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    One Room Challenge Week 4: Tiny Powder Room Makeover Pedestal Sink Goals

    Cottage bathroom pedestal sink ideas pedestal sink inspiration


    Hello friends and welcome back for my week four update of my powder room makeover for the official One Room Challenge!  The One Room Challenge (ORC) is an event hosted by Better Homes and Gardens where bloggers and Instagrammers have just six weeks to complete a room makeover.











    ORC Guest block square.png


    Participants are required to document the step-by-step process in a weekly blog post over the course of six weeks.  I participated in the spring ORC by completing a Teen Bonus Room Makeover in our basement and for this challenge I have decided (with my husband’s help) to tackle the little powder room that is just to the right of our side door entry area.


    As I explained in my week one post, the main goal of this makeover has been to update the floor. When we moved in six years ago my husband installed groutable vinyl tile. It was just two weeks until Christmas and we needed a quick fix after removing old indoor/outdoor carpet. He was just about to finish the tile when he had to move the toilet and discovered a tiny glimpse of the original 1920’s hex tile under the layer of carpet that the previous owners had put down.



    We weren’t sure if the rest of the floor had salvageable tile or any tile left at all, so we just decided to continue with the vinyl and wait until some time in the future to try to restore the original tile if it was possible. The fall 2019 ORC was the prefect time to give it a shot! Instead of “updating” the floor we are actually taking it back 99 years!


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    Monday Funday Vintage Junkin’ Finds

    Hey friends! It’s “Monday Funday!” Or at least it is for me! Early this morning on the way home from taking my son to school I spotted a huge florescent pink yard sale sign. I hadn’t noticed the sign on Saturday when I was out junkin’, but I figured somehow I must have just missed it (or perhaps I was still half asleep and dreaming this morning!) because nobody has yard sales in our area on Mondays. Still I drove closer to read the sign with a little flicker of hope for a sale in my heart, and as it turned out the sale was for today and it was just a block over from our house! I rushed back home to get a few dollars from my junkin’ cash stash and headed back with a good feeling about the sale. My intuition was right! For under $10 I scored some really cool and interesting vintage junkin’ finds. Take a look! Read more

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    French Vintage Fall Vignette with Bittersweet

    French Vintage Fall Vignette Bittersweet Vine Fall Decorating Fall Vignette with Bittersweet Decorating with Bittersweet for fall

    Welcome friends and HAPPY FALL! Today I am sharing a few photos of a French vintage style fall vignette that I recently styled on top of the vintage chest in our dining room. This week I found some dried bittersweet at a vintage shop and I couldn’t wait to play around with it in my fall decorating. When I brought the bittersweet home I just laid it on the chest until I could figure out what to do with it. Before I walked away I realized that it looked pretty there, and that’s how my impromptu French vintage fall vignette with bittersweet came about.  Read more

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    Pin Away Wednesdays: French Country Fall Decorating

    French Country Fall Decorating Ideas French fall decor french farmhouse fall decorating French pumpkins

    Hello friends and welcome back to my Pin Away Wednesday series! I have been waiting for the official arrival of fall to share highlights from my favorite fall Pinterest board, French Country Fall Decorating. I love all kinds of fall decor but when pretty heirloom pumpkins are combined with French vintage style antiques and treasures my heart just sings! If you are a lover of all things fall and French decor, get ready to pin away! Read more

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    Pin Away Wednesdays: Beautiful Baskets

    Gorgeous baskets french baskets farmhouse baskets how to decorate with baskets

    Happy September dear friends and welcome back for another post in my Pin Away Wednesday series! Today I am sharing highlights from one of my favorite Pinterest boards, “A Tisket, A Tasket, Beautiful Baskets!” For today’s post I will be sharing all kinds of baskets from Pinterest with a little emphasis on fall baskets for extra fall inspiration. If you are a basket lover, get ready to pin away! Read more

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    Early Fall Decorating With Vintage & Thrifted Finds


    Hello friends! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Labor Day has come and gone, so that means fall is here, right? Well, not exactly, but it’s certainly okay to start transitioning our home decor from summer to fall. If you struggle with decorating between summer and fall then you’ve come to the right place! *This post contains affiliate links. Read more