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Three Ways To Stay Organized During A Home Renovation

Spring is a great time for getting our homes clean and organized, but it’s also when many of us begin to tackle some DIY home improvement or home renovation projects. While it can be exciting to get started, nothing is worse than living in the mess of a home renovation. Even renovating just one room somehow causes a hurricane of clutter around the rest of the house! *This post contains affiliate links.


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Over time I have picked up a few ways to stay organized while power tools, building supplies, paint cans and boxes of nails are strewn all over the place. These tips will also work if you are planning to move to a new home (See more in my post, Smooth Move: Five Tips For Making Moving Less Stressful.)



Here are my top three ways to stay organized during a home renovation.

1. Pack Decor and Collectibles Away

While it may seem like extra work, simply taking the time to pack away books, knick-knacks, collectibles, artwork etc. can make the home renovation process much less stressful. Things will stay clean and you won’t have to worry about sentimental items getting broken, lost, or accidentally thrown away during the renovation. A few weeks before the renovations begin, start gathering clean, dry boxes and begin packing things up.



Use a different color duct tape to identify each room's boxes

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Try to look for a spot in your house to keep these odds and ends. However, if you live in a small space, you can put these things in a self-storage facility. Renovations rarely follow their schedule, so the extra boxes in your bedroom might be there months past the renovation deadlines. Planning ahead can keep them separate. You’ll need your personal space clutter-free as the work continues.   


2. Consider Storing Large Furniture Items

If you are going to be knocking out walls, replacing or refinishing floors, then chances are you will have to be shuffling furniture around or covering it with plastic to keep off drywall, dust and dirt. Even though it might cost extra to put items in storage, you can be sure that your valuable furniture and arwork is protected from damage. It will also make the home renovation process go much faster without having to fool with shuffling things around all the time. SecurCare Self Storage can help you keep things safe and organized.


How to Organize a #Storage Unit- You found a storage unit that’s perfect for your stuff, but how do you fit it all in there? Look here for tips and tricks on how to #pack and organize a self-storage unit.


If you struggle to move these large furniture items in your family vehicle, you should contact a Moving Company who can help you out. Moving companies are equipped with the facilities to handle large furniture such as couches, closets and tables that are difficult to carry and transport without specialist equipment! Make sure you don’t take on the weight of this task alone, and hire some friendly movers to help you out.


3. Clean Regularly

I know this may seem like extra work, but I always try to keep the rest of the house as clean as possible during a home renovation. There is just something peaceful about having regular chores out of the way when there maybe chaos in the next room.  There is bound to be a lot of dust around, so be sure to sweep the floors and dust around the house regularly during a home renovation. Below are some great dusting tips.


Make cleaning and chores easy. After reading these DIY hacks, I'll never dust my house the same way again.

One Crazy House


I can’t promise that your next home renovation won’t be stressful, because chances are, it will be! But it doesn’t have to overwhelm you if you follow these three tips.


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Good luck!


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