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5 Tips for Starting Your First Vegetable Garden

vegetable gardening tips for beginners

Taking the step to create a vegetable garden at home can be a rewarding and fulfilling adventure. For both you and your children if you have any. Aside from giving you a great hobby and learning some new practical skills, you will have a reward in the shape of some delicious, healthy homegrown fruits and vegetables. *This post contains affiliate links and/or sponsored content.

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Much like with anything else in life, you need to start as you mean to go one and make sure you have laid good foundations to facilitate the healthy growth of your new crops and make sure you give them the best possible chance when it comes to harvesting what you have grown.


Location is key

Ideally, you need to find a sunny spot in your garden that gives you at least six full hours of sunshine a day. Forget using that dark corner of the garden that no one uses due to lack of sunlight. To help your new veggies grow, you need to bathe them in daylight as much as possible. Make sure to plant taller crops in a way that doesn’t block the sunlight for those lower to the ground when they start to grow so you can give all your new fruits and \vegetables the full amount of the sun your garden allows.


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Create the right soil



Martha Stewart

The best type of soil to grow your fruits and vegetables will include as much natural matter as possible. You want a mix that will bind together when you press it but fall apart when it is disturbed. Include leaves, shredded or aged bark and compost to find the right mix for you. When you do, you can be confident the soil will be able to retain water without being saturated. You will also want to test your soil PH.


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You may want to consider adding in raised beds if the ground in your garden isn’t suitable for growing fruits and vegetables. Mulch from somewhere like Calloway’s Nursery is your best friend. It will help to slow the regrowth of weeds and retain moisture in the soil too.



If you need to create the space in your garden, you may need some tools to help you get started.  A regular lawnmower will help you to prepare any grassy areas. Then you will need some basic items such as a shovel, various spades, trowels, pots. Of course you can’t forget your watering can!


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Did you know you can overwater your plants? Most plants in the vegetable garden only need around an inch of water a day, and this includes rainfall. The best way to water your new vegetable garden is to spray it by using soaker lines and drip hoses. This will keep a slow but steady supply of water to avoid excess moisture building up and ruining your plants.


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Have patience!

For some, it takes a lot of practice and many plants before they see a good crop come through. Other people simply have ‘green fingers’. Be patient with your produce and remember, the more you practise and learn about the best ways to create a sustainable vegetable garden at home, the better results you will get.


A basket full of freshly picked produce




vegetable gardening tips for beginners


Best of luck on your gardening adventures!



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