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    Design Tips for Outdoor Living Spaces

    outdoor entertaining areas outdoor living spaces

    Spring is here and summer is on the way, which means plenty of time to spend outside enjoying nature. Is your outdoor living space little more than a patch of grass to mow and a place for the kids to play? When was the last time you got to sit outside and relax and take in the beauty of a special outdoor place that you call your own?  If you want to enjoy spending summer at home, (especially during a pandemic), now is the perfect time to think about adding a patio or deck to safely entertain at home with family and friends. Today I am sharing some design tips for outdoor living spaces. *This post contains affliate and/or sponsored links. Read more

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    How To Furnish Your Outdoor Entertaining Space

    How To Furnish Your Outdoor Living Space Outdoor living room ideas


    Throughout the year most people think about interior design such as changing the color on their walls or the theme of their living room, but during spring and summer outdoor living spaces are the main focus of decorating and design. Creating gorgeous outdoor living and entertaining spaces is perhaps the fastest growing trend in home design, and it’s no surprise why — anything you can do to increase the livable areas of your home and enjoy more of your property is a beneficial upgrade that can also add resale value to your home. Whether you are updating your decking or patio or simply updating your outdoor decor, here are some tips to get you started. *This post contains affiliate links. Read more


    Fun Summer Activities to Enjoy on a Budget

    It’s summertime! With all this free time on your hands, it is certainly sure to be a great time for all. Never mind if you don’t have enough cash to go about. Here are some innovative and interesting activities to occupy yourself with this summer that cost little to no money! *This post contains collaborative content.



    Make your own ice cream

    Everyone loves icy and tasty ice cream. Why not try your hand at making one yourself? You can try beginner-friendly popsicles to more challenging connoisseur-level ice cream depending on your confidence and proficiency in cooking and dessert-making.

    6 Whole30 Ice Cream Desserts (Dairy Free, Paleo) | Healthy Taste Of Life


    Recipes are everywhere online and all it takes is a quick google and the next thing is to settle the flavors and assemble the ingredients. Not to mention that you can enjoy your ice-cream while relaxing on a free-standing hammock, often called “a hammock with stand”.


    If you want something to love you forever, buy a dog, feed it, keep it around…and put it in your TiiPii Hammock Bed


    Organize an Outdoor Movie Night

    Curate and put together your favorite films, then gather your favorite people to binge them in one sitting. DVDs can be borrowed or rented from public libraries and stores. For those who are unable to invite your friends over can consider hosting a Netflix Party and get their friends to watch remotely at their own homes with them. 


    Super fun popcorn bar for an outdoor movie night - with printables and Silhouette cut files, too! | Popcorn bar printables | backyard movie night | movie party | chalkboard popcorn bar printables | movie night ideas | popcorn bar labels | movie night printables

    Outdoor Movie Night



    For those unfamiliar with the concept of geocaching, it is comparable to a large-scale treasure hunt using mobile devices. Participants have to seek hidden containers called geocaches marked on the app which they should rehide back for other geocachers to find. This activity is great for those who love treasure hunting. Search up geocaching for more details and information.



    Go on a free factory tour 

    Many factories such as breweries and candy factories actually host in-house tours to showcase the production process of their products. The good news is that these tours are usually free or come at an affordable price for an eye-opening experience. Be sure to call in or contact the said business to inquire about the availability of such tours before heading down to the site itself to avoid disappointment.




    Revisit nature by going camping and hiking

    Going camping is absolutely free especially if you already have all the equipment stashed away in the basement of your home. The warmth of summer makes it a great time to explore the greenery and engage in some stargazing at night. Disconnect yourself from the hustle and bustle of daily life and embrace the idyllic natural environment for some much-needed healing time.



    Go conquer those trails and hills which you have put off for a while now. Otherwise, find a good resource to search up available trails in the states. These places are categorized by different activities that you can do at the location itself, great to break a sweat for the couch potatoes.


    Craft your own kite and fly it

    Revisit your childhood pastime by building your own kite. Materials needed to craft a kite are inexpensive and easily obtainable around your own home. You can search around online especially on Pinterest for some design inspirations.

    Spring is near. If you've ever wondered how to make a kite, it is really quite easy. Making a DIY kite with your kids is a fun and rewarding learning experience. It's a fantastic springtime activity to get the kids outdoors.


    Learn to Swim

    The summer heat can be overwhelming and get to you at times. At times like this, there is no better way to cool yourself down than by jumping into a pool of cool water. For those who do not know how to swim can take this opportunity to master the basics of swimming. Swimming is an important life skill that will stick to you for life and can come in handy in various unforeseen circumstances. It is recommended to learn swimming when time allows regardless of age for the multiple health benefits of this activity as well. Check your local pool for affordable swim lessons.


    This shows some top health benefits of swimming! #Swimming #Health #Fitness


    Enroll in an online college course

    Learning is a lifelong endeavor. If you are looking into putting some extra time into more productive use, taking uncredited courses online is a wonderful option. Sites like Udemy and Coursera provide online courses that range from multiple topics like marketing and python to music and politics. Most courses are highly flexible in their deadlines as well, which is great if you are preoccupied with other activities as well. 





    Volunteer for a good cause

    Volunteering is a meaningful way to give back to society and a great way to connect with other like-minded individuals who champion the same causes as you. Many non-profit organizations are often in need of help in various ways so there are definitely areas where one can contribute. Check out websites for a list of volunteer opportunities available. Otherwise, you can also personally check with the organization you are interested to help out.


    Small Kindness | Scripture Prayers

    Visit your local library

    The library is home to many free resources such as e-books, DVDs, audiobooks, and more in addition to the vast number of books. There are multiple things you can possibly learn and entertain yourself with. There are even fun reads like comics, magazines, and novels. The library is also an extremely conducive space and a great place to get you into the mood to read the book that you have put off reading.


    14 Ways to Use Your Local Library | Pages and Pekoe



    Pick up DIY skills

    Consider taking up programs from home improvement centers like HomeDepot that offer free how-to clinics for people interested to take things into their own hands and make some improvements to their living space. 



    Head down to a pick-your-own farm

    These farms are a great experience to see how certain produce is being cultivated. In addition, you can get to pick the fresh produce at an affordable price and have a fulfilling day out at the farm. Check out websites for a list of available farms to visit.


    Farm Stand Display



    Summer seems to fly by each year, but even as fall approaches, there is still plenty of warm weather to enjoy summery activities. Which of these summer ideas sound like the most fun to you? I love hearing from you, dear readers!

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