money halfway through your project, as you might have to live in what looks like a building site for months on end. So, before work begins, work out the cost of the supplies you will need, the people you will need to hire, and factor in these hidden expenses too. Then make sure you have those extra reserves in your bank account, as you might need to pay out more should anything go wrong during your project. A pipe could burst, for example, or you might encounter another unpleasant surprise. By taking care of the financial side of your renovation, you will have one less thing to worry about.


    Shop Around

    While you may have found the most helpful sales associates at your favorite hardware store, they’re probably not going to turn around and tell you that their competitors may be cheaper. That’s why you need to find sources of impartial advice. You can use websites that will compare prices from lots of different companies and give you the best price.


    Lowes vs. Home Depot: Weighing the Competitors


    For example, if you go on the empire flooring website, you can type in the service you need and your address and they’ll find all of the companies in your area and tell you which the best one.


    Document All Price Quotes

    First you want to get price quotes from at least three different contractors. This will help you in negotiating the best possible deal. No matter how much you may personally like a contractor, it is imperative that you get all quotes and agreements in writing before renovations begin.

    Aspen Custom Millworks | Techniques | Negotiating | Home Builders The best way to cut your costs is to properly plan with Southern California home builders. Homeowners need to know how to negotiate with Southern California builders to get better deals, whether the goal is to build a dream house or remodel to cater to changing family needs.


    Working with contractors can be confusing. You might be positive they quoted one price, then they suddenly turn around and tell you it’s going to be more expensive after they’ve already started, leaving you no option but to pay the extra costs. You can mitigate these stressful events by keeping legal written documentation.


    If you've hired a contractor for a home renovation, rest assured that this professional will get to know you really well.


    In some cases, prices changes can’t be avoided because of increased materials cost etc. but you should take steps to make sure the contractor can’t increase the labor costs half way through a job. Before you agree to anything, get all of those quotes in writing so you can produce the documentation if there are any disputes about the agreed price.



    4 Things You Should Always Negotiate with Your Contractor #purewow #home #renovation

    Four Tips For Negotiating With Contractors

    Some things, mainly materials, will be fixed price but most of the time the labor costs will be negotiable. A lot of people just get a load of quotes and then pick the cheapest one without challenging the price. But a lot of the time, if you tell a company that you want them to do the work but you can’t afford their price, they’ll be a little flexible with it. It’s also a good way of getting them to add smaller bits and pieces onto the job at no extra cost. You never know if you don’t ask so always try to negotiate. Of course you want to find a reputable  contractor. For more information, check out these telltale signs of a dodgy tradesman, and steer clear if you spot any of them when you are approaching local firms. 



    DIY And Save Thousands


    Image result for chip and joanna doing construction


    Lastly, don’t forget to save money by doing it yourself! There are tons of DIY home renovations that even a novice can do to save money.Chances are, you can even find a friend or two to pitch in and help, or at least keep you company!


    When to Call in the Experts

    You might be very adept at DIY, so there are probably some tasks you can do yourself. You might be able to wallpaper your living room, for example, and tiling your bathroom might be something you have no problem with. However, if you are unsure as to your abilities to do something successfully, find the help you need. Some jobs can be very complicated, such as replumbing a bathroom or making over a basement, so despite the expense, don’t hesitate about hiring a plumber or a basement remodeling company when dealing with those tricky rooms. Yes, you will have to pay for their services, but you won’t have to endure the financial and practical consequences of your mistakes should you make any.


    Close-up Photography of White Poodle

    If you are planning a home renovation these tips can help you make the event less stressful.. With a little extra planning and budgeting, you can save a lot of money on your home renovation. Best of luck in making your home dreams a reality!


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    Eight Great Mudrooms


    Hello friends and welcome back for another post in my Interior Decor and Style series! Today’s post is also a part of the cleaning, organizing and great ideas category. As I have been giving our home a deep clean  as I have been on a major decluttering and organizing binge, and it feels so good to get things in order. I am looking for mudroom ideas and storage solutions for our front hall closet and landing area just off from the kitchen. *This post contains affiliate links.

    Cute mudroom decorating ideas for spring hunterboots with forsythia umbrella state chalk board antiques sign

    Even though it isn’t a “mudroom” I can still maximize the space using creative storage options. In the future I hope to have a separate mudroom on the back of the house. Today I am sharing eight great mudrooms that I love.


    Via Liz Marie

    This beautiful mudroom area is full of farmhouse charm! I love the creative use of corbels for shelf brackets and the big metal tray as a shoe tray. Faux flowers and plants like the little olive tree  or a few real houseplants make great accents in an entry way or mudroom just off from the garden.



    Suzanne Kasler Interiors | wonderful mudroom - love the antique lockers and elegant rusticity


    Using free standing lockers, cabinets and armoires in mudrooms is a great way to organize personal belongings. If you are building a new mudroom,  fitted, bespoke furniture and cabinetry is an investment, but can be perfectly designed to fit your custom space, design style and storage needs.Finishing off a hallway with a coat rack, artwork, and trinkets on a shelf can be a simple way to create the “feeling” of a mudroom or entryway.


    Mudroom ideas for different spaces! Get ideas for how to design a mudroom for small spaces, laundry rooms, hallways, and more.

     House Beautiful


    As I have been spring cleaning, boy am I ready to approach more of the Minimalists’ philosophy to design and lifestyle in general, which is to live meaningful with less. I love the simplicity of this mudroom which keeps everything neatly hidden behind closed closet doors and drawers. Walking into a cluttered mudroom can be overwhelming, but coming home to a clean welcome can be so inviting!




    Petite Haus



    Cubbies and tile (although they need to all go the same direction) for the mudroom

    Brooks and Falotico


    Of course there are many storage tips and tricks like using baskets, crates, containers, and buckets to keep things organized and clean in a mudroom or entry way, all they while keeping the space stylish and welcoming. You can also look for multi-purpose furniture from such as an entry bench that doubles at storage.  Freshhome even has tables and chairs that double as storage.

    Make your laundry or mudroom feel organized and put-together with a fresh coat of Polar Bear and some fun baskets. Blogger Monika, of Monika Hibbs, shares her favorite tips for maximizing storage space while still keeping your home feeling fresh and stylish.

    Monika Hibbs

    Right now we have faux shiplap in our side “mud entry” but I am wanting to install real tongue and groove or beadboard when it gets a makeover this spring. Usingthe best cordless drill and a nail gain will help make the job go much faster.



    When an item works in any room of your home, that's when you know it's good. This @serenaandlily stool is one of our favorite examples. (Pst, it's on sale via the link in our bio!) Photo by @hawkes_landing #SOdomino


    I absolutely love the addition of a “mini” shower to spray off muddy boots and dirty pet paws. After all, it isn’t called a mudroom for nothing!


    Laundry room entryway with gingham accent pillows, shiplap walls and a jute runner.


    I love the idea of adding a laundry/mudroom combo onto our house. We are looking at design options for the future. There are some tricky aspects to remodeling a nearly 100 year old home, which means taking special care and safety precautions when tearing down walls to open up space. Teams like Integrity Restoration show plenty of examples on their website of how to maximize space by opening up walls and creating new spaces altogether.


    I hope you have enjoyed these eight great mudroom ideas today! Do you have a mudroom or a space that you use specifically  for organizing backpacks, shoes, coats and purses? Let’s talk more about mudrooms. I love hearing from you!

    Have a great week!


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    Project Kitchen Makeover Planning: Beadboard Options

    Kitchen Makeover Planning: Beadboard Options

    Hey everyone! If you have been following the blog for a while then you know that my husband and I have been planning to redo our kitchen but we haven’t rushed into anything because we don’t know exactly what we want. Well, we are finally making some progress in that we have made a firm decision to start doing some serious planning! We have been getting nowhere just tossing out ideas, so I thought it might be good to document the ideas in blog posts and use the posts to sort of help us along in the process. I have always loved the timeless look of beadboard in a kitchen. I actually wouldn’t mind having it on our ceilings, cabinets or backsplash, or all three areas! Here are some photos I am using to help me sort through all the beadboard kitchen options.

    Lots of houses have it — that awkward space between the top of the kitchen cabinets and the ceiling. In my house it's a favored cat hangout (no lie, my roommate's cat is quite the climber), but in most homes it just collects dust. Here are seven ideas for what to do with that awkward gap.


    Considering Beadboard 

    Beadboard Ceilings


    25+ Attractively Chic Kitchen Beadboard Backsplash Inspirations |



    When we first moved in five years ago we gave our wooden cabinets a DIY chalk paint makeover in a creamy antique ivory color. Our cabinets are similar to the ones in this photo and we are also hoping to give them a face lift by adding trim and corbels. I love how beadboad looks with this style and color of cabinetry. Another option is replacing the doors since our door style is alittle dated and  the cabinets are in good condition. 



    25+ Attractively Chic Kitchen Beadboard Backsplash Inspirations |


    I also love the idea of some type of undermount cabinet lighting like  high bay led lights.


    Traditional Kitchen with Bead Board #beadboard #kitchen #kitchenideas #kitchendecor

    Town and Country Living


    It’s important to have plenty of light on the countertops so you can cook safely. Under cabinet lighting is a great way to make sure that you can actually see what you are doing. You can also lighting for ambiance.  Inexpensive strip lights are easy to install yourself, but they will make a huge difference.



    kitchen with white cabinets and black marble countertops-love the beadboard basksplash


    Right now we still have the cheapy fake tile backsplash that was here when we bought the house. I painted it the same color as the cabinets so it doesn’t really stand out. I really love the look of tile but I am not sure about the maintenance. Of course there are easy ways clean up the grout work these days like handy dandy grout paint pens. 



    Farmhouse Christmas Kitchen Decor Belsnickel Santa Belsnickle

    The breakfast nook area has an updated faux brick wall and it is the only part of the kitchen I really ever show on the blog or IG. I just realized the only full kitchen photos I have are from holidays. Here is a picture from this past Christmas showing the fake tile that is currently in our kitchen. The counter top is also near 30 years old so we will be replacing it. It is in decent enough shape to repurpose in the basement so that is a plus.


     Beadboard Ceilings

    When we update the kitchen cabinets the ceiling will have to be changed as well since some of it will have to be removed during the renovation.

    Adorable Cottage Kitchen Fall Tour Coffee Station

    When we first moved in five years ago my husband covered the popcorn ceiling using wood panels and trim similar to the photo above. Popcorn ceiling removal is not too hard to do but with all of the attractive options for covering them these days we decided to go that route. It looked great for a while, but after he “beefed up” our living room ceiling with cofferred beams the kitchen ceiling seemed to look like an after-thought.


    The ceiling in the living room is stained wood, and the kitchen ceiling is painted white. You can see straight into the kitchen from the living room, so we would rather have contrasting ceiling styles because right now it just looks like the kitchen ceiling trim hasn’t been finished out since it is so much less ornate than the living room. The kitchen ceiling doesn’t look bad on it’s own and it was a great option for covering the popcorn ceiling when we moved in, but my husband and I both agree that a different ceiling style would look better when we update the kitchen and we are leaning toward beadboard.



    So, your rental apartment or newly-built home didn’t come with coffered ceilings or pressed tin tiles? Set your sights above that unsightly popcorn or drop ceilings you’ve been dealt.

    Right now our kitchen has too much clutter the goal is to make it seem more airy, open and light. I want to achieve a mix of farmhouse and French country styles in our new kitchen, so I think beadboard would be a great choice. It is a possiblity that we could keep the coffered trim and add beadboard panels inside each section. I think it would dress it up a lot. Since some of the trim is going to have to be torn out when the cabinets are reconfigured, I am not sure if this will be an easy upgrade, but it is an option.



    French Cottage Kitchen Inspiration


    I honestly love the look a simple beadboard ceilings and I think it is my first choice. I know my husband is not opposed to the idea because it is pretty easy to install and not nearly as time consuming as the other options. If I lean more toward French decor, farmhouse style, cottage style or even more of a historic-vintage look in the kitchen, the beadboard will be appropriate for any of those styles.


    Glossy white beadboard ceiling flaunts white and gold Goodman hanging lamps in a white cottage kitchen.

    Decor Pad

    There are different sizes and widths of beadboard too, so we will probably get some samples to see which would look best in our kitchen.


    Cozinha de inspiração campestre - muito legal a ideia de colocar uma balança antiga que, além de ser utilitária, funciona como decoração




    8 Unconventional Sliding Glass Door Alternatives - Housessive

    One of my biggest home dreams is to create an opening from our kitchen to the patio. I would love some pretty french doors or even a sliding door. I have often seen patio style doors for next to nothing at the Habitat Restore. If I happened to find a sliding door needs that needs a little TLC it could be easily fixed by a sliding door repair company.



    This post is sponsored by RYOBI, where you can become a member of RYOBINation and have access to all kinds of awesome free tutorials online! As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.  After we ripped out the tile and granite tile in our kitchen to fix the water damage (see here), we decided to replace the granite...Read More »

    Ella Claire Inspired


    We are shooting to begin some type of remodeling in our kitchen beginning this fall. Over the next few months we will be busy gathering samples, taking measurements and taking some steps to making this kitchen makeover a reality. Deciding exactly what materials to use and what look we are going for is the hardest part. We also want to keep the makeover budget friendly so shopping around for the best prices and labor is also part of the process. Choosing a new countertop is also on the agenda. My husband will be doing  a lot of the work but we are going to hire someone to install the countertops so all of that has to been taken into consideration with the budget planning.


    Kitchen Makeover Planning: Beadboard Options


    We are shooting to begin some type of remodeling in our kitchen beginning this fall. Over the next few months we will be busy gathering samples, taking measurements and taking some steps to making this kitchen makeover a reality. Deciding exactly what materials to use and what look we are going for is the hardest part. We also want to keep the makeover budget friendly so shopping around for the best prices and labor is also part of the process. My husband will be doing  a lot of the work but we are going to hire someone to install the countertops so all of that has to been taken into consideration with the budget planning.


    What are your thoughts on using beadboard in the kitchen? I love hearing from you, dear readers!

    Thanks for visiting today!



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    Vintage Style: The Boho Chic Decor Trend

    Boho Chic mix of vintage and modern design elements boho decor

    Hello everyone, back again with a little post exploring vintage decorating style and current home decor trends. A very popular look right now is “Boho-Chic” which can be sometimes referred to as minimalist farmhouse, or Fixer Upper style, although these are broad terms open to interpretation by the designer. This trend might not appeal to all vintage decor and collecting enthusiasts, but for those of us who like to change things up from time to time to keep our vintage style homes looking fresh and interesting, it can be fun to explore  these popular style trends. Let’s take a look at the Boho Chic style that is all the rage.  *This post contains affiliate links. Read more