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    Kitchen Island Inspiration: Euro-Inspired Farmhouse Work Tables and Pastry Tables

    Hello everyone! Lately I have been doing a little “island dreaming” as our kitchen renovation is in progress. We recently removed the 5 foot island with traditional cabinet base and repositioned it in a new spot in the kitchen. While it was nice having such a huge island, it ate up the entire center of the kitchen and made it hard to get in and out of the oven and dishwasher. I knew I wanted a smaller island of some kind, so I started doing some Pinterest searching for inspiration. It wasn’t long before I realized that an old world, European style work table or  farmhouse pastry table would be perfect for our kitchen, not only for size and function, but for style as well. Here are some of the gorgeous examples of Euro-inspired farmhouse work tables and pastry tables that I found on Pinterest. Enjoy! *This post contains affiliate links. Read more

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    8 Great Farmhouse Friday Deals at Decor Steals!

    decor steals architectural sconce

    Hey friends, just a quick post on this “farmhouse Friday” to let you know about eight great farmhouse Friday “steals” over at Decor Steals! Decor Steals has the cutest vintage style farmhouse decor that you won’t find in local retail shops (and who really wants to shop retail during a pandemic anyway?) I have been looking for some unique decorative items at Decor Steals for my kitchen makeover and tonight I stumbled across some decor I am loving. Read more

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    Mid-Summer Junkin’ Finds Round-Up

    thrifted treasures junkin' finds vintage thrift shop scores vintage decor

    Hey there junkers and thrifters! Today am sharing my mid-summer junkin’ finds round up! Despite a very strange time in our world with many shops being closed, few yard sales, and various other social distancing practices, I somehow still managed to safely score some finds amid the crisis. Some of these items were purchased when my favorite consignment shop reopened with social distancing measures in place back in late June. Others were from neighborhood yard sales, and a few were trades I made with fellow vintage junk-loving friends. Read more